Friday, 30 November 2012

Card Chase - 1993 Flair Premier Edition by Fleer

And it's today I end opening packs from the Card Chase box I got so long ago!

Here goes my last pack of the box, the 1993 Flair Premier Edition.

Well, the first time I looked at the pack (if you can call it that, it's more like a mini-box) I thought this was like a mini-super-set.

When I turned the pack I saw the set were 300 cards.

That's something for what Premier stands for me. I thought Premier were not only the cards but also the players, and having 300 Premier players sounds like a bit too much.

Premier is like Selective.


The pack also stated that there were a sub set of 20 rookie cards called 'Wave of the Future'. As you can see by the following photos I got none of those.

The cards are quite hard! And they sure are quite thickness!

And They have this softness and brightness and colourness and...Yep. They look like a Premier product.

Well, at least for what I can picture for a '93 product.

The front design is simple on what writing is about. You have the Flair logo and the players name. And That font and colour makes me go bahhhhhhh.

I cannot read it easily. It's not that I don't like it's simple because it's not that easy to read handwriting type of letter in this things.

About the photo...I like the main photo but the 'ghost' one I'd pass.

If to make a design like this at least separate the photos and don't do the 'ghost' thing. Sometimes you get what seems like two players batting each others heads or punching each other faces.

No cool.

The card back has the normal statics facts and an other photo! Now that I like! Having a almost 2/3 of photo on the back is a bonus.

But again what could have been a perfect card back is spoiled by the handwriting letter again. And now, having more to read makes me go more like grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now lets see what players I got.

#47 Bret Barberie 2B@FLA - Started MLB career with Expos but is better known for being in the inaugural Florida Marlins team in '93 and he even got the first hit by a Marlin on opening day. This makes this card pretty meaningful to me!

#52 Bryan Harvey P@FLA - Also a member of the first Florida Marlins. Got a career 2.49 ERA. Not bad for a closer.

#57 Jeff Bagwell 1B@HOU - Like a superstar in Houston that saw his career shorten because of health issues. He got a very good swing photo.

#62 Steve Finley OF@HOU - In '93, he led the league in triples with 13 shots and would lead tied in '03 with 10 with Rafael Furcal. Finley ranks #89 in the 2K hits list with 2,548 hits. Ranks #131 in the 300HRs list with 304 rounds. Ranks #141 in the Leaders in SB list with 320 career total. Ranks #167 in the 1K RBIs list with 1,167 RBIs. Ranks #79 in the 1K Runs list with 1,443 scoring runs. Ranks tied in #90 for the list of players with 100 triples with 124. And finally ranks #99 with 449 doubles in the 400 doubles list. WOW! Not only for this but Finley's card is my favourite.

#69 Jim Gott P@LAD

#74 Roger McDowell P@LAD

#167 Jeff Russell P@BOS

#173 Damion Easley 3B@CA - Look at his photo. He looks like he left the diapers a few days ago.

#183 Alex Fernandez P@CWS

#203 Kirk Gibson OF@DET - This is my second favourite card. Love the photos. '93 was the year Gibson returned to Detroit where he would end his career in '95. Right now Gibson is the D-Backs manager. And I do like Arizona.

So, all-in-all I liked the Premier cards I got. Wish there were more than 10 or at least that I could have get a Yankee.

Like a Don Mattingle card...

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bobby Witt '90 cards

Today's post is again about 1990 cards.

I'm going through my Upper Deck and Fleer cards of that year and check if I have the same players in both sets.

So here is a Bobby Witt post.

First his '90 Upper Deck #636 card.

This front photo looks like it was taken for his school year book. But If I were a teen at the time I'd probably be goggling all over this photo.

He sure looks handsome and...oh wait...this is no 'Woman Perspective' post.

Sorry there.

I already said that I truly like this Upper Deck card design, and for what I could see at least in '91 they repeated it but with a bit more colour on the back and the bar on the front is not on the top but on the right side.

