Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wax question

Do you think that if we buy enough wax packs and re-packs they eventualy will end?

Friday, 30 August 2013

Fantasy Team has Home Field Advantage

Keeping with the inserts I got in the first 3 packs of '94 Upper Deck today I have two different to show.

Again two insert cards together in the same pack.

Just to assure you that the other 3 packs that I have yet to take pictures are a bit different. The inserts were distributed a bit better.

So I got the Home Field Advantage for Andres Galarraga and the Rockies and for the Pirates Jay Bell.

Sorry but I still cannot understand why there are different sizes between ballparks and worst, why there are different sizes in the left and right fields of one ballpark.

For football here we have a minimum and a maximum size for it and the clubs have to respect that to compete in the official leagues.

Next is Sammy Sosa and the Chicago Cubs.

At least we get to see a bit of the ivy-covered wall.

As you can see we get plenty of info on the card back.

But the front is not the best. I know there are other cards in the insert set that have reversed roles, where the player takes the spotlight and the field is secondary.

Like this Paul Molitor example.

1994 Upper Deck #294 - Paul Molitor HFA - Courtesy of

Isn't it beautiful!?

But I didn't have the fortune to get that Molitor card nor any of those like it.

To end the post is the only 1993 Fantasy Team insert I got.

I assume the stats on the back (which I haven't checked yet) are the final leagues states for the '93 season. And so those are the best players we could get on our fantasy team.

The thing is that or I am getting quite blind or cannot find Albert Belle in the list because he is simply not there.

So why make this card!?

I end today's post quite confused.

Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The future is now

After showing my Michael Jordan card lets see what the future brings.

There is an insert set in the '94 Upper Deck set containing some players that were around the 20's on the Opening Day.

Well it's like the films Back to the Future.

As you see in the top photo I got 6 packs but today I'm just showing the TFIN cards for the first 3 packs I opened.

I have yet to take the picture of the remaining 3 packs cards.

I got these three all in one pack. Since they are cards from a supposed insert set that's stretching the odds.

Not that I care.

The cards are cool all shinny and stuff.

First is the starting pitcher for Boston Aaron Sele. The first thing to notice is the bubble gum. And his '93 stats also look good for a rookie.

Second is the well known Mike Piazza with a play-at-the-plate with the Atlanta Braves' Terry Pendleton. His card back talks for itself. One of the best offensive catchers.

To end is Frank Thomas. It's weird seeing such a young Frank Thomas. But this is one of the parallels Electric Diamond. But the only difference in these cards is the logo on the front stating it's a Electric Diamond.

From the three Sele is the youngest and Frank Thomas is the one with most ML seasons by the '94 Opening day.

The second pack brought me two more cards.

This time around I got Rod Beck a relief pitcher. And his '93 48 saves in 76 games is just great for a 25-year-old player!

I would just cut that mustache-going-on-beard off right away!

Next I got an other Electric Diamond parallel of the Kid!

Ken Griffey Jr. was 24 back in '94. Really, looking back to his rookie card he looked like he came out directly from the kindergarten to the ball park.

Other pack got me the 'base' TFIN Frank Thomas card. As you can see it has nothing different from the other unless not figuring the 'Electric Diamond'.

But other thing, at 25 with 4 year in the majors and his position stated is DH!?

Are they trying to say something...?

And in the same pack the Electric Diamond parallel promised in every pack is again one of the TFIN insert card.

But this time the players name letter seem to shine more like the Electric Diamond logo! But I'll be back to it in a future post...(I have some evidences of 'errors'!)

An other 23-year-old starting pitcher, mister Steve Avery.

And why I like this card? Because it prints the best season before the decline of Avery. With already 3 ML season at the age of 23 Avery had a terrific season and promised so much...But that was it.

So I think I'll take this Avery card as his prelude-to-sunset.

Stay tuned for more '94 UD cards in future posts.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Baseball dunk!

Like I posted in the previous post I finally got the missing package with lots of packs to open.

