Thursday, 26 September 2013

1981 Fleer - What a set!

I had my '81 Fleer cards scanned for a while and now I'm showing the first 2 packs.

I loved my '83 Fleer cards for the fashion sense they transmit. But this '81 Fleer set is the design that makes me like it!

The simplicity I'm getting used to see on Fleer sets is precisely the thing that makes me like their sets more and more.

Never mind I got lots of cards way off-centered and bending like making the 'bridge'. Still I love them more!

And the wax era is just great with huge sets and packs that give you 15 or so cards.

First a 4x4.

4 game action cards and 4 portrait cards (or sort of).

Greg Gross OF@PHI - playing against Padres it seems.
Juaquin Andujar P@HOU - looking like the next Enrique Iglesias.
Don Sutton P@LAD - He cannot get the cap well placed on his head because of all that huge mane! An his name reminds me of that French expression "ton sur ton" (if I got it right because my French is something to run off from).
Bill Russell SS@LAD - there is some dust! But it's not enough to make the binder. But really like the small dust cloud and the way the bat is falling from his hand.
Ron LeFlore OF@MTL - Ou know what his nam means? 'The Flower' eheh
Fred Norman P@MTL - the fields back then look like the Snoopy and Charlie Brown field.
John D'Acquisto P@MTL - those jackets make me sweat just by looking at them!
Scott Sanderson P@MTL

Now the group of cards containing two of the best.

Ken Macha 3B@MTL - this 3B is almost in the stands.
Sammy Stewart P@BAL - look! One of the best! Look to all this fashionable wild hair with that thing playing the role of a mustache! Ohhhh got to fall in love!
Benny Ayala OF/DH@BAL
Bob Stanley P@BOS - Bob looks like those young boys going on teenagers and getting all huge arms and legs and almost stumbling on their own feet.
Jerry Remy 2B@BOS
Gene Garber P@ATL - now the second best! Garber has that fluffy beard that makes us women go would cut that off no? There must be someone saying that to him because he's already looking sideways.
Luis Gomez SS@ATL
Bert Campaneris SS@ATL

This photo looks better in a small size than zoomed. Thanks for the blurriness.

Jerry Martin OF@CHC
Randy Martz P@CHC -  a pitcher that throws the ball without setting the front foot on the ground!? That's strange...
Larry Biittner 1B@CHC
Mike Tyson 2B@CHC - I imagine the other Mike Tyson with that mustache/beard...
Pat Zachry P@NYM
Todd Cruz SS@CWS
Harold Baines OF@CWS - nice shoot with the bat and the pipe.
Kent Tekulve P@PIT - and Tekulve wins the award for the uniform and the sunglasses. Can anyone do better than him? Nooooooooo

Bert Blyleven P@PIT - those Pirates' uniforms were the thing back then.
Bo Diaz C@CLE - what a 'bad ass' catcher photo! (can I say that in a PG13 blog?)
Ernie Whitt C@TOR - that's a Pepsodent smile!
Ed Whitson P@SF
Bruce Robbins P@DET - is he calling the catcher to the mound!? I like predicting the plays and situation from this kind of photos.
Ben Oglivie OF@MIL
Buck Martinez C@MIL - he's a dugout catcher.
Keith Hernandez 1B@STL - I don't know why but this is my favourite card from both packs. After the other two best I already mention.

And I finish with the last two cards.

Rickey Henderson OF@OAK - I think it's the first card I get of Henderson that he's posing to the photo.
Ed Figueroa P@TEX

Look how off centered this cards are. They are even cuter that way or not!?

It took me around a week to get this post done. I'm really losing to the 'real world'.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Fleer 1 - Drawing things

I had this two cards to show for quite a while but forget them in a folder.

This Fleer drawings can win by default to the Donruss DK.

But it does not mean that I don't have a special care for the DK.

I got lucky on those two rack packs because I got a Kirby Puckett card as long as a Yankee, mister Mattingly.

But not only they are great looking drawings but they incorporate some details dedicated to the player portrayed like the wildfire in the Puckett's bat knob.

For Mattingly I'm wondering if he used to bat so well that he did all the batting for the team.

Other thing that makes me think I got lucky is that I got two cards with numbers related: one is number 1 and other is number 11.

About the info on the back...Well I've stated before I like lots of info and trivia things on the back of the cards but these are overwhelming informative *_*

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Want List

I've been a bit away from the cards world. Not having the easiness to buy cards anymore and not watching games on TV helps a lot.

Besides the work world is pushing me more and more into it. And now we have a new trainee in the office so I cannot have the lunch hour for myself to organize my collection and take photos of the cards.

None the same I finally started to post on the new tab on the top a few cards I saw on and that started my want list.

If you check them you'll see they tend to be in the same trend: dust and flying catches.

I still have to add my PCs to them.

Bee cool you all.