That brings me to the card back where we have a photo taken during a game. To compensate the 'female magazine' front photo.

He seems to be trying to crack the code the Catcher is telling him.

Now his '90 Fleer #315 card

And there we have an action photo for the front of the card.

It seems the player back on the field is running for the wall to catch the ball hit by the player at-bat.

I like imagining the play just by looking at the photo. Primarily because it's fun and then because I don't know when that happen and never saw it. Like I can read in some blogs where fellow bloggers say they remember a specific game or play by looking at the card photo.

I try to make my own memories from the cards I collect.

The card back is the normal Fleer card back design. No photo...but with that 'Did you know?' stuff that I like.

And for what I can read Witt didn't have much to be proud of.

But that particular stat that make me recognize Witt from the others is the 'Led AL in wild pitches'.

So when I hear or read about Bobby Witt I just go 'Ohhhh The Wild Pitcher!'.

That's who Witt is for me the 'Wild Pitcher'!.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Card Chase - 1989 Topps packs 1 and 2

This is the second last post of the Card Chase box I purchased a long long time ago...

What I've saved for last is not that big. The only reason is the last is because I forgot to take pictures of the cards yet.

But before that lets see what I got in these two '89 Topps packs.

And the first thing I noticed was that I knew this pack design from somewhere else...

Ohhhhh! This year Archives had the same design!

You might found it weird I get this epiphany moments so often but remember I'm a baby on collecting baseball cards.

Now lets see the cards.

Turn Back the Clock #662 Lou Brock OF@STL - Sorry but I don't like the photo not centered. For that I prefer the more modern 'Cards Your Mom Threw Out'.

#118 Checklist 1-132 - I prefer checklists with a photo. It seems more like an extra card than this with checklist in both sides.

#10 Andre Dawson OF@CHC - HOFer card is always welcome.

#242 Ed VandeBerg P@TEX - Ed ended his career in '88 but he was lucky and also got into the '89 set.

#251 John Dopson P@MTL - I like having Expos cards just because I've never saw them playing. And Dopson did the terrific feat of  balking 4 times in one game in '89. Now I do like this card!

#294 Juan Berenguer P@MIN - Why is the 'Topps' logo on that position? It's the only one.

#311 Chris Bosio P@MIL - A no-hitter Pitcher card.

#323 Gary Thurman OF@KC - I don't know if you think the same but...Gary looks like Puff Daddy (or other name he is calling himself now) a lot! At least in this photo.

#455 Johnny Ray OF/2B@CA - Nice swing!

#488 Kevin Coffman P@ATL/CHC - I prefer having this kind of cards with the 'Trade to' line than the photoshoped ones.

#621 Rick Mahler P@ATL

#625 Eddie Murray 1B@BAL - Actually in '89 the HOFer Murray played for Dodgers. But it's nice to have a card of him with his first MLB team uniform. And what a great photo!

#645 Jack Morris P@DET - I picture Verlander like that in a few years. I had to say that!

#682 Rick Leach OF/1B@TOR - Is he looking at the aircrafts? And an other player without the 'Trade to' line but he didn't play for Toronto in '89 but for Texas.

#745 Fred McGriff 1B@TOR - Swing all the way! And in '89 McGriff won his first Silver Slugger Award.

And that merchandising card to get a Topps t-shirt. But it is collectible if you want one per colour. You got see next pack cards to understand.

#17 Brian Downing DH/OF@CA - Brian ranks #219 in the 1K RBIs list with 1,072 RBIs.

#115 Jody Davis C@CHC/ATL - It's mirror of Coffman trade.

#188 Dennis Lamp P@BOS - Lamp is better known for allowing other 2 players to get milestones: "(...) he gave up Lou Brock's 3000th hit. He also surrendered Cal Ripken Jr.'s first major-league hit"

#287 Juan Nieves P@MIL - An other no-hitter Pitcher.

#384 Mark Salas C@CWS - He almost got a WS title...but instead got to wear a Yankee uniform. Is almost the same feeling.

