Friday, 31 August 2012


Ahhhhhhh not only is Friday and we're having the weekend in a few hours, but also one of my awaiting cards package arrived!

Welcome my 2009 Topps 206 value box packs...

...but also my first NHL cards!

Now I'm just looking at them. I like this moment where all possible cards can be in those packs...Can you feel it!? Awesome!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Next to buy

Next on my buying list:

Mickey Mantle Yankees 2012 Topps Gold Standard

Joe DiMaggio Yankees 2012 Topps Gold Standard

Waiting for cards to arrive

When waiting for some cards I ordered to arrive is soooooooo bloody exasperating!

I think, if the post office works as usually that I'll have the 2009 T206 box by tomorrow, but that I ordered within Europe.
The other 80's cards I'm waiting are from US. The costume house must be checking it out. Hope they don't take much longer.

I really was hopping to having those 80's boxes by today...I do have the afternoon to wait for it. Please arrive soon!

2010 Topps Series 2 - Babe Ruth and Mariano Rivera

I got this value box for 2010 Topps Series 2 and Got some pretty good cards that I like.

Firstly these two Babe Ruth (and also Lou Gehrig) cards remembered me that we once used that kind of clothes.

I know that Ruth or Gehrig or Mantle, any Yankee like them are a common-place and every Yankees fan like having their cards. For me is important because I don't know their history that much. That's the side-effect of only having a few years to search the web about it.

I like these 'historical' cards. It's not the same feeling of having a card of an-active player that we watch play but it's somehow the 'get-in-touch-feeling' about it.

Now, talking about active players that I can see in action, lets bring Mariano Rivera into the talk.

Hall of Fame? Won't make it only if they really hate him or Yankees. But even Yankees haters must confess that he his a great player. And deserves being recognize for it.

He makes me like the last inning more than all the innings pitched before. No matter who ever pitched them.

Other thing that make me like this Rivera card is the number. 404 is the web-error-from-doom of page not found. And yes...After his injure he's a page not found in NYY current playing bullpen. Hope he'll be online again soon.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hey hey Mickey Hey Mickey Hey

Does anyone have this beauty?

I wish...

Wild pitch by Topps II

Well, after some google search I found what HTA cards I got for mistake on my simple 2009 Topps UH value box were.

They are a bunch of 2009 Topps Home Team Advantage Rookies Baseball Cards.
It seams that the five HTA RCs I got were presented in some 2009 Topps UH Jumbo boxes.

#HTA11 Colby Rasmus

#HTA12 Kenshin Kawakami

#HTA13 Michael Bowden

#HTA14 Edwin Moreno

#HTA15 Ricky Romero

So Topps made a mistake and I got a pile of them. After checking the 'good' cards I got I found out I have an other HTA RC. And I really like this one because its a Yankee!

#HTA17 Ramiro Pena

I don't think they have great price value for what I checked at eBay. But I must say it was difficult to find people selling or trading these cards.

I found out that they are more of these cards but numbered HOB#. The list is as follow:

HOB1 - David Price
HOB2 - Rick Porcello
HOB3 - Ryan Perry
HOB4 - Brett Anderson
HOB5 - David Freese
HOB6 - Koji Uehara
HOB7 - Elvis Andrus
HOB8 - Trevor Cahill
HOB9 - Andrew Bailey
HOB10 - Jordan Schafer

The other HTA cards I'm missing are these:

HTA16 - Tommy Hanson
HTA18 - Freddy Sandoval
HTA19 - Andrew McCutchen
HTA20 - George Kottaras

So...if anyone want the HTA cards through 11 to 15 then please leave a comment and we can manage a trade.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wild pitch by Topps I

I still cannot believe this! Today arrived by mail the 2009 Topps UH box I bought. I was counting on getting some duplicates but I've never dreamed of this.

All packs contained the same rookies and even in triplicate! That's wild Topps!

I only got 10 cards perhaps besides that RC wild pitchs!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Upper Deck Ice Hockey

I decided to risk and buy other cards than baseball cards. For this test I ordered a 2009-2010 Upper Deck Victory Ice Hockey rack pack and also a 2009-2010 Upper Deck Series 2 Ice Hockey rack pack.

It's not only the year my Penguins won the Stanley Cup but I'm trying to get Tavares RC. His parents are Portuguese. That's why I care about him. Because I don't like NYI. In NY I'm a Ranger on Ice. But none of them can reach Pens! Let see if I get a Crosby card to make me smile.

Of course that with them I ordered too a 2009 Topps 206 box. Maybe my favorite set until now.

But before I receive these cards I got to receive yet my 80's boxes and 2009 box.

Will be a good week.

Kids don't try this anywhere

Well, after what happen to Melky Cabrera does it mean that my RC of him is to thrown in the garbage?

I was thinking until now that Yankees had done so wrong sending him off even more with Brett Gardner out-of-action.

I cannot understand why they're into doping. Does it makes them jump higher? Well, the fall will be so much higher too...

Well, I'll keep the card. It will be on top of my 'bad-players' cards pile.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Baseball? Not this time.

So...what do you say if I try some other sports cards? I'm thinking about trying some NHL cards but then look at some baseball ones and invest in them.

So what do you all think I might do?

