Saturday, 29 March 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 7)

I already got Cover Glory insert card of Garciaparra and now I get his SQ card.

The looks he's throwing at the card back photo is quite intense an?

I think I understand why Hamelin is a DH...that belly.

Which makes me think that it's the future for Prince Fielder.

And now we are talking right!

And other Masked Marauder insert card!

I'd just like to know where is the ball in the front photo? I'd expected to see some of it in the glove but...

The uniform Shaw is wearing is from Spring Training or was it an alternative uniform?

Weiss is a dup but since it fits in one of my binders collection I let it pass.

And Morandi is also a binder!

I love to see cards with photos of players almost eating the dirt!

I cannot get how they aren't afraid to go with head-to-front instead of foot-to-front. But the thing is that they always produce great moments and cards.

And ending the pack, that was so much better than the last one, is an other Stick-ums!

This time around is Roger Clemens that not only looks quite strange in Blue Jays uniform but also looks like bending in order to escape the ball flying into his direction.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Hit? It's a relic for what it is

A few time ago I bought one of those repack boxes and this one stated that, besides the 10 factory sealed packs I'd get as well 2 authentic jersey cards!

I like repack boxes specially because I still have yet to get tire of getting wax packs and stuff like that.

I'm still many cards away to get worried that these repack boxes only bring me more dups.

So that is all that matter, really, getting packs of sets I'd probably never heard before or that I've heard but didn't managed to get cards of them.

That Turkey Red pack was enough for me to buy this box.

More than the 'relic' cards.

But! If they were coming my way I was not the one to let them outside my door.

So, while I still have to process those packs and so I already can show you what 'relics' I got.

Looking at the box I thought, I'd like to get that Jeter card.

Did I?...

Two envelops were inside the box...can you feel the suspense!?

And YES!

I didn't get the Derek Jeter card that was on the box cover but I still got a Jeter jersey card!

But then I look again to the repack box again an to the card and I finally noticed that it's not a relic card by itself.

The Jeter card is framed in a bigger cardboard and the jersey patch too.

If there was doubtfulness around relic cards having this one in my hand makes it even more...

But at least the Jeter card is cool and I didn't have it.

Lets see what it's on the back.

Ohhhh it has instructions to let us set the card as a true frame.

And look closely...What is written?

Jersey from card manufacturer or secondary market!?


From one of your old shirts that is!

But if I was laughing already with the Jeter 'relic' card I opened the second envelop and saw this.

Sammy Sosa card.

Ohhhhhh wait!

Sammy Sosa e-Card with the code already scratched!

Can you get more 'relic' than this!?

The back states the same instructions to get the frame working on the stand and again where the jersey patch might have come...

But look again, closely to the magnificent of this card.

First the scratched e-Card code...

...and then the jersey patch.

These two are my most precious 'relic cards' in my whole-right-now-and-future-to-come-collection!

Unless I get an other of these repack boxes.

Where are yyou looking? At my beard?

I was going through my cards pictures and got to the '82 Kellogg's 3D Super Stars set.

I love to find patterns and if you find patterns you also find things that run away from patterns.

That's why Raines card got my eye.

He's the only one that are looking else where.

And without a glove and a ball or a bat.

Was he ready to attack some ants!?

Mister Sutter also got my eye because I love fluffy beards!

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 6)

I'm getting cards of players I've known for a while (since '09 and seems like a lifetime!) and seeing them so young it's always fun.

So here is Scott Rolen Special Delivery SQ.

But since '98 would be his 3rd year in Majors I was expecting to get them in one of those SQ with rookies.

He still looks like a rookie here.

May I say that Riggs is cute?

Side-by-side he even make me forget about Hollins dust-in-the-air card.

And once again I get dups in the same pack!

And this pack was a bit dull...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 5)

First card as always is a common SQ of a such young Derrek Lee.

By the stats on the back you can see that it's almost a rookie card.

Then a Final Tribute card of Martinez.

It states MLB career from '76 to '97. That's more than 20 years!

Now my first Top of the Charts card with Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling.

This insert set is the same as the League Leaders Topps usually do.

But I like these cards the best, with the top of the charts for both leagues and then the rest of the names in the card back.

Two pitchers against one batter.

Wins Wells just for being a Yankee.

Garciaparra Cover Glory insert kind of rookie card.

And ending the pack a Mister Muscles Jose Canseco card.

I forgot to take the photo of the back but only because I got distracted with all that muscles show off.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 4)

An other pack and an other post.

I'll try to have more packs in the same post but work is killing me and at least this way I've been managing to at least have a post every-other-day.

The top picture and, as usual, the first card of the pack is an other common SQ.

This time around is Rangers Juan Gonzalez.

And you can put red in this card!

I've noticed that, at least, the Super Powers SQ cards are shining cards against these Special Delivery SQ cards. I don't know about the others but hope to discover by getting one of them at least in the next packs.

Now base cards.

Ordoñez trying to shadow the sun and see the ball is a great photo. Usually it would be better if he has sunglasses..

Hollins has a dusty photo on the back so I'm happy to get an other one to my binder collection.

On to two more base cards.

Two pitchers but Morris had me to double check the card.

And what a great card!

A CC (Collector's Choice?) All Rookie and with a front photo of him hitting!?

Not butting people!


To 3B it seems.

And here I get my first silver parallel card!

As usually they are simply beautiful.

And Johnson mask photo on the back is a great +1 point.

To end the pack I get two more Rookie Class cards.

The cap on Reyes look a but photoshoped but that's ok.