Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The game of Wallet Card - Snow

I know this was a thing for 2015 and we're already in 2016 but I couldn't get it before the end of the year.

I'd like to end the great The Game Of Wallet Card with a double.

Love Is Louder is a movement to help young people (and not only) to overcome bullying and other things. Please check their page.

I supported the movement, even if it is based on US and I live across the Atlantic Ocean, because I'd like to have something like this when I was younger. It is important. So I bought two baseball shirts from them.

And so, this way, I end the wallet game with two Snows.
My friend (I can call him like that after spending all year in my wallet - and he just got a bit bend by the middle) J.T. Snow and Brittany Snow (she was the creator of Love Is Louder - and Chloe in Pitch Perfect).

And since my birthday is coming I might open my wallet and buy some box of cards to spice up the blog again.

Baseball season is almost here!