Friday, 24 August 2012

1990 Upper Deck Jose Canseco

Can anyone tell me why is Canseco running away of the front photo?

I like this UD card design a lot!!!!

I like cards with 2 photos even if they usually have the secondary card small and usually only face-size. But here we have an almost 2/3 photos in the back of the card! That's plenty of image to look upon! Ok...if you like having all ML stats you may be snapping at me right now. I'm happy with a couple of years, like the last 5 years in max and a bigger photo.


And Canseco does have a good looking card back stats for that matter. For this specific card I'd say I'd switch the photos. The first one make me really think he is like falling of the picture.

His Yankee career is something to forget. But that's not his fault but the stolen-policy that I don't like! And believe it's not only in baseball. Having a team buying a player just for other team not having him, and then not even use his skills to play often is not something I believe in.

Well...none the less I'd like to have his Yankee card.

RC - Rick Porcello

I just ordered an other 2009 Topps Update & Highlights box. Yep I was bored and wanted to get some packs to open.
But before the box arrive, hopefully next Thursday, I went through my 2009 UH cards and found this Turkey Red that is not red.

TR116 - Rick Porcello P@DET RC

Firstly I like TR cards. And specially this gray/blue ones better than the burned-yellow ones.

Second I had this sympathy for Rick. He was the tounger player when he got his ML debut. Got looooooooooooove kid-look-players. They are simply cute! (Yep, that's girly talk).
But besides this he looked like a huge add-on to DET roster. Having a W-L record of 14-9 helped a lot. I wish Yankees had prospects like this...

Other thing that I liked about him immediately was the brawl with Youkilis and getting all Red Sox and Tigers benches warming up for a good fight. Eh Eh...(bitchy moment of mine).

The only other cards I have of Porcello are this 2010 Upper Deck and 2012 Topps Series One

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

eBay my cards

I just cannot figure out why there are sellers on eBay that seem to offend possible costumers.

When I ask information about a product is because I have doubts about it but perhaps it's because after zooming in the picture (when available and accurate) I still cannot see some detail.

So please don't answer me like I'm offending you for asking. I'm willing to make business with you! Just want to make sure of some details.

Ahhhh And if you ask a fair price that I'd pay for the product don't weep about it after.

Of course I would not buy anything from that seller.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Back from vacations

I'm back from some vacation days that I was needing like I'm needing baseball cards.

And to cure that I just ordered a bunch of old days boxes:
  • 1 box of 1986 Fleer Sluggers VS Pitchers
  • 1 box of 1986 Fleer Baseball Superstars
  • 1 box of 1987 Fleer Superstars
  • 1 box of 1987 Topps Stars of the Decade
  • 1 box of 1988 Fleer Sluggers VS Pitchers
  • 1 box of 1989 Fleer Superstars
I was interested in buying 1986 cards but the pack included the extra 87/88/89 boxes so I can have them too. It's an extra addiction to my baby baseball card collection.

Lets see if I can get some Yankee cards.

Friday, 3 August 2012

2011 Topps Opening Day Favourites

After put on paper all cards I have I'm going through them again, now to appreciate them and not just to make a list.

One of the sets I looked at again was Topps OD for year 2011. Got some fun with my Pedro Alvarez glowing-in-the-dark-card.

Other cards I liked looking at was the bunch that follows:

#95 Josh Johnson (blue) - one of my favorite P as I said before in other post, so I get happy for all his cards and this one is a numbered-blue one

#1 Carlos Gonzalez - like the photo, and after getting a relic card of him I confess I've paid much more attention to Gonzalez cards
#133 Alex Rios - can we always have field-action-photos? Thanks.
#164 Grady Sizemore - like the photo
#5 David Wright - I know he's with a funny face but he's in action!
#61 Jason Bay - that's a hitter's photo.
#199 Francisco Liriano - look at that stretch
#55 Cliff Lee - not so good stats in next year card back but he always get good photos. Fast ball is coming!
#90 Chase Utley - got this and spot-the-error card and they have the same moment photo with just a split of seconds of difference I can tell
#124 Clayton Kershaw - one of Dodgers faces and that's not only because he looks good on the photos but because is one of best P around
#150 Matt Cain - I don't like SF but they do have some of the best players around these days, one of the new perfect-game-pitcher is one of them

#174 Buster Posey - he has that kiddo look...
#201 Madison Bumgarner - the 3rd SF player I get in the list oh well...
#70 Freddie Freeman - got this pretty RC!
#191 Corey Hart - an other hitter and probably for the HR in this photo
#14 Ben Zobrist - got to be one of my favorite just for the flying catch. Add the funny face and it's a bonus
#19 Carlos Marmol - landscape P photos are the best
#127 Nick Swisher - fly big Swish fly!
#215 Mark Teixeira - my favorite player in nowadays
#36 Daniel Descalso - one of the best RC I have in all my collection! Love the sliding photo! In action RC are much better than the portrait ones
#151 Adam Wainwright - like the retro uniform
#139 Michael Young - he's playing to get the out for sure!
#190 Elvis Andrus - get the out at the 2B
#154 Dan Haren - I liked him better at ARZ but oh well...still think he's one of the best P and in the bottom of him he's a Yankee

Note: images are not mine.