Sunday, 28 July 2019

2011 A&G - Aroldis Chapman RC

I think I'm going to start a new category in my collection: "All those players that once played for my Yankees but I have their cards playing for other teams"

Quite a nice name for it!

And so I might start right here with this pretty Chapman RC from 2011 A&G's set.

This card is almost a win-win situation because I also like Reds, and collect its cards, so having Chapman's RC for the Reds, who is now playing for my Yankees. Yep. Win-win.

Also Chapman still has two great records for a pitcher:

    Fastest pitch in MLB history – 105.1 miles per hour (169.1 km/h)
    Fastest MLB pitcher to reach 500 strikeouts

(169.1 km/h is higher than the limit allowed to go in highway around here...)

I think I have to go through my cards and find more Chapman cards.

Also 2011 A&G set has one of my favourite designs and layout. Yep, got to like this card a lot.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

2011 A&G Highlight Sketches

I always have mixed feelings about 'sketchy' cards.

I prefer you go all the way and make it look more like cartoon than trying to make it look like real people. But 2011 A&G try is not that bad. At least we can identify the players with some easy.

Here Jay Bruce card is about the moment he hit a walk-off homer on the first pitch to make Reds win Houston 3-2 and clinch the NL Central Division title.

Starlin Castro card is about his debut on a Cubs 14-7 win over Reds scoring for himself 6 runs.

I should count this as an almost RC for Castro.

Ryan Howard always had an aura around him, making him one of those few players that even playing for a team you don't like you pay attention to his career.

His card is for the mark he achieved of being the fastest player to reach 250 homers.

This is one of those inserts I'd not dislike to have back in a future A&G set.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

2011 Allen & Ginter - are there other sports than baseball? Yes sir!

The A&G sets always have other characters besides baseball players. Most of them I confess I don't know. If they would put some football (the true one you know...) players it would be different.

Box is one of those sports I don't watch. I prefer martial arts. But as all living person at the time I watched Mike Tyson bite that ear off...

But that's why A&G is cool. It makes you go search and learn.

And the coolest thing I found about LaMotta, an American boxer was that he was also a stand-up comedian!

So he could go from this

 To this

Mister Hoffman is an other thing. I like X-Games. I had that time of my youth when I thought I was a sk8...and always dreamt of having a BMX, but they were too expensive back then, and when you finally get to make some money you are old enough to think twice before going on a BMX...

So Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman, thanks to their videogames too, were the thing! Everyone wanted to be like them.

That's why I know well who Hoffman is.

He is a Hall of Famer

Looking at him like this...I looked younger too back then... lol

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

2011 Allen & Ginter - Ginter Code

A love A&G sets, and always read about people trying to break the code. I never understood how is this done.

But I always kept the few cards I got about it, like these two 2011 A&G cards promoting the code game.

And maybe that's why I never looked closely to the cards, for I always thought it was just a promo card. But then I looked better and noticed that the clock is not marking the same time in both.

And after checking the wonderful internet I found:

"The first thing needed were the promo cards because the clocks reflected in the mirror were important.  The promo cards had 10 different times on them."

Ohhhhhhhhhhh  So that's it! Everything is explained here.

That's why it pays off to not throw any card, even the promo ones, out.

Monday, 17 June 2019

1988 Fleer stickers

I read Night Owl post and it reminded me that I also have some Fleer stickers too. So I went and right at the first box I open I found some of them.

So I posting my 1988 Fleer stickers.

I always tried to understand the algorithm for Fleer to match the teams in the cards but I couldn't figure it out. Maybe you can help me.

And a note to Detroit logo card, because that tiger is on steroids or has a serious sinusitis problem...

(And I have too because I've scanned two equal cards)

These stickers cards also play as card on their right, even if you actually peel the stickers. Because on the other side you have the stadiums.

How many of these are still standing!?

