Thursday, 22 October 2015

Catch me if you can

I like Catchers cards.

It's a unique position on the field. Not only you get to call the plays but you also get to maybe collide with someone running right at you for the Home Plate.

It's pure beautiful!

I've stated before that I like cards where the Catchers have their masks on. But I also like cards where they are getting out of the HP ready to catch a Fly Ball, or ready to through at 2B for an out, or to catch a bunt ball...You name it.

That's why I like these two.

Yankee Stadium

It's History!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Tommy and the Rule of the Thirds

This set is already designed to look like a photo in an album. Which, for me, is a good looking design.

It seems like I was the one taking the photo. That's some cool sensation.

And, like everybody knows, sometimes we take better photos and sometimes we get it all wrong. least for the mortal ones and not for the photo gods out there.

So that's why this picture talks to me. The weird angle and composition and the Rule of the Thirds makes me trully feel like I was, a mere mortal, taking the photo.

It might look decentered and not that right. But for me it's the best from the few '91 Leaf cards I have.

50 Cities of the World #22 Amsterdam

I can see all those tulips from here!

Welcome to Amsterdam!

I never get it right. Should I say Holland or Netherlands!? I just know they are the 'Mechanical Orange' in what concerns their football (soccer) team.

Amsterdam is their capital. And the name have its origin on the river that baths the city, the river Amstel.

Like stated on the card back, Amsterdam is full of bridges. You can almost play the "Seven Bridges of Königsberg" there, if you have your legs ready to run through the 300 bridges they have.

But I bet you know Amsterdam more for other reasons.. ;)

Here the wiki page.