Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Were they true prospects? - Terry Taylor and Vance Lovelace

Terry Taylor

Career Years total: 1
Position: Pitcher
Win-Loss: 0-1
Earned run average: 6.26
Strikeouts: 9
Teams: 1
  • Seattle Mariners (1988)
MLB debut: August 19, 1988 for the Seattle Mariners
Last MLB appearance: September 20, 1988 for the Seattle Mariners

Vance Lovelace

Career Years total:2
Position: Pitcher
Win–loss record: 0–0
Earned run average: 5.79
Strikeouts: 2
Teams: 2 different teams
  • California Angels (1988–1989)
  • Seattle Mariners (1990)
MLB debut: September 10, 1988 for the California Angels
Last MLB appearance: September 22, 1990 for the Seattle Mariners

 An example of prospects that were just that...

Friday, 25 July 2014

Air mail day

Three packs mailed today.

Hope they arrive soon and all of you like the small gift.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Jose Bautista on Twitter

And what was not my big surprise this morning when I saw I had a Twitter notification stating that here, Mister Jose Bautista (@JoeyBats19) was now following me.

I confess he's not a player in my radar, but I know he's good. Just not stating nothing obvious for me to follow his career or collect his cards.

But I think after this follow, random or not, I'm starting to pay more attention to his cards.

She & Him - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (Volume 3)

I'm completely in love with their music.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Were they true prospects? - Ken Hill and Dennis Cook

Ken Hill

Career Years total: 14
Position: Pitcher
Win–Loss record: 117–109
Earned run average: 4.06
Strikeouts: 1,181
Teams: 7 different teams
  •     St. Louis Cardinals (1988–1991)
  •     Montreal Expos (1992–1994)
  •     St. Louis Cardinals (1995)
  •     Cleveland Indians (1995)
  •     Texas Rangers (1996–1997)
  •     Anaheim Angels (1997–2000)
  •     Chicago White Sox (2000)
  •     Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2001)
MLB debut: September 3, 1988 for the St. Louis Cardinals
Last MLB appearance: April 18, 2001 for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Career highlights and awards: All-Star (1994)

Dennis Cook

Career Years total: 14
Position: Pitcher
Win–Loss record: 64–46
Earned run average: 3.91
Strikeouts: 739
Teams: 9 different teams
  •     San Francisco Giants (1988–1989)
  •     Philadelphia Phillies (1989–1990)
  •     Los Angeles Dodgers (1990–1991)
  •     Cleveland Indians (1992–1993)
  •     Chicago White Sox (1994)
  •     Cleveland Indians (1995)
  •     Texas Rangers (1995–1996)
  •     Florida Marlins (1997)
  •     New York Mets (1998–2001)
  •     Philadelphia Phillies (2001)
  •     Anaheim Angels (2002)
MLB debut: September 12, 1988 for the San Francisco Giants
Last MLB appearance: September 18, 2002 for the Anaheim Angels
Career highlights and awards: World Series champion (1997)

Both have long careers but one was a starter and the other was a relief pitcher.
Ken Hill has an All Star call but none the same Dennis Cook wins because of the WS title.

To consider them as true prospects makes me think a bit.
I just have some doubts because they have so many teams. I always think that if you are good the team you are in tries everything to keep you. If you are traded a lot I always think there is some problem...

Super Star Specials - How an ASG card should be

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A PED's card makes you seeing double

It's 40/40 in each eye.

No need for glasses.

LEGO - Simpsons edition

I had some trouble finding some LEGO Simpsons packs.

Specially some cheap packs.

Or not so expensive packs.

I only got two packs because of that...

I was hopping for Bart...

Second for Maggie...

I got Bart!

And I got Milhouse.

Since I got my first option I don't think I'll buy more packs.

Maybe a try for Maggie but not desperately.

The minifigures are quite nice but the thing that makes them different (and strange) from the other LEGO figures are the heads. The rest is the same.

This is what happens when I get ill

I've been ill for around 3 months and I've been recovering slowly  and so I need some encouragement.

So I decided to encourage myself.

I order the above box.

Filled with 36 packs of Upper Deck Collector's Choice Special Edition.

Much much fun with great photos.

And since I saw these offer of 12 wax packs, all together counting around 540 cards, I decided to get them too.

That's even more fun!

So I'm having a Collector's Choice and a wax party.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Fantasy freak out

I don't know why, but at the beginning of this season, as usual, I was at MLB.com site to login my fantasy team like I always do since '09.

When I tried to apply for this year fantasy they sent me to the Yahoo site. I thought, like NHL does, that MLB started to have their official fantasy game on Yahoo.

So I've been playing that fantasy since the start of the season and I don't like it. They have a different why of playing that I don't get used to.

Today, for some strange reason, I clicked on my favourited link for the MLB fantasy page and when is my astonishment that it is working!

Why baseball gods!?


Soooooooo I applied none the same to play the rest of the season the official fantasy too...

Still don't get this...

Lets see the teams differences.

Yahoo Fantasy Team:

- