Saturday, 31 December 2016

Topps 2016 - insert cards

I finally got some flagship Topp's cards for this year. It's never late for baseball cards!

Two packs of 72 cards and I can say I got some good cards all-in-all.

It's just sad I cannot recognize many of the players (since ESPN America decided to only care about british people I don't get to watch many games and news about baseball), but still, I got a few of my favourite players cards. That's a good thing in the end.

Lets start with the insert cards.

So I got two MLB Debut cards. Those look good. They remind me of that insert cards from the 2013 hobby packs. But those were thick and these are normal cards.

Gray reminds me of other player...Jonathan Papelbon perhaps.

Martinez card look a bit like a Gipsy Queen card. Don't you think?

First Pitch card is ok. I already had some of those Presidential pitch cards but it's cool to see more common people making it into a card.

Maddux cards are always welcomed into my collection.

And a complete game highlight with only 76 pitches thrown? Really!? Those players were truly something...

Ichiro already has 3'030 hits on MLB. But it's nice to know I got the 1'222 hit.

Well I got a nice Aaron reprint. As stated in the card back. Because it's nice to make sure.

An other The Kid tribute by Topps. Again it seems like I've seen this design some years ago Topps. You got to update your ideas because it gets repetitive...

I don't have many O'Neill cards, but it's nice to have this one. This looks like some '80s or '90s Topps cards. Those were fine looks to me.

Topps is celebrating again Walk Offs. I think this has to be one of the few themes I don't mind seeing every year in their sets.

When you get a game with like, 14 innings, for example, and the you get a walk-off hit, or walk, or even a home-run!, it's a great feeling.

You can keep bringing this one again Topps. But this year design is not that of a precious thing.


I don't like the shitty word-art-name on the card, but I truly like the top-view of the photo!

I collect 'front-row-cards' (you can see some of them on the blogger sections list) but this one is new and I kinda love it!

Change the word-art and come next year with this insert set again Topps!

An other Maddux card? I sense a theme here...

And since Cubs won this year WS (say wooooooooow again!) it's only very nice to get this card.

Ahhhhhhhhh and I was thinking I wouldn't get a Yankee card!

Got to love the 'p-Coach' position on the card. And other reprint that I'd treasure as it was the original.

And now two cards that are not quite from insert sets but I count them as much.

The two numbered to 2016 cards I got are a Reds Team card with one of the players I collect: Votto, and the other are a highlight from last year WS winners: The Royals.

And I love the subtle shiny thing going on in these numbered cards.

And this way, I wish you all a Happy New Year, full with everything good you can have, way better than 2016, and with lots of baseball and cards memories.

Thanks for being there.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Star Wars - mini notepads

I was looking for more Rogue One card packs when I found a thing.

When I was little there were mini notepads with pictures, and inside the sheets had almost vanishing-pictures. Some were the same as the cover but some had a different one.

We used to trade those sheets with friends and have them on binders too. Some of them also were perfumed.

Don't know if you knew about this, but it used to be a thing here lol

Sooooo...these 4 Star Wars mini notepads are like those I described. They're not perfumed but all the rest is here.

Yeah. I bought them only for the covers. There were more but these 4 were the best.

They're almost the same size as a card.

 I feel like I discovered gold!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Star Wars Rogue One - take VIII

I have yet to go and watch the new Rogue One.

The holidays take over and everything we thought and schedule to do...but it all change.

But! I had time to buy some more packs and enjoy them in my new binder.

I found the official binder and now I cannot stop looking at the puzzle cards...One beautiful view.

But for now, I'm showing the individual cards.

Really...the cards are pretty. The X-Wing card looks like a concept design and I can only picture it in a t-shirt or a poster.

This Jyn card does shine. But my scan think it can only shine for me so here it only looks like a red-border card.

I love the bad guy! He has the best shots and his cards are almost as good as the Darth Vader cards!

Speaking of he is.

He's looking at you Jyn. And he's saying you cannot go and play with Leia. You two when get together always manage to rebel away.

I never enjoyed before, a set where almost all cards are all concept and design looks, instead of film frames.

I think even Topps knows the film story is not what really matters.

Make room for Krennic!

It's a shame that, I know and I'm always saying those are great cards, but Topps use the same picture for different cards, and they could avoid that.

I only forgive them because the artwork, and photoshop, is quite good, and the cards end up feeling different, even with the same picture.

 When I got the official binder, inside there was a poster with the cards list. And then was when I found that the last cards on the set are sticker-cards.

All these 4 cards are sticker cards. They have a place to stick on the poster, but I won't do that. I prefer having them as cards.

And the last one is a Special Edition Jyn card. There was one with the binder but then I got an other in a random pack I bought. Call it lucky I think.

Have I told you I love yellow!?

Monday, 26 December 2016

Star Wars - Force Attax (extra)

I was looking for some Rogue One packs and then I found 8 The Force Awakes Force Attax Extra packs.

Of course I had to get them even if I already know the orange borders are a thing...That and many characters that no one knows who they are but ok...

One shiny space ship and an other normal.

These horizontal cards are always beautiful...

These black cards are one pretty gorgeous thing to have! They also shine a bit but the scanner can't show it.

The Luke card is a dup I think (need to find the other cards...) but I don't mind getting it again (that's how pretty it is)

Got one of those stand-up-cards. I like Poe. He's a fun character.

All-in-all I got a few good cards for 8 packs.

It's Star Wars! In the end we will always love it!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Santa got me some cards!

Yeah! I got some new baseball cards! At last!

After some search on eBay I found a seller that ship to Portugal and the price of the products, and mainly the shipping are on budget.

The thing is the seller is located on California! I was afraid I would only get the packs after Christmas but it seems Santa passed by a bit earlier and so I'll be ready to open these little packs tomorrow night.

Ahhhhhhh Missed baseball cards so much...

Will share with you as soon as possible (and then I can participate at last in that 'best card of the year' post)

For you all...a very great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, 16 December 2016

50 Cities of the World #26 Jerusalem

I didn't planed to show this card at this time of the year but it was a funny surprise when I uploaded the image.

I think this is probably one of those cities that you can't say you never heard of before.

It is the centre of the religious world. It is located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains and it's one of the oldest cities in the world. Even with all the fights and almost complete destructions it still stands.

Both Israel and Palestine declares Jerusalem as their capital. So no wonder we'll keep on hearing about it...

Like the card back states, Jerusalem might fire your theological history interest but even only from a pure-historical point of view is so rich that you'd like to visit.

I think the representation in the picture is the Temple Mount. Which was and still is - besides the Western Wall, the Kotel (that is probably that wall there in the picture too) - one of the most symbolic places in Jerusalem.

For more on Jerusalem info visit its wiki page.