Tuesday, 16 October 2018

50 Cities of the World #32 Canton

China is big...that kind of big only surpassed by huge-big Russia. And that's why we keep on travelling through China to visit one more city.

This time we visit Canton, which is better known as Guangzhou.

I've always heard talking about Canton as a region in China not a city, and here's why:

"The English name "Canton" derived from Portuguese Cantão[28] or Cidade de Cantão,[29] a muddling of dialectical pronunciations of "Guangdong"[30][31] (e.g., Hakka Kóng-tûng). Although it originally and chiefly applied to the walled city, it was occasionally used in English in reference to Guangdong by mistake."

Because we were everywhere in the world lol

Seeing the card picture and reading the description something is off. Because the card back talks about a great wall around the city but it is not pictured in the figure. You can only see rustic buildings and those characteristic sail boats. But it seems quite a view.

Visit the city's wiki page here.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

2018 Topps Big League - Green

Since Leslie is around and I got nothing to do and I still have light, lets get the final 2 green packs.

Pack 5.

Is Trout still a thing? He keeps getting sweet stats?

Bat outside frame!? Give me a +3 hit.

And Bellinger going for the home run hitting the BL icon and giving me an other +3 blast!

I think some of the photos that are used in the Stat Kings cards are the same as the base cards, but others are different. Not much but they are...Still get my +5 and +10 for Judge.

Such a nice card, with Rosario ready to still a base.

And I think by this pace I'll get all the Stat Kings cards in no time! Now it's SVs Kings including Kimbrel giving me +7 and taking -5...Still I like this card.

One thing about Baseball is that any type of person can play it. Thin, fat, fast, slower, strong, not so strong...

Oi! Is this an insert!? Ministers of Mash look good. A bit flashy but ok.

Mash here gets me +7 and +3 for Cruz bat getting outside the frame.

Delmonico has a name almost Demonic... Nicky RC is a +3 and +1 for being such a golden boy.

Result: 37

Pack 6.

Schwarber gets the ball! Still deciding if this goes into the Flying like a bird - Diving like a dolphin category, so I won't take any points yet.

Love the up-leg pants and the socks.

Sisco!? Thong Song on!

Ohhhhh sorry

So a nice RC that pulls a +3 to my count and sweet masked man, just the way I like.

Make some noise! Call Ripken Jr is here! and ready to impress you with a nice card. An other All-Time Greats card showing up. I'm kinda liking this. Was really not expecting to get so many inserts and pseudo-inserts in a retail box. +7 and an hurray to me!

Lucas Duda. That's one of those difficult names to say or you might get your tongue hurt. +3 for the bat outside frame.

After the gold version now the base version. Still +3 for the bat thing.

An other base version for a past golden one. Delmonico RC gives +3 to the count.

Cordero RC not only gives me +3 but an other +3 for not only the bat outside the frame but the arm!

Ok the Mash cards design have the team colours, but still too flashy. But Bellinger look nice in my scanner. +7 for the beauty.

Meanwhile I lost my internet connection, but to finish my post I turned on my mobile hotspot to finish in the best way possible.

Because I present you one of my loves, Cole Hamels! And in gold! Give a high +1 plus a high +7!

And I must tell you...from a woman perspective Hamels is getting better with the ageing thing...

No matter the result of the pack, with my golden Hamels I'll have sweet dreams even with Leslie screaming outside.

Result: 40

2018 Topps Big League - Green

Here here! Hurricane Leslie is coming so lets see two more green packs!

Pack 3.

Is just me or Yan Gomes remind you too of some other player!? I cannot tell a name, but his face reminds me for sure someone..

E also looks like his looking at the BL ball symbol up there. There are other cards that look like the player is hitting that same BL ball. That's a funny touch to it.

You see. This is why horizontal/landscape (as you wish) cards are the best. Because you get to see great plays. Merrifield here is flying for the ball. And that's +4 because of the horizontal thing and adding +7 because it's also something I collect (please see Flying like a bird - Diving like a dolphin section in my blog).

I have strange feelings about Carpenter. I kinda like him. I got him, once again, in my fantasy. He has terrific games. And then go all the way down.

Always liked Lester. Even when he was at Boston.

Andrus is still playing!?

So an other base-set-insert All-Time Greats. So make way to Mister Frank Thomas and +7 to me.

I like Catchers. I like them with the mask.

Talking about hurricanes and storms and all those great scary things, I got the El Niño Perez. It's a variation from the base card so I get +5 and lets hope that Leslie does not destroy too much.

Castellanos my friend! I got him for my fantasy team this year. He got me some sweet points sometimes, and here also gets me +4 for being throwing some landscape to me and +1 for being such a gold boy.

Result: 28

Pack 4.