I managed to open them all this past weekend but it was just for the opening new packs stress to go away.

I mean by that that I still have to look with all my attention to the cards I got because I cannot remember them.

But there is one card that pop-up (the first card for the matter) from the first '94 Upper Deck pack I opened and that caught all my attention right on the spot.


I dunked my first and only Michael Jordan baseball card!

The Air Man was the icon from my childhood. Those were the days!

Of course that the Space Jam was like the sunset moment for Jordan.

I checked the card on eBay and got opened mouth with some asking prices. Then I got to and the prices got a bit more what I expected.

None the same, for me this card is on my collection spotlight for the moment!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The best way to return work!

That's the way!

I understood why the package took so long to arrive, it seemed like it went through some war zone.


The contents are all OK.

That's all that matter.

That and the fact that I got some extras from the seller like the protections and more packs of '89 Fleer and '96 UD Collector's Choice.

I have lots of work to do so I don't know when I'll have some time to open all those packs and post them.

But I think the fun will last until the end of the month ant least.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Time

I don't know if it was a bot thing but I just saw that my last post had almost 500 views!

Something not even the Will Clark WP post had.

So lets see how much views this gets with this beautiful beach photo.

This is also my 200th post!

Have fun.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Quick happy post

Just got the news the ohh so MIA package with all those items I ordered from my european eBay seller just arrived yesterday at my office!

The baseball gods are starting to get it right with me.

Next I just need the news I would get a tv channel to watch baseball again and it would be perfect.

So I can spend the rest of the vacations with a brighter smile that in a few days I'll have more packs to open and more cards to add to my collection.

Be safe you all.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


1995 Upper Deck Minors Michael Jordan One On One #6 - Michael Jordan/'94 Spring - Courtesy of

Well it's time to go and see if the beach missed me that much since last year.

I'll be taking same vacations and so I won't be updating the blog that much.

But I will for sure keep reading and commenting on my fellow bloggers posts. And perhaps discovering some more new blogs.

Stay cool.

Friday, 2 August 2013

A Big Dad Trade - Card by Card

I've already posted about making my second trade with BASEBALL DAD.

I've been reading his blog for a while. I think it's the only Tribe blog I follow.

Indians were one of the first teams I've heard besides my Yankees thanks to one film I saw when I was younger.

So a few time ago Jack left a comment on one of my 'living at the end of the world' posts saying he could help me survive the fact of having some difficult to get cards in Europe.

And after some mails we made the trade.

Jack sent me a lot of goodies!

The card at the top is a Teixeira rookie card. I'm still getting used to find out RC prior to the official RC logo.

I miss Teixeira. Being one of my favourite players, if not *the* favourite, I feel sad not seeing him playing.

But at least I saw his terrific '09 season.

Jack asked me about other teams I collect besides my Yankees.

Houston Astros is one of them. And even if I liked his previous uniform (very look a like the D-Backs in colour) I also like the current one which was a retro one until last year.


Well mister Bud Norris was just traded to the Orioles and has already one win.

But one thing I love in this photo is the glove. It goes so well with the rest of the uniform colours.

Jack also hit my oh-so-dear collection Dust Is In The Air!

And put dust in the air in this card!

 Sanders almost got lost in so much dust.

Gutierrez seems not to like it at all but I love it!

Here's the back. I like the back stats for each team he played against.

Also in the pack was an other player I collect: Mark Portugal.

The name says it all!

And playing for Astros even makes me like more the card.

But along side with Mark Portugal Jack also got me two more pitchers.

Randy Johnson with his flying hair and a all style Bret Saberhagen with a lollipop.

The Upper Deck cards always deserve to have their backs shown as well.

The lines you see are not on the cards. It's just the bloody protection sleeves I got.

Now entering my Yankees domain!

This beautiful Yogi Berra silver holographic.

I already had this card but was the plain silver version. This is way more pretty!

A red Ivan Nova. I must say that the colour combination looks great.

