Tuesday, 27 November 2018

50 Cities of the World #34 Alexandria

Welcome to Alexandria, one of those mythical cities. Well... at least if you dream of great libraries full of books and lighthouses.

You can see back there, between the "34" and "Alexandria" the famous Lighthouse. Was expecting it to be front row but the card looks nice this way too. You can picture people on the street and those typical buildings.

As said in the card back, Alexandria was the centre of the intellectual life back then and because of its location in the Nile delta part of Egypt it was also the location to be if you wanted to feel you were in Venice from time-to-time.

Alexandria is one of those cities so full of history and stories that an entire set could be dedicated to it, with cards for every thing that surrounds the city aura.

Check Alexandria wiki page here.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

2018 Topps Big League - Yellow

Two colours down, two more to go. Lets get going with yellow.

Pack 1.

And I start in good fashion with a Yankees card!

Severino points +10.

When I looked at this card I thought it was José Molina.

But Perez got a perfect Catcher card with gum even!

And then, that moment I get 2 Yankees in a pack.. TWO!

I can't say I collect Gardner cards, but I always like to get them. He's such a diligent player that you for sure want a player that work this hard and is dedicated to the team like Gardner.

Count me an other +10.

One of the funniest Ballpark Landmarks card. Everyone is waiting for a Home Run hit from Giants stadium.And for that I get +7.



And the moment I get a Judge caricature card and realise he looks like a caricature himself lol

It's a replica so it's +7 but an other +10 for Yankees madness in this pack!

End the pack with my gold card. This pack was also full of Pitchers.

Corbin wearing not the best Arizona uniform but still gets me +5 and +1.

Result: 50

Pack 2.

Starting off bat (see!? Easy pun!) I collect +3 for Blackmon bat being outside frame.

 And second pack and lots of Pitchers again.

Mancini has that face that tells you he rather be anywhere else but there. But I'm still happy with my +3 for the bat outside frame.

And I'll just put these two beauties together so you all can admire them in a single scroll down.

Both belong to the All-Time Greats kinda-insert-set-inside-the-base-set and both are showing off their bat outside the card frame.

Bo Jackson and Ernie Banks again have different team logos from the ones used for nowadays players cards.

Adding +3*2 plus +7*2.

Look who appears closing the pack? Mister Pujols. And he's choosing you! Very nice card! And it's horizontal pure beauty. Finishing the pack adding +1 and +4.

Result: 31

Monday, 5 November 2018

50 Cities of the World #33 Tokio

Welcome to Tokio!, our 33rd stop.

I know the card scan got a bit dark but I hope you can see it well.

Funny that the buildings look, not as the traditional type, but quite the occidental type. This representation is probably from a time when foreign nations were there (imposing their will...I know that well since my own country did that...)

Notice the little detail of the rickshaw driver running while pulling it. I searched the net and accordingly to wiki in Japanese they are called jinrikisha.

Like the card back state, Tokio inhabitants like to keep-up with the latest fashion and industry from west. But I must say, that I envy and admire how they can mix old traditions with ultra-modern stuff and make it all harmonize together.

Tokio still is Japan's capital. But before Tokio it was Kyoto.

I've seen enough animes and read equal number of mangas to think of Tokio and its Topkio Tower. It's like the Eiffel Tower in France. It's a landmark where lots of things happen. (at least in fantasy stories)

I'd love to visit Japan. Not only Tokio but other main cities or simple towns. I just don't know if I would survive just eating nigiris, temakis or makis...because that's what we eat here in west. But they have so much more!

Visit Tokio wiki page here.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

2018 Topps Big League - Blue

The final 2 blue packs for Big League. Did well until now, lets see what the last packs bring me.

Pack 5.

The effect Topps did on the cards, with the kind of oil painting in the background looks good.

So Dodgers couldn't do it against the Red Sox... And again, a pitcher I actually enjoy and plays for a team I don't have any empathy.

The base Roger Clemens (already got the gold version) and still a pain he's in Boston uniform and not in strips...So adding +7 for the All-Time Greats and taking -5 because Boston...again!

But right next came Sandy Koufax with a great card and I'll be just here looking at this beauty for a while.

Notice the Team logo here is the LA and for the current players ir the Dodgers logo. Just noticed this now! And looking back the same happens for the Red Sox logo in Clemens, while the current Boston players have the socks.

Count me some +7 for more All-Time Greats love.

I don't know you Souza but I like your beard. And looking good in D-Backs red. Adding +5 for Arizona. And also +3 for the bat going outside the frame even if my scanner tried to cut it.

3 All-Time Greats cards in the same pack! That's quite de combo in my opinion!

Now give some cheers to Henderson in A's green. (it looks like he got the catcher with his bat)

The A's logo here is also different from the one in nowadays team cards. I'm enjoying this small touch from Topps.

Mister Rickey Henderson hit a +7 my way.

And now please...stop everything you're doing. Yep. That's better.


The USA flag socks...

The slide to home plate...


I'm in love with this card...

+7 because I collect dusty cards (more dirty cards nowadays - love to say this because well...it sounds dirty eheheh) and also +4 for being landscape beauty.

Ohhhhhhhhhh an other Star Caricature Reproduction two packs in a row!

I know it's Boston but You cannot see their logo on the helmet, nor on the shirt of Betts and you just have to not read the last line in the card.

And one more time I'm adding +7 and taking -5.

If USA was like we in Europe, I think Rockies were relegated to second division a longgggggg time ago. Still adding +1 for the gold card.

Result: 38

Pack 6.

One of those cards that are not that special at first, but then you keep looking and you end up liking them. Maybe because you get to feel like it's an action card, where you feel like re-watching the play and noticing details everytime you look. Like it looks the umpire has the head of that Orioles fan back there.

Like footballers who have strange colours on their boots (I'm all pro the old school black ones) some pitchers use gloves with their teams colour. Buehler here using a blue stitches glove is a nice touch to his horizontal RC. Start adding +4 and +3 to my count.

Comparing again with football (and when I say this is always our football, you know..the real one ;) ) players cannot use necklaces or rings or earrings... it gets in the way! But in baseball you can go all bling to the field.

Albies RC gives me +3.

Players that hit the ball this way with the bat almost hitting themselves in the back-end remind me of dogs trying to catch their tails.

An other Stat Kings card and I'm seeing double. Two  Miami players are top 3 for NL RBIs with a Colorado in the middle. Strange card, sorry. But adding +5.

Uhhhhhhh And I'm adding a new 'Flying like a bird - Diving like a dolphin' card to my collection!

Did Brexton catch that ball!? What a photo!

Landscape love values +4 and for collecting the card is +7.

Welcome to Pittsburgh! Obviously it's the Honus Wagner statue to welcome you to Pirates Stadium. Just pissing the parrot. +7 for the Ballpark Landmarks moment.

I also like Blackburn beard. And it's an ok RC which pitches me +3.

Ohhhhhhhhh sweet Astro of mine! Jeff Bagwell in da houssssssssss! And an other All-Time Greats card! In the end I think I'll get all of them by this way!

It's cool to see the previous Astros logo.

Bagwell and his nr5 retired numbered values me + 7 plus +5.

And I get Henderson in back-to-back packs! Got the base card and now I turn it into gold better than Flamel! This Henderson card closes the pack counts in +7 plus +1.

Result: 56