#410 Jack Clark DH/1B@NYY - My first Yankee. Only played for Yankees on '88 so this card should state that he is now with the Giants. Clark rank #158 on the 1K RBIs list with 1,180 RBIs.

#444 Moose Stubing MGR@CA - A manager card that serves as a team checklist.

#494 Shane Rawley P@PHI - Former Yankee and in '89 he was with the Twins.

#575 Juan Samuel 2B@PHI - Samuel spent '89 with the Phillies and the Mets.

#636 Bill Wilkinson P@SEA - I never get used to this Seattle logo and uniform.

#666 Randy St. Claire P@CIN - The evil card of doom! Not because St. Claire but because it's the 666 card in the set! Hell yeh! And in '89 he played for Minnesota.

#671 Jim Gantner 2B@MIL - One team-player.

#676 Ernie Riles 3B/SS@SF - "Riles belted the 10,000th home run in Giants history" - This got to be a special card for Giants fans.

#688 Zane Smith P@ATL - Late '80s and '90s hair.

#744 Roger Craig MGR@SF - The second manager card this time with team checklist for SF.

And other Topps t-shirt merchandising card this time with red background.

That flowing design for the player's name is cool. I miss more action photos but maybe I was unlucky with the cards I got on that department.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cards Chase - 1988 Topps Bigs pack

I'm finally arriving to the las couple of packs from the Card Chase box I purchased a few months ago.

This post is for one pack of 1988 Topps Big cards.

Comparing to the other cards at the time they really were big!

This set was released in 3 series. I got a pack from the first. So lets see what I got.

They are pretty glossy and all. With half of the card being players head and the other half some play moment.

It seems like Topps were trying to bring back the middle '50s cards design. But that white border around the player's head makes me go bahhhhhh. Like one of those collage we do as kids.

#8 Alan Trammell SS@DET - A 2K hits club member ranking #124 with 2,365 hits.

#9 Will Clark 1B@SF - A card from his first ASG year.

#22 B.J. Surhoff C@MIL - An other 2K hit club member this time ranking #136 with 2,326 hits.

#25 Bobby Bonilla 3B/OF@PIT - And this card goes directly to my 'dust-is-in-the-air' collection! And in this year Bonilla would have his first ASG sellection and would win his first Silver Slugger Award. But who cares since there is dust!?

#38 Lance McCullers P@SD - Blast! I got him 1 year from becoming a Yankee. Was he one of those 'submarine' Pitchers? It seems looking at the way he is preparing to throw the ball.

#54 Marty Barret 2B@BOS - He is looking at what?

#58 Greg Gagne SS@MIN - He sure does look happy. It has something to do with the fact the Twins were the WS champs in '87.

And here are the back of the cards.

Cartoon backs! Love it!

Some might say it's random facts about players and what they want are numbers. But I do like a lot those trivia moments.

I got to like best the Bonilla trivia of him having an hobby of 'working with home computers'. But Trammell couple of marriage trivia got my girly girl side happy.

I can live with only one year stats followed by career totals up to that year if it means having cartoons.

And these cartoon moments are all in colour! What else can I ask for?

So, this pack got me one card for theme collection and two players I like (Clark and Gagne).

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

2007 Fleer Ultra - 3 packs opening

I usually get bonus from the sellers I buy from on eBay. Usually they use it as a bait to make us keep coming back for it.

Like a donkey and carrot.

But they can send it just as appreciation of us making business with them from all the people selling in eBay.

I like to think of it as appreciation.

So this intro to justify why I have 3 more 2007 Fleer Ultra packs to open and show to you.

I was searching on web for the main difference between Fleer (Tradition) and Fleer Ultra sets. For what I could find the Ultra cards had a higher quality stock and they used silver ink on it.

I only have a few Fleer cards which are from '90. The rest are all Fleer Ultra.

So on with the cards!