Monday, 16 September 2013

홍진영 & 아웃사이더 - 안녕하세요 (원곡: 장미화) - K-Pop post

After losing ESPNAmerica I had to find an other channel I'd call 'home'.

And I found it in a zapping light.

My 242 cable channel is the KBSWorld channel.

I already loved J-Pop, but after watching a few times KBS music programs I got so stuck to the channel and to K-Pop that I cannot stop my new K-Pop playlist in my mp3 device.

Here the two that sealed the deal for me.

DJ Oustsider and Hong Jinyoung for you all.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Monday, 9 September 2013

1994 Upper Deck Central Region

Lets start early this Monday (it's not yet 9am when I'm writing and after a weekend that is something!)

We all know that sometimes the design chosen for the cards is not the best. We wonder how the brands designers got the idea for such layouts but we cannot figure it out.

The first time I got cards for the '94 UD set I was quite unimpressed. That stretched photo on the left side made me twist.

We all know that Upper Deck brings us almost every time a photo on the front and other on the back.

That's enough people! No need to re-print the front picture all stretched on the side.

But ok...I got over that and started enjoying the set.

Why? Because UD is all about photo!

Look at the top card.

I know it was a jump made for the photo session but none the same it came out pretty good!

I love Melvin Nieves card. But I cannot turn it. The back photo looks too much of 'Macho Latino' to my taste.

Keep it to the game you know. Too much gym look-a-like photos and I'm off.

Now, a pitcher at the plate. I know Nick at dimebox has a special love for this kind of cards. And I agree with his interest. They sure are rare and quite fun.

Kevin Gross has other interesting thing which is the name at the back of the shirt. Usually is just the last name that appears but here he has written on the back 'K. Gross'. But from what I found about '93 Dodgers roster they didn't have an other Gross to get people confused.

Jim Eisenreich got me thinking I had a Molitor card for a moment. I find them somehow similar.

Then Ryan Bowen and Jason Bere.

Bere's card enters in one category that I like: second here cards. I like cards for players entering their second year at the majors because the stats shows the year line and the total line equal. With same values.

Go figure...

Now two of my favourite cards from the 3 packs.

Ricky Gutierrez flying over Jeff Branson from the Reds, I think, in a double play in which I'm sure Branson got safe. Gutierrez looks really like facing the ground in no time! That's the adventure of being a 2B or SS.

The photo on the back of his photo is also a double play. But a more safely one.

Dan Wilson is trying to get a player out who tried to steal second. The photo shows the effort he's putting into it.

The back photo is also a great one with Wilson getting prepared for the game putting the catcher gear on. Or is he take it off?

Here I have three players in the second ML year: Jeromy Burnitz, Rob Butler and Denny Hocking.

Butler wins between them because he has a WS title from '93. That and the fact that in the back photo the catcher seems to be 'feeling' his 'back-end'.

Then Milt Thompson and Ryan Thompson.

The two have the same last name but the winning Thompson is mister Ryan.


From his wiki page:  He is perhaps best known for hitting a line drive off the face of Red Sox pitcher Bryce Florie while with the Yankees.

Allen Watson is a new entry to my Front Row collection. And one of the best exemplars!

And Watson is also a second year card.

Ken Hill with a dugout close up and John Doherty with a elastic arm.

Now these 4 cards have all something to pay attention.

Both photos on Todd Hundley's card looks from the same play. I think the play didn't go well.

Then Scott Lydy with a great front photo. A lightsaber batting style! Also a second year card. If playing the Cuff's game it would make him get a +10!

Mister Bernie Williams should have processed UD for this photo. But I think I saw an other card of him with the same expression.

He is in pain, isn't he?

It makes me laugh everytime I look at his card thinking he was doing everything to reach the home plate as quick as possible so he could finally got to the WC.

Ending is Rondell White with the kick. If that foot means a super bat than he hit a homer.

To end the packs some more great cards.

Tino Martinez is also an new entry to my flying collection (still deciding the best name to call it).

Jose Rijo, besides having a funny name (at least in Portuguese) seems to always have great photos. I'm still wondering if the front photo is from a game of from a photo shot.

Brett Butler with a bunt and 'glove-on-the-back' photo from a teammate.

And finally Bo Jackson in the press interview probably from the announcement of his acquirement by the Angels.

That's all for the first 3 packs. Stay tuned.

Friday, 6 September 2013

What play is presented here!?

2000 Ultra Gold Medallion #116 - Alex Gonzalez - Courtesy of

Star Rookies - The card at least shines a bit

Today is a very quick post.

I'm reaching some serious milestones deadline at work and I haven't looked to any card in a while.

Working can absorb you for a long time...

So I'm re-showing my Jordan RC and also showing the other rookie I got for those 3 first '94 UD packs I opened.

Gabe White is a name that doesn't ring any bell.

And his wiki page is quite poor too being the main achievement in White's career being the one to give up the final hit in the Tony Gwyn's career.

But his card shows a fine ERA well under 3.00.

And a plus for being an Expo.