I already had this too but in gold parallel and now I got the purple.

Rodriguez must be purple right now with all the problems he got into and my Yankees too.

Kuroda baby blue card looks great! I already had a couple of those blue Opening Day parallels and always were pretty found of them.

This look a bit more light blue than those but also great.

Now I can see why some collectors go for the rainbow. They really look awesome all together.

So we got Alfonso Soriano back!? This card is up to date again.

Skipper Joe Torre could be a good asset again too.

These cards are similar to the Masterpiece ones.

But they are Donruss probably bet Diamond Kings card I've ever seen.

An holographic Carl Pavano in his first year with Yankees. I think I have a couple more cards of him from more recent years.

My favourite lefty.

Andy Pettitte is a Sir in Yankees organization.

But even if I like him that much and we all have a lot to thank him for what he did with Yankees and for baseball as game...he should kept his retirement.

I think players should assume they are retiring for good. Specially if they go at the top of their career.

Still is always good to see Pettitte on the mound.

I assume it... I didn't know Fielder played for Yankees.

The Score cards back are so dense I get lost in so much to read.

Between stats and trivia I miss a small picture.

Mike Mussina card is terrific in person. I don't think you can get to see how pretty it is here.

But believe me.

That blue goes pretty much like heaven to a Yankee card.

Posada retired and kept that way.

I saw his ceremonial first pitch and it was quite strange.

He was one of those soul players for Yankees.

This card commemorate his 3rd consecutive choice for the All Star team.

Jack sent me an other Posada card looking so young I had to double take the card to really see it was him.

On the other day I got Bernie Williams rookie card from the '91 Upper Deck set.

Here in full holographic card showing he likes to hit against Jamie Moyer.

An other Mussina card this time in the Upper Deck game set Victory.

And talking about strikeouts, he got 2813 throughout 18 years in the majors.

I've seen the Conlon Collection cards in many other blogs and simply loved the cards.

They look, they perspire, they smell, they sound like vintage!

Thanks to Jack I'm now a proud owner of 5 great Conlon Yankee cards.

Specially Tony Lazzeri. That's one hell of an awesome card.

To finish the Yankee cards here's Phil Hughes who has everything to be a very good pitcher but sometimes seems to forget even how to throw a ball and also one of the new players for this season Brennan Boesch who I found recently that I have his RC, a very good looking horizontal card.

If all those cards were not enough, Jack also got me a pack of this year Series 2.

Cahill looks good in Arizona uniform.

Wright is a Mets trademark.

McLouth for me makes sense in Atlanta uniform.

Jimenez is the RC of the pack.

Also got 3 great horizontal cards

Ross Detwiler and the Cy Young winner David Price followed by Ryan Ludwick commemoration of a walk-off homer with the rest of the Reds team.

It's impossible not to like this year design in a horizontal card.

And now I present the one and only Boston Red Sox I truly like: Jon Lester.

And he got a bloody great card! I don't have enough words to describe the feeling you get by looking at it...It's's hypnotizing.

But the pack was so made for me that I got this Lucroy card for my PC.

And Lucroy is not a normal PC guest, he belongs to the very restricted collection of the players in the Woman Perspective posts!

Meanwhile I started an other binder theme collection.

We cannot ignore these images of flying superman outfielders and here mister David Murphy is quite the example.

I also have flying to the bases and diving catches in the same binder. It's my birdies binder!

And almoat at the end of the pack goodies I also got one serial numbered gold parallel of a great moment.

Lombardozzi getting all juicy by Werth.

The reporter girl is a add-on to make the card even better. It captured the moment perfectly.

And to end the pack the insert card.

Buster Posey is one of the best catchers in the game nowadays. In my opinion he is the best. But don't know if he will get the Tripple Crown one day. But it would not be a total surprise and would be deserved.

So to end the post I have again to thank Jack for trading with me, a newbie from across the ocean. Will for sure trade again with the Tribe Big Dad.