Monday, 30 May 2016

Star Wars - Force Attax (extra)

Between all the extra characters I don't care about, some of the cards are wayyyyyy too cool!

And since each pack costs 1€ (more or less 1 dollar) it pays off in the end.

Have you heard that pun!?

'Is BB hungry?'
'No... BB-8'

Forever laughing!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Star Wars - Force Attax (extra)

Here more Star Wars cards for you.

Now it's time for the Topps Force Attax extra. It's kinda like a Series 2 for the previous cards.

For's just their way to get more money from us. Besides the inserts and parallel cards is just a bunch of extra characters that maybe not even the hardest hardcore SW fans will recognize.

And they have orange borders. REALLY TOPPS!? ORANGE!?


Here you have a few cards.

I'd prefer if they left the cards in English, because the Portuguese they use is kinda bad...

'Chaterrero' is not even a word in Spanish (is chatarrero) and even less in Portuguese...

This Chewie card is a pull-up card that after 'building' it it stands up. It's kinda cool but I'll let it just like that and put it in the binder with the others.

Love some Han Solo.

Star Wars - Force Attax

I cannot get away from Star Wars collecting cards...Sue me.

Since the other collection that I showed before, telling the story for the films, is no longer available I got the Topps Force Attax cards now.

It started with series 1 and I got some series 2 (or extra cards as they call it).

Here are a few of them for you. Will be showing more in future posts.

Hope you like them.

We have common cards and all shiny cards, some more rare than others. The scan can make them justice. But they look pretty nice in your hand.

Even if the card is busy with the game thing, with the points and stuff, you get, still, a somehow clean look of the picture, so that's cool for me.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Tri-Champs and a Cup

And for the first time in my lifetime, so far, I see my team for the first time get a tri-champs title!

SL Benfica has won again and now makes it 3 seasons in a row winning the First League.

And to end the season we also won our 7th League Cup title too!

This is kinda beautiful...