Tuesday, 25 February 2014

LEGO minifigures - Series LEGO Movie

I was ill and I'm still to get better.

That's why the blog stopped being updated...

That and keep the real life going on has been tough.

But! Meanwhile it was my birthday and that's why I got myself two of the new LEGO Minifigures series.

Only two because they are very expensive!

The list of minifigures is interesting, even if I don't get the minifugre with extra legs...

I was aiming for the panda or the cop but I cannot totally complain.

“Four score and twenty bricks ago…”

I got mister Abraham Lincoln!

The beard is connected to the hat so we cannot have him without both. That's a shame...

Next I get the colourful Taco Tuesday Man.

He cames with some chili plate.

“If only it could be Taco Tuesday every day!”

I can still remember when Conan O'Brien mistook Portuguese people for Mexicans. Nothing against Mexicans but Conan should know better if he has Irish ancestors...

I still have to think if I will buy some more packs...At least will try 1 or 2 more but only if I could find it cheaper! Buying it from LEGO store was a pain to my wallet.

Be cool.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Stephanie they say (Baseball Season is almost here!)

And so the weather is changing.

We never had storms nor other extreme weather events...until now.

We had something similar a few months ago with the Hercules storm but this time around we sure got hit by the Stephanie storm.

We had waves reaching between 10 to 17 meters high! (32 to 55 feet high).

We had wind raging between 120k/h to 170k/h! (75 to 105 mph)

It was so strong that the great match between SLBenfica and SportingCP could not be played because the stadium roof top was so badly damaged with the wind that some of it started to fall...

The good thing in the middle of this is that the Baseball Season is about to begin in no time!

Hope to see great pitching again this year!

Lots of dust in the air!

And happy moments to remember!