Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Visca Barcelona

You know those machines to insert a coin and you get a ball with some toy inside!?

I love to collect those!

Even more in this case that was a Barça collection.

It was a collection of mini-figures that, it seems, was released like 2 or 3 years ago.

Here are just 3 of them. I got Neymar too but never a Messi.

The collection had a few players, not all the 11 players that featured the main team back then, but a great touch was the thing of having them in both main shirt and alternative shirt.

Some of the mini-figures come with a base and others come with a ball.

The details are quite good! if you know the players you can see how close the representation is!

Will show the other mini-figures in an other post.

Monday, 28 November 2016

New NHL season and John Tavares

A new season is here for NHL and after my Pens last year win I can dream of a back-to-back win too.

But I also wish that Tavares has a great season too.

It's good to see him as team Captain.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Because there are two countries in the world that may fear this hollyday season

You see, you have turkey for Thanksgiving and there is Turkey the country.

And in Portuguese we have peru (turkey in Portuguese) for Christmas (most people still prefer cod fish though...) and yep, there is Peru country too.

Soooooo...Since we have like a turkey/peru feast for like 2 months lets have also 2 Turkey Red cards.

May the turkey be with you.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

50 Cities of the World #25 Stockholm

Look who is still alive! Yeahhhhhhh me!

Real Life got really real (ohhh my!) and I bought a house and so 'time' to run the blog is even lesser than before. That and money to pay absurd shipping costs to buy cards from USA...

But I haven't forgotten you all. Even more after the Cubs win the WS after 108 years!

You know that was the glitch that made your t.r.u.m.p. thing happen, don't you? ;)

But!!! Forget about that and lets travel to Stockholm.

You see, Stockholm is the capital of Sweeden. The land of the almighty ABBA that shown that there is life after the Eurovision Song Contest.

It's also located on more than one island. It's like a huge Bridge Town.

Yep. It's beautiful but it is also quite cold. But even I, that runs from the cold like it's hell (yeah...I had to make that pun), I'd like to visit.

Here. Check the city wiki page to know more.

PS: We're also in the middle of the cards set. Hurray! 25 more cities of the world to visit.