Oakland - yep
KC - yep
Blue Jays - yep
Mariners - demolished (year 2000)
Detroit - demolished (year 2009)
Astros - closed (year 2008), partially demolished (year 2013)
Cardinals - demolished (year 2005)
Yankees - demolished (year 2009/2010)
Brewers - demolished (year 2001)
Pirates - demolished (year 2001)
San Diego - yep (Padres moved to Petco Park)

Well...the majority was demolished. But other stadiums were constructed on the demolished ones site. So they kind are still there, like living a second life.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

50 Cities of the World #37 New York

And we're finally at the United State of America for a visit to some of the big cities.

And so we start in the Big Apple.

Welcome to New York!

And what should be presented in the card to show off the city? The Brooklyn Bridge of course!

You can also see the phantom boats and ships that nowadays are no more and those small buildings, comparing with the skyline of the New York of our time this is like looking at ants.

(And I must say that the flag flying looks more like the Portuguese flag than the American

The card back states New York was THE centre back then but I think, nowadays, even if it has all the glamour, it shares the importance with other cities in the US.

And it's the home of my New York Yankees ;)

Check the wiki page here.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Fantasy Riders

You know when they place strategically some stuff for you to buy at the check-out of some store? Yep...and we all fall for it. Well, at least I fall for it if it is cards or stickers.

That's how I ended up buying some Panini Fantasy Riders packs to see what it was.

They are in Portuguese. And it seems that's *true* Portuguese and not some 'Brazilian' adaptation. Which is the majority of the cases nowadays.

And if this is for kids, it's better they read their language correctly written... (and I tell you, this is not a popular opinion lol)

Like every card set you have variations and so we get bronze, silver (prata), gold (ouro), platinum (platina), titanium (titânio) and steel (aço).

Yep, they are all shinny and stuff. Even the base cards have some shine going on.

They are cute but nothing to scream about. Just some more Magic reproduction for the kids to play...and me to spend more money at the end of the groceries shopping...

Saturday, 6 April 2019

2018 Topps Big League - Red

And I'm closing the rainbow packs posts with this one.

Pack 5.

The first time I saw this I thought I was not seeing right..but yep. They do have a tank full of rays in their stadium. But since my team have a true eagle flying each and every single home game I should not be that surprised.

So count me +7.

Cannot quite count this as an outside the frame card. Is just the tip of it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh but this one I can! Add me +3.

Two outside the frame cards in a row and one of them is also a RC. So that makes it +3 plus +3 and even an other +3

Stat-Kings again and with the same trio from other Stat-Kings I already got, but the other one was all about ERA and this one is WHIP. Baseball and its one thousand stats! At least the photos are different!

So this card is like +5 and more +10 for Severino in a Yankee uniform and my love for Sale also gives me +7 even if it also takes -5 for that Red Sox uniform (take it off..really don't mind..)

Not the best looking card..

Mookie is Mookie. Ok.. +7 for the icy insert and -5 for an other Boston card..

This was a very blue pack (even if it was in fact a red one) but I end it quite well with a golden Ripken Jr. Ancient logo and Ancient looking uniform with a player that could play forever that no one would care. End this with a +1 and  +7 for the All-Time Greats that truly is.

Result: 46

Pack 6.

Team Beckham!? Ohhhhhhh sorry.. Tim Beckham. +3 for the bat outside the frame.

One might be a rival, but one might be able to admire the other rival history and Red Sox Green Monster in Fenway Park is like a institution on its own. That's I add +7 and for this I don't mind taking -5.

Did Hosmer just hit a Ho(s)mer!?

An other Stat-Kings for the NL Saves. I confess I don't know any of them. But ok. Add +5

I really like this card..and even more so I add +5 for Bregman being a almighty Astro!

Buck for Buck thoughts. Because he looks a bit in pain. Still adding +7 to the result.

End the pack with the last touch of gold with Richards. I like it when pitchers wear gloves with the same colour as their uniforms. Is kinda of a nice touch. So +1.

Result: 23