Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Fantasy Riders

You know when they place strategically some stuff for you to buy at the check-out of some store? Yep...and we all fall for it. Well, at least I fall for it if it is cards or stickers.

That's how I ended up buying some Panini Fantasy Riders packs to see what it was.

They are in Portuguese. And it seems that's *true* Portuguese and not some 'Brazilian' adaptation. Which is the majority of the cases nowadays.

And if this is for kids, it's better they read their language correctly written... (and I tell you, this is not a popular opinion lol)

Like every card set you have variations and so we get bronze, silver (prata), gold (ouro), platinum (platina), titanium (titânio) and steel (aço).

Yep, they are all shinny and stuff. Even the base cards have some shine going on.

They are cute but nothing to scream about. Just some more Magic reproduction for the kids to play...and me to spend more money at the end of the groceries shopping...

Saturday, 6 April 2019

2018 Topps Big League - Red

And I'm closing the rainbow packs posts with this one.

Pack 5.

The first time I saw this I thought I was not seeing right..but yep. They do have a tank full of rays in their stadium. But since my team have a true eagle flying each and every single home game I should not be that surprised.

So count me +7.

Cannot quite count this as an outside the frame card. Is just the tip of it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh but this one I can! Add me +3.

Two outside the frame cards in a row and one of them is also a RC. So that makes it +3 plus +3 and even an other +3

Stat-Kings again and with the same trio from other Stat-Kings I already got, but the other one was all about ERA and this one is WHIP. Baseball and its one thousand stats! At least the photos are different!

So this card is like +5 and more +10 for Severino in a Yankee uniform and my love for Sale also gives me +7 even if it also takes -5 for that Red Sox uniform (take it off..really don't mind..)

Not the best looking card..

Mookie is Mookie. Ok.. +7 for the icy insert and -5 for an other Boston card..

This was a very blue pack (even if it was in fact a red one) but I end it quite well with a golden Ripken Jr. Ancient logo and Ancient looking uniform with a player that could play forever that no one would care. End this with a +1 and  +7 for the All-Time Greats that truly is.

Result: 46

Pack 6.

Team Beckham!? Ohhhhhhh sorry.. Tim Beckham. +3 for the bat outside the frame.

One might be a rival, but one might be able to admire the other rival history and Red Sox Green Monster in Fenway Park is like a institution on its own. That's I add +7 and for this I don't mind taking -5.

Did Hosmer just hit a Ho(s)mer!?

An other Stat-Kings for the NL Saves. I confess I don't know any of them. But ok. Add +5

I really like this card..and even more so I add +5 for Bregman being a almighty Astro!

Buck for Buck thoughts. Because he looks a bit in pain. Still adding +7 to the result.

End the pack with the last touch of gold with Richards. I like it when pitchers wear gloves with the same colour as their uniforms. Is kinda of a nice touch. So +1.

Result: 23

Monday, 1 April 2019

2018 Topps Big League - Red

I envy the other blog owners that write posts every other day. I'm one of those that is here and then it's gone. But in the end...I always come back for more. That's what you do when you love a thing that much.

So let me finish the Big League rainbow packs continuing with the red colour.

Pack 3.

Starting with horizontal love and Chris Sabo Jr. Scoring +4

Keep on scoring with Lagares hitting +3 with the bat outside the frame. You know what Lagares means in Portuguese? Wine press.

Bader card is a great RC. I like it. And more so that I score +3 plus +3 for the ball outside frame.

Dozier with a funny card. Is this like one of those Stadium cards that everyone talk about!?

Odor is a thing in Game of Thrones, isn't it!? Odor in Portuguese also means smell.

Scherzer and an other great pitcher horizontal card. And like the Sabo Jr card up there, we get alternative uniforms, which is a thing I like. This card scores me +4

Here, little Zack looks like a badass! An other great RC to remember! I tell you. I'm getting more and more in love with this set...This card rocks me +3

Besides...Granite is a rock!

Sorry...but Iglesias for me is more Enrique Iglesias...

Beltre and that insane rotation that right now I cannot do not even in slow motion...

And to end the pack, a Yankee! This card is a combo in cardboard.
Lets start counting...
+3 for the bat outside the frame
+3 for the RC
+10 for being a Bronx player
+1 for being a golden boy

Result: 37

Pack 4.

I know I start the pack taking -5 for the Boston thing, but than I add +3 for an other great RC and +4 for horizontal love.

And always love audience in the back.

Continuing with horizontal love adding more +4 to the count. I need to check, but it seems all the last pitchers cards are horizontal. Ok by me.

Garcia with that cute effect with the bat on the BL logo. That and +3 for the bat outside the frame.

Ahhhhhhh Zimmerman!
I collect the guy! Count me in! Add me +7.

Nimmo. Not Nemo. But he could be.
And I don't know why, but there's a mix of colours on the background that makes me like this card. Like the card was holographic. Those pseudo-3D cards from the 80s/90s

Williams here gives me +3 for his RC.

Semien is going for the double play at first base. There is someone sliding there at the bottom left of the card.

Ahhhhhhhhhh Jones...It's getting hot in here!

I tell you! Pitchers equal horizontal card! Me like it! Nova used to be a Yankee but ok...Still gets me +4.

Jankowski to end the pack with a gold touch and +1 to my count.

Resulta: 24