Saturday, 29 September 2018

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Remember way too many months in September last year I got a bunch of Final Fantasy cards? So now I finally started opening them and scanning.

I got 3 beginners decks for FF VII, FF X and FF XIII, and 3 more booster packs. And here are some of the things I got.

These cute little things are all from FF V GBA edition. You can see that at the bottom of the card it states the card design and which game it belongs (adding a bit more info, besides the global universe stated on the blue box on the right, adter the name).

I think all the 'backup' cards have FF V cute characters.

Then you have this more mature characters. The Qator card, like the one on top of this post, and the following Mystic, are all shiny and special versions of the cards. The usual thing in trading cards.

One of my favourite group of cards. The 'doodles' ones. It looks like concept art and they are simply beautiful...

I have to highlight the FF IX cards because that's the game I'm currently playing on my PS2. I'm that vintage!

And I end the post with one of the famous FF VII characters. Will post more soon.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Go Go Gadget arm!

I know it's all about technique. It works like a catapult. But thing that always made me go and look again, was seeing baseball players in moments like this one, like Garciaparra throwing the ball and the arm is in the strangest position...

It's more common seeing this in pitchers cards, so this card is special.

Besides, following the trend from last post about Grand Slams, Nomar "is one of 13 players in Major League history to hit two grand slams during a single game, and the only player to achieve the feat at his home stadium."

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Hitting Stance

After changing to my new house and finally getting the main things on place, I got all my cards together and safe on a better place than under my bed.

So now I can come back and start posting again about the few cards I have. Yep. They are just a few, because even if I wanted to buy more I just cannot afford the insane price of shipping PLUS the VAT that is almost as much as the shipping already...and they cost even more than the product itself!

Thanks to the insane politics we are getting nowadays from some people...

But so, about the cards, I scanned a few and decided to save them by folders on my computer to see if I can somehow organize them better to post. Mainly by weird categories. Like this card. It's save under atBat/hitting/weirdStance.

I love those players, like Tatis who look like is scared of a mice and get both legs together. Au contraire to the other players that look like kicking a ghost.

This is a Rookie Class insert card from Upper Deck 1998 Collector's Choice set. One of my favourite sets.

Tatis was not that of a star but at least hit two grand slams in one inning against Dodgers in 1999 (for a total of 8 in his careerer).
He also got a MLB record for 8 RBI in one inning with these 2 grand slams. And he's the number one in that ranking! (ARod is #2)

So, all-in-all, even if he never played for a team I like, this is a good card of Tatis, stating his debut at 26 of July of 1997 for the Rangers.