Edgar Renteria SS@ATL - I first knew about Renteria back in '09 because I got him in MLB Fantasy. He was already with the Giants with whom he would win WS and WS MVP title in the next year. Back in '07 he was with the Braves.

Derek Lowe P@LAD - Here with LA and it seems he was with my Yankees this past season. WoW! I really don't remember him pitching...I think I just missed those games.

Michael Cuddyer OF@MIN - Will be on my 'swing-all-the-way-like you're-jelly' collection.

Feliz Hernandez P@SEA - One of the chosen ones to figure on the perfect-game listing.

Travis Buck OF@OAK RC - That is Travis Buck!? Oh...I think I missed something...he's '12 Houston Astros self is quite different.

I thought that all rookie cards would be green. My mistake.

Jeff Francoeur OF@ATL

Adrian Gonzalez 1B@SD

Matt Cain P@SF - An other Cain card! That will be right on my Cain's collection making it an incredible 5 cards collection!

Micah Owings P@ARZ RC - A red rookie card? Weren't they supposed to be green? It seems they have both colours to RCs. If there is a pattern I couldn't find out. I like the cards in both colours but I tend to search for a pattern in everything.

Joaquim Arias SS@TEX RC - As you can see in the photo the Arias card has all that shinny-chrome-refractor-kind-of to the players name an Ultra logo. I noticed that from the moment I pulled the card from the pack but thought I was seeing things. It seems this is some kind of parallel card. I think this is one of the Gold Medallion cards "which have been stamped with gold colored holographic-foil" according to

Johan Smoltz P@ATL

Victor Martinez C@CLE - A Catcher at-bat.

Pedro Feliz 3B@SF - I like to admire the different poses players do at-bat. The result wished for the at-bat is the same but the way to get to it is quite different from player to player.

Adrian Beltre 3B@SEA

Lucky 13 Delmon Young OF@TB RC

This one really stands out.

This is kind of a sub-set of rookie cards in the set. There are 13 cards of Lucky 13 (really!?) and I got the last one of the sub-set and at the same time the last one of the base set.

This cards have different colour schemes too but I think this time around they have to do with the teams uniform colours.

This 3 packs are joining my other '07 pack I got as bonus a few time ago.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

1990 Upper Deck Brett Butler

Todays post is about '90 Upper Deck card #119.

At first I was confused to which player the card was dedicated.

Then I noticed the player that was lying down was a Padres' player.

That's the problem of intertwined letters logos and teams using same colour scheme.

I noticed the stripes after that too.

Well, after all this I knew Mr. Butler were the one standing.

Butler is ranked #122 in the List of Major League Baseball players with 2,000 hits with 2,375 hits.

Looking quite good this card!

I imagine this being a 2B play. Just don't know if Butler were safe or not. since he seems like returning to 2B from 3B side.

But what stands out to me in the photo is that little cloud of dust. There, upon the Giants logo.

This makes the card eligible to figure in my 'dust-is-in-the-air' collection.

And looking at the card back...

...I'm sure it would make my collection two times!

Brett is making more dust to fly!

If I were Upper Deck, I'd switch the photos. The back photo is great. I cannot get tired of looking at this beauty.

This might be a photo from the next play. I can picture Butler keeping safe in 2B and then in next play stilling 3B.

There is a small shadow next to the base but since I don't see any body part from a player I think it might be from the 3B umpire. And Brett would be safe!

Having cards with photos of players batting is always cool. But I love to see photos of players playing defense and running the bases.

Every beat makes the game.

And if the beat makes the dust go all around hell yehhhhhhhhhhh!

Monday, 19 November 2012

1990 Fleer Joe Girardi

The moment I opened that '90 Fleer pack I got this big smile.

Yep. I got one card of a player I've never saw during playing years but know him from baseball world.

It's our skipper.

I only got to watch baseball back in '09. That's when my cable operator added ESPN America to the channels list.

So it was only then that I could assist an entire season. Or a single game for the matter.

And it was back then that I was introduced to Mr. Girardi.

