quarta-feira, 28 de junho de 2017

50 Cities of the World #24 Christiania

So, after noticing in my cards list that I don't know the difference between numbers 24 and 27 I'm here now to give all the credit to the real #24 card in this set.


I don't have a clue where this is.

But after turning the card I find out it's in Norway. Even more the 'modern capital' of Norway.

And if you are wondering (I know you are! So don't make that face), yep...this is the previous name for Oslo.

Now we are talking!

Funny to see that one (or the) highlights  in the back is the University, the free University, with, look at this!, 50 professors and over 1'000 students! I bet that for the time it was massive!

I'd love to visit Nordic Countries but it's so cold up there! Brrrrrrr just imagining that in mid Summer they have an average of 23ºC (around 73.4F says google) it gives me the chills...

But it is a beautiful place, by the photos I've seen.

So if you want to know more about Christiania, nowadays, Oslo, visit its wiki page here and then go there and visit the city in person.

Just be careful of the icebergs...oh wait!

50 Cities of the World #27 Calcutta

For this one I had to search Google for sure. I don't know that much about India.

That's why I didn't know that Calcutta (which is the name we still use here too) has changed to Kolkata.

It used to be, like others, part of the English Empire. But like stated here in the card back, it was and still is a commercial centre.

It is located on the east bank of the Hooghly river. And we all know how a river is a great mean-to-an-end when we're talking about commerce.

When I picture Calcutta I picture roads where you can't put an other car. But looking at the card it seems so peaceful, with the river and the little boats.

For more info, here the wiki page.

ETA: I must have been sleepwalking when I did this post because this card is #27 and not #24 lol So I'm moving this post to it's place and will be posting the one and true #24 card!

sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017

Star Wars - keeping warm for December

Now that Rogue One is on Blue Ray and DVD for everyone to enjoy and we already have the first Eps8 trailer let see the last cards I got for Rogue One.

I got short by around 10 cards for completing the collection...ohhhhh well

Cannot wait, not only to see the new film but also to know what Topps will do about the cards. Hope they follow the great looking style they developed for Rogue One. Really liked the style and look of the cards.

Topps 2016 - cards I like because yes - part III

 Nope. Haven't forgotten the blog nor you my friends. But having a house to take care is a pain!

And leaves me with no many to order cards...big pain!

But lets put a smile on our faces and see pretty cards. Even if I think you already seen all of these before and even own them lol

Jay and Blanco because...I don't know. Jay seems like he totally missed the ball - "ohhhhhhh shoot! I'm here swinging and the ball is already gone..." - and Blanco is showing the tip of the bat. I'm that weird.

Here a great fly for the ball for Reddick. So beautiful...

When I saw this card I remembered I've seen Reddick getting a similar card from a previous year...and I've found it!

See!? Back in 2013 Topps also gave a great Reddick card. Do you know more of Reddick cards that are like these two!?

Now onto some Pitchers cards to make one of those jokes about freshman year vs senior year.

Because...poor Scott...what a face to have on their rookie card...

Norris au contraire is looking quite nice. (like the beard...ehehehe)

An now because I also collect D'backs cards, a RC of Peter O'Brien. What to highlight!? The dimple!

I love Catchers cards where they have the mask on and right into action.

And I end with Gonzalez going into sliding. There is no dust or dirt in the air but I can imagine.

quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2017

Topps 2016 - cards I like because yes - part II

When Topps can pack an action play into a portrait card. We usually get plays like this in horizontal cards, which I prefer, but I can see it working this way, in this specific case.

I happen to enjoy too having cameos cards like this one. If you are a OCD kinda collector, and you collect and organize your collection by player how do you sort this card?

Tough one...

Will you get two of this to keep one for Norris and other for Reed?

Not talking about the thing that both Padres and Brewers colour uniforms are quite the same here.

Fielder is one of those players that fills the card. Almost no space left for the smoking white corners.

A RC where you cannot see the players face. Nice touch Topps...Is not that I don't like because I do really like catchers cards with them wearing the mask. But poor Severino here...I cannot recognize him if I get other card of him.

Ahhhhhhh those fantastic catches over the outfield fence!

And I end with one of my favourite Pitchers. I never cared that much about Giants but then I started realizing how many of them players I like and it was like an epiphany...Still don't care about them as a team but I like their roster ehehehe

Even more Bumgarner because he does that bunny-teeth-pitches.

domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017

Topps 2016 - cards I like because yes - part I

I started using glasses around my twenties and since then I started paying attention to people using them. Because it is still a thing that is viewed (nice pun!) as not making a person pretty. Using glasses is quite normal and almost everyone do need them but if you go take a photo you usually take them off.

In sports it's even less common to see a player using glasses. In football the most famous was Dutch Edgar Davids. He had to ask FIFA to be able to use them during the matches. That's a bit sad, to have to ask the organisation that controls the sports if you can use something so vital for you.

Well...in baseball it is more common than in football but it's always a rare pull when you get a card with a player wearing glasses.

That's why I liked this Marksberry RC so much. And why I might have written my longest paragraphs in a post LOL

You know how much I love dust in the air. Sadly it's more dirt in the air nowadays. The good old dust cloud is something from the past. But ohhhh well...this will do.

Ortiz is one of those few players, that even playing for rival teams you respect them a lot.

Ichiro here is a plus, because he actually played for my team.

Both Ortiz and Ichiro got pretty good cards this past year.

Pitchers thanking the baseball gods are always something cool. I can only picture the little baseball devils trying to interfere with ball when it's on its way to make it a ball instead of a strike.

The Devil's Whisper.

I admire a lot all the Catchers. They have to be in that awful painful position for so long, and then have to kick off it and run like Chirinos is doing here in the card, to get the ball or help the field players get the out. They sure are complete players.

segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2017

Star Wars - are you even ready for more Rogue One?

You know...Real life sometimes is a total b*tch so I couldn't post sooner.

I know I was showing my Topps cards but meanwhile got more Star Wars cards and I'm almost completing the collection! I'm what...10 short of getting them all, I think.

The Girl Power in the original series and then in the prequel was there, by Leia and Padmé, but now in the sequel and spin-offs it is even more visible that Disney is betting high on it.

All for it!

One of my favourite is the transparent Krennic. Thsi guy gives me the chills...

Lots, and LOTS of K-2SO!

He's quite photogenic...

I can sooooooooo picture a new comic series about Director Krennic...