Thursday, 28 March 2019

50 Cities of the World #36 Cape Town

And again I've been away more than I wanted but had some time out because I had a surgery and you know, it always look like you can do any thing while on drugs but the next days you understand the recovery is slower than you were thinking.

But I'm here for the Opening Day! Not with baseball cards, because I thought I had a post saved in my drafts to finish my rainbow packs but it seems something went wrong and it was empty...

So I'm here doing an other travellers post about Cape Town in South Africa.

Back in the days it was more of an important harbor serving as the head-quarter for the Imperial Forces, as stated in the back. And by it's geographical location you can understand why. And the picture in the card represents just that, with all those ships.

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa. And is a quite warm one too. I checked the temperatures table on it's wiki page and it's hot almost all year long. Ufffff

For more info check it's wiki page here.