I didn't even know he used to play for Yankees! I was that far away from baseball.

You can try and follow it from the web, by reading or watching youtube videos but is not the same thing I can assure you.

It only makes me feel like I'm really across a long ocean.

This card came in one of the 3 '90 Fleer packs I got alongside the '90 Upper Deck packs when I decided I'd try to know more about vintage players.

Yes, '90s is vintage for me because I know nothing from that time and even less I'd know from the '80s, '70s, and so on.

What I learned so far about baseball and collecting all came from the blogs I read and the possibility of buying some packs and boxes from time-to-time.

So with this card what did I learned?

I've learned that the first Girardi ML club was the Chicago Cubs for which he debuted in '89.

Also learned that he had changed nothing. The same looks. Only older of course, but the same Joe.

On the card back...

...I also learned he has a degree in Industrial Engineering.

That's cool.

E got one HR in his rookie year that's not bad. And he had .661 hits/game. Again not bad, thinking Catchers are not that impressive with a bat.

Girardi woulf play for Yankees between '96 and '99. I'd like to have at least one card from those years.

Friday, 16 November 2012

1990 Fleer Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett is a one-team-player. And that makes me like having his card.

Even if he's big enough to almost pop out of the card! That's the feeling I get everytime I see this photo.

He seems to be looking to a far ball, like he had sent it for a long trip.

was this a HR swing?

I like thinking it was.

This is '90 Fleer card #383. I like palindrome cards. So this is a plus to Mr. Puckett.

I got this card on one of the three packs I bought back when I started buying baseball cards.

So this was one of the first '90s cards I got right after buying 2010 and 2012 cards.

I thought I might try see what players were making fans happy back at XX century.

Looking at card back... can see that Kirby have a MLB 6-year .323 BA at '90 season start.

After ending his career at '95 he got a career .318 BA.

That, for a newbie and probably for a expert collector, is quite awesome!

I think it would have been nice of Fleer to have the player on the 'Vital Signs' block to wear the real player number.

Kirby is a HOF since 2001 and if I didn't payed much attention to his card at first, after some reading and some youtube videos I started to look at it with a new light.

When we see a player during his playing years we know him, we remember those specific plays he made on that particular game.

With those players when we look at their cards we can almost see those images playing right in front of us, just by looking at the photo on the card.

But I new, at first that he might have been some player because I also got this card of him.

Bo Jackson I new was great and if together with Puckett they were the 'Human Dynamos' I was lucky enough to get his card.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Card Chase - 1987 Topps see-through-pack

One more Card Chase box pack.

This time around it's a '87 Topps pack. The oh so beloved set by many collectors.

I first knew about it with the 2012 Topps mini inserts that were inspired by this '87 set.

I like the wood look. It's a good colour as background that does not get in the way and let the photo play the main role.

Now the cards.

Blue Jay Leaders (George Bell / Jesse Barfield) - The first were '87 AL MVP and the second won a  Gold Glove Award.

Gary Carter C@NYM (NL game-winning RBIs)- HOFer check!

Wade Boggs 3B@BOS (AL BA) - An other HOFer check!

Harry Spilman 1B@SF

Ray Fontenot P@MIN - He played his last game in '86 but still had a card in '87 set. Add to my retired-but-still-get-a-card list.

Gary Gaetti 3B@MIN - Would win WS title in '87.

Ed Olwine P@ATL - Didn't know about this Atlanta all blue uniform.

Jamie Moyer P@CHC - I already had his 2010 Topps card. Now getting his '87 card makes me go WoW! He is the oldest player to record a Win and an RBI. "Moyer is one of only 29 players in baseball history to date to have appeared in Major League games in four decades."

Ron Roenicke OF@PHI And now he's Milwaukee manager.

Mickey Brantley OF@SEA - The father of Cleveland Indian's Michael Brantley.

Jose Guzman P@TEX

Mark McGwire 3B@OAK - Love this card! It's bright and colourful! And McGwire would won the AL Rookie of the Year in '87.

