Thursday, 7 November 2013

RAC CARD - It's a chain reaction

This is what I call early Christmas!

Before going out to have lunch I get this on the mail.

It's from Commishbob!

I must did something truly good in some previous life to have such good fellow bloggers.

And here what I found inside.

I was honored with one of the 'Random Acts of Cardness Card"!

I confess I didn't know CaptKirk42's blog (I still have so much to learn in the hobby).

But I've already added his blog to my read list.

So from what I got by reading Capt post here I have to contact him and let him know the whereabouts of the card.

Then I can do my own 'Pay it Forward' to an other blogger!

I have my mission and will start digging my cards to so I can send them to the next person.

Thanks to CaptKirk42 for the great idea and to Commishbob for remembering me to be part of the chain.

(Will be posting the cards Commishbob sent my way in a future post. Still digesting the Christmas present ^_-)


  1. It's always nice to see these "Pay It Forward" packages make it around our blogworld. In 2011, jaybarkerfan shipped one to me (who am I kidding... he's the Godfather of pay it forward packages). And last year, I received another one from Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle (Mr. Zakwin). It's such an awesome concept. Can't wait to see what The Commish sent your way.

    1. I'm still processing the goodies Commishbob sent me. He was truly my Santa for this year. Will post the cards asap.