Altuve is da houssssssssssssssssss! And he's pointing at you! And it seems Topps got some error cards around. It seems there is a variation of this card without the umpire behind Altuve. Not my case, so I get +5 for the Astros.

I also got Seager on my fantasy. I can sense a trend here! I'm getting many players I got for my fantasy this season...nice!

Peralta is like Carpentter. I kinda like him.

And what about that GORGEOUS Arizona uniform!? I LOVE IT!

So adding +5 and lots of love for the uniform.

I don't know you Keuchel, but I know now you are on Houston roster and so giving me +5 and also a great beard.

RBI Kings! For Topps the card is defined as a Nelson Cruz card, but since Judge is there, I'm couting +10 because I see a Yankee that's all that matter! Also +5 for the Stat Kings Trio.

Such a nice card. Dugout feelings.

An other Stat Kings Trio!? Two in the same packet!? And this time around the ERA Kings? Nice! Add more +5 to the table at the back!

The golden touch at the end +1.

Result: 36

Less points than the first two, but also really nice cards.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

50 Cities of the World #31 Hong Kong

Lets visit an other great city of the world.

Today we stop at Hong Kong.

And you can see in the card picture the western construction on the riverbank.

Because as stated in the card back, Hong Kong used to be a British colony, returned to China back in 1997.

It has a special statute that makes Hong Kong a Special Administrative Region and not quite a part of China like the rest.

But one thing didn't change. The importance of Hong Kong location. It's "one of the most significant financial centres and trade ports in the world".

Like previous city Pekin, search for Hong Kong skyline and you'll be overwhelmed...

Visit Hong Kong's wiki page here.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

2018 Topps Big League - Green

I've always red on other blogs about Gint-a-Cuffs. Never abled to participate I'll get inspired by that and play the game, sort of...

So, there are 4 colours, 6 packs of each. By chance I started with the green ones. Lets see what I got, for first 2 packs.


So already starting getting a RC. What about +3 points per RC card? Sounds good. And Guzman card is quite cool because I like to see the name on the shirt and the number.

Yes, I'm a Yankees fan but I also like Reds, D-Backs and Astros. So, let say getting a Yankee is +10 and for the other 3 teams is +5. So go Schebler.

Four Pitchers in a row

Cueto is one of those pitchers that promise a great season at each start, and he sure has it...like 3 years on-and-off.

Since I love horizontal cards, I get +4 for that Miller beauty

First pack and a variation card already!

So this is not an insert set, it works as a variation form the base card. Topps...I cannot keep track of all this!

But besides that, I like this variation, for the Players Weekend Variation thing. That's when they can use the name, or nickname, they prefer on their shirt, right?

This gets +5. It would be like +7 if we could see the name on the shirt.

In every pack there is a gold variation from a base card. Since it's always there I will only add +1 to the count because of this. But will add a +3 because part of the photo goes outside the frame. I'm such a weirdo for strange details... So I'm also adding +3 to the Tonny card above this, because the bat is also out of the frame (even if you cannot see it because of my scanner from doom)

Result: 24

Pack 2.

And just opening the second pack I get one of my favourite players, which, of course, I collect.

Because of that I get +7 but also -5 because he now got the wrong sox going on.

Cole reminds me of other player but I cannot figure out who it might be...

And here, for two Astros, I get +5 * 2.

Don't get what is going on with players I like. Why they insist on going to Red Sox!?
Kimbrel gives me +7 and -5. That's a second go in the same pack!

So it seems Topps decided to include kind-of-inserts in the base set. So from base set 331 to 350 we get All-Time Greats cards. And the first I get is the first one, 331 Hank Aaron. I'm not sure if the stats on the back of these cards, states all the years they've played. Aaron goes from 62 to 76 states.

For the old school heroes I go with +7. And add +3 for once again the bat going off the frame.

And now I finally see something close to home! Yankee Stadium! YEAHHHHHHHH!

Ballpark Landmarks cards work like the above All-Time Greats cards. So I go with the same +7 for the card and +10 because it's YANKEES!

And if those 2 previous card were not enough I got a card for the third insert-but-not-quite set!

Stat Kings Trio is the usual group card showing the top 3 players for some of the major statistics.

Got the Slugging kings, Stanton, Blackmon and Freeman. I kinda always enjoy Freeman play. Always wished he could be a star player, but something is always missing...

And I think Topps got lazy and the photos pictured in these cards are the same from the base set for each player. And because of that, instead of adding +7 like the previous two, I only add +5.

And to end the pack I got the gold parallel for Clemens! And what a card this could have been if he was wearing a Yankees uniform...

And that's why I'm adding +1 for the gold parallel, +7 because of the All-Time Greats and taking -5 because Boston...


I think I'm giving too much points lol Or maybe it's because it's a bit later here and I cannot do maths any more.

First 2 packs and I scored 73. I just love baseball cards.