Barry Jones P@PIT

Kevin Mitchell OF/SS@NYM

Jose Cruz OF@HOU - Got his #25 retired by the Astros in '92. Want his Yankee card!

Floyd Bannister P@CWS

Tim Flannery 2B@SD

I already have posted about two of the cards I got in this pack.

You can find the Barry Jones Policeman post here.

And for Kevin Mitchell dust-is-in-the-air post go here.

Everytime I look at Mitchell card it makes my day. What a beauty!

And that's all you lot. This is my contribution to the worldwide love to the '87 Topps set.

Blog things

I'm too bloody blond sometimes.

Nothing against blonds.

I'm one...sort of.

But I never noticed I had my blog profile private.

That's a bit of a constraint if I want someone to find and know my blog.

I corrected the thing and now it's public.

eBay shopping can drive a woman crazy! - Take 2

I've posted 2 days ago that I needed some help with some shopping choices. Since I didn't get any comment helping the damsel in distress I did choice by myself.

So...I didn't purchased any of the options I've posted about.

I think that's a woman thing:

'What dress honey? The blue or the green?'
'Take the green love...'
'Ok...I'll take the red one.'

So what I ordered were 7 2004 Upper Deck First Pitch packs (which I already have 5 packs)...

...and 3 2012 Topps Update Series Hobby packs. (Which I don't have a single one card)

Hope to get them by Friday.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Card Chase - 1989 Donruss pack 1 and 2

I'm missing half the box packs from that Card Chase box - if you still remember.

So today's post is for '89 Donruss packs.

The packs mentioned MVP bonus cards. Lets see if I can get lucky.

I like the '89 Donruss design! Not sure if the colour scheme is the best but I think they didn't intend to match the colours with the teams colours. Because Giants or Twins have nothing to do with yellow and green.

On with the cards.

David Wells P@TOR - The Perfect-Gamer for Yankees on '98 makes me like this card. One more to add to my trending list. I think that since everybody do a top-something I might do a top with this former/will-be Yankee players.

Dick Schofield SS@CA - It's the uncle of Jayson Werth.Ohhhh...

Ozzie Virgil C@ATL - I didn't know nothing about Virgil but when searching on the web I got confused because there is a Senior and a Junior. And the card doesn't state which who it is. This is the Junior. The Senior never played for Atlanta. But Senior was the first Dominican to play in MLB.

Steve Buechele 3B@TEX

Terry Steinbach C@OAK - '89 would give Terry his only WS title. Since in '88 he was named ASG MVP. Now is a coach in Minnesota.

Tommy Herr 2B@MIN - here he's with Twins but he would be with Phillies for '89 and '90.

John Moses OF@MIN

Mike Brumley SS@SF - Played eight seasons and only got 3 homers. Seems he was more a utility player that a regular one. Now is a coach in Seattle.

Dave Meads P@HOU - I need to get used to this kind of uniforms again...And Meads only played 2 years and both with the Astros.

Don Carman P@PHI - "In a 2011 article, Carman was listed as the second-worst-hitting pitcher of all time, behind only Ron Herbel, a pitcher for the Giants in the 1960s. In 239 career plate appearances, Carman had 12 hits (all singles), two walks and 75 strikeouts."

Bob Dernier OF@PHI - After his '88 Donruss card I got his '89.

Hensley Meulens 3B@NYY - My first Yankee in the pack!

Jeff Sellers P@BOS - Here still with Boston but he would be traded to Cincinnati but an injured stopped him playing for the Reds.

Darrell Evans IF@DET

Tim Leary P@LAD - WoW Pitcher with bat is always fun to have in a card. Still even if he's just posing and not really batting. A Yankee years later between '90 and '92.

And 3 Warren Spahn puzzle pieces.

On with the second pack.

DK Andres Galarraga - Not the best but didn't scared me. One thing is for sure, even if you don't like it, this is probably one of the most well known insert sets around.

