Friday, 28 November 2014

Look what I've found...

 ...See, this is a baseball! Right here in my hand.Who would tell!

...And I'm playing with the brooms cable. It plays as well as a true bat!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Cartoon cards

I like these cards.

But there are a couple of them that make me think they lost their minds doing the pseudo-draws.

Look at the top card of Dave Concepcion.

I think this is the only card of him I possess.

I thought at first that they got carried away and turned the poor guy into a cartoon.

But then I saw the picture they inspired to produce the card.

I must say that here it's not card fault but Dave faults.

He, himself, has a cartoon face!

But following this card I have these couple.

I've seen these two players playing so I know well their faces.

And I must say that the last time I checked Phil Hughes didn't have oriental eyes.

And Andy Pettite didn't have CC Sabathia 's body!
And the little finger...I cannot start on that!

But all in all...This is a funny set.
I just need to understand the thing of the colours on the back changing from red to green. And if it means it is a double set only changing the card back foreground colour.

50 Cities of the World #6 Dublin

 And now we move to Ireland and its capital Dublin.

I wonder why there is no Belfast card...

Just spicing a bit the UK vs Ireland question.

When I think of Ireland and Dublin what comes to mind are rainbows and little elf in the end with a huge pot of gold, also lots and lots of pubs and bear.

But as the card back states there is a bit more to it.

Dublin stands by a river, which happens in a lot of capitals and also has lots of space for people.

It states that the most important street is Sackville Street which is the one represented in the card. You can see by this image.

One last...If you've never watched before please go as fast as you can to youtube and search for Gaelic football. You'll be surprised and you'll simply become a fan of the sport.

For more Dublin info go to the wiki page.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Were they true prospects? - Torey Lovullo and Robert Palacios

Torey Lovullo

Career Years total: 8
Position: utility infielder
Batting average: .224
Hits: 165
Runs batted in: 60
Home Runs: 15
Teams: 8
  •     Detroit Tigers (1988–1989)
  •     New York Yankees (1991)
  •     California Angels (1993)
  •     Seattle Mariners (1994)
  •     Oakland Athletics (1996)
  •     Cleveland Indians (1998)
  •     Philadelphia Phillies (1999)
  •     Yakult Swallows (2000) (NPB)
MLB debut: September 10, 1988 for the Detroit Tigers
Last MLB appearance: October 3, 1999 for the Philadelphia Phillies

Robert Palacios

Career Years total: 3
Position: C
Batting average: .193
Hits: 22
Runs batted in: 17
Home Runs: 3
Teams: 1
  • Kansas City Royals
MLB debut: September 8, 1988 for the Kansas City Royals
Last MLB appearance: September 14, 1990 for the Kansas City Royals

This is one of the examples where there is not much to say.
But I just have two points to make:
Torey looks like Andy Pettitte. And Robert is better known as Rey Palacios which made me go round a few times before knowing it was the same guy.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Going back

Sometimes I just go to my pictures archive, when I cannot get to my cards, and re-discover some new things I didn't notice at first.

And it seems Fleer sets are great to do so.

You have all kinds of stuff.

You have situations not so common like a pitcher catching.

Or you simply have cards that you don't even think what comment they deserve because there are not words invented yet to characterize them.

Or you even have those showing off some hair and beard styles from last century that even back then they were simply ugly.

Other seem to hold the world on their shoulders.

But one thing is for sure...What a great set!s

Friday, 14 November 2014

50 Cities of the World #5 Glasgow

And now for the 5th installment of the series we travel to Glasgow.

I must say that one of my favourite football teams is Glasgow Rangers. So I have this particular fondness for Glasgow.

As usual for one or two centuries ago (sometimes I forget we are no longer on XX century but in XXI...) the main feature a city could have was a cathedral.

I think, for what google can show me on images search, the left building presented in the card is Glasgow Cathedral. But the right building I cannot picture what it might be...

You see. There is no building to the right.

Perhaps the card is showing a building that is no longer there or it was just a representation of two important buildings that are not side-by-side but are important to represent the city.

Reading the card back information you can see Glasgow is next to London the most populous city in the UK island. Or at least it was back then.

It states the cathedral is a fine Gothic style example and it also mentions the university buildings. Perhaps the right building is one of their universities.

Like this one:

You can get more info in wiki page.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

When you get in a not so good Top

Unfortunately  Portugal and more precisely the town where I live and two more towns side to mine are living a hell.

Right now we are in 4th place in all world for Legionella infection.

We have almost 300 people infected and 7 deaths. They say more to become ill and probably die...

Hope we don't enter the Top 3.

This will be a sad Christmas for the community this year...

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I've been seeing some pics for the golden gloves so here is Todd Zeile doing a stunt like those.

It's also cool to watch, from a different perspective a player trying to come back to the base before getting caught as stilling bases. It counts as a stretch too.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Wait! Tom! Don't go pitching so fast or you just get yourself out of the card!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Broken bat

I've seen some broken bats' cards, but at this point!?

It even seems that the bats top is heading to a different direction that the swing.

But at least the ball seems to be going to the right place.

Monday, 3 November 2014

50 Cities of the World #4 Edinburgh

And the forth city of the world is the capital of Scotland, the beautiful Edinbugh.

Never went there but for what I could see so far from UK I think I would choose Scotland to live in.

You see, it's like everyone else has a dog, but there you can say you have a Loch Ness monster!

Edinburgh is quite the historical city, like many of those in the UK islands.

As said in the card back it has great universities and museums and if it was like that a century or two ago, it is the same thing nowadays.

If you want to feel,breath and live 'historical' then I think Edinburgh is quite a good place.

Here's the link to the city wiki page.

Cameo card

I mean the umpire of course...