MVP Kevin Gross P@PHI - One of those 26 MVP bonus cards! Pitched a no-hitter latter in '92.

MVP Wally Joyner 1B@ATL - And another MVP card! Wow! This pack is full! Just 24 more to go.

Erik Hanson P@SEA RC

Alex Sanchez P@TOR

Jeff Musselman P@TOR - I already had his '88 Donruss card and his Upper Deck '90 card. Now I have three consecutive years cards of him.

Rob Murphy P@CIN - In '89 he is with Red Sox but here still with the Reds. I prefer the first Reds.

Floyd Bannister P@KC

Jose Lind IF@PIT - I don't want to be mean but the first time I looked at the photo I though it was a Diamond King one. There. I said it.

Scott Garrelts P@SF - My favourite photo in all two packs. Why? Don't know. And it's not me to like that much a Pitcher's photo but...when you feel it you just know. Because Scott didn't have that much to say about his career but at least he got a pretty card in '89 Donruss set.

Danny Darwin P@HOU - That pose looks like Nolan...At first I though it was Ryan.

Pedro Guerrero 1B@STL - He was considered to MVP in '89. But it seems he didn't win it. Is that synthetic grass?

Charles Hudson P@NYY - My second Yankee card! One per pack is not that bad. Here is my second favourite photo. And it's not simply because he's a Yankee. I already had his '88 Donruss card and when I check id again I thought one thing: They look like the same pitch. Could they use the same pitch for two years? They look different in motion and the angle is a bit aside but they look almost the same.

Mark Clear P@MIL

Wes Gardner P@BOS

And to end the pack 3 more puzzle pieces but this time I got to know that Warren Spahn had 363 career victories and that for 13 times he got 20 or more wins.

Note: all extra info from wikipedia.

Monday, 12 November 2012

eBay shopping can drive a woman crazy!

Womens are known to like shopping...a lot.

And are known for shopping a lot and spending a lot of money.

I'm no different and I do the same for cards as I do for cloths.

So can you help me giving me the men inside view!?

I'm torn between buying some specific cards or buying packs.

The packs are 2003 Upper Deck MVP hobby packs. Each pack brings 8 cards. And each costs 2.20€.

The main thing about them are the fact they are hobby packs and I can get something 'different'.

And other fact is that surprise thing that comes along opening packs.

The specific cards have 2 players cards I collect (Teixeira and Markakis) and other stuff:
  • 1 Mark Teixeira 2011 Topps Tier One  (numbered)
  • 1 Nick Markakis 2008 Sweet Spot Swatches Game Used Baseball Card

  • 1 Mickey Mantle 2012 Topps Gold Standard
  • 1 Brandon Webb 2010 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic (jersey)
  • 1 Paul Molitor 2011 Topps Triple Threads Emerald (numbered)
  • 4 Cal Ripken Jr. cards
  • 3 Upper Deck Piece of History numbered cards

What would you do? Have fun opening some packs which are hobby and expect to get something cool, or play safe and invest in some specific cards to add to personal collection?

Cards Database - inside look

I had little time to put much effort to my database project so be nice.

The first step is always caring about the looks. The GUI if you want.

It's probably the less trouble I'll have. Dealing with the database actions take more time to implement.

Here are 3 examples for what it stands now.

Yep... I really need to make something more appealing. But mainly this is for private use.

This way I think it's more friendly use than just having a big text file with my cards listing.

And you know. Anything that have to do with the collecting cards hobby is good to me.

Working on this makes me go through my cards and see what characteristics they have that I'd like to add to the listing. And the same with the queries to the database.

Like querying for the total number of relic cards I have or all cards where a player is pictured in a retro uniform.

I'm working on this just on my lunch break which means just an hour or so 5 days a week. Meanwhile I've stopped listing my cards both in my text file and in ZISTLE. I have received a few packs I bought on eBay, but because of this I didn't update anything.

Even the blog I lack in posting about cards.

I'll try to handle everything in a parallel way. Like in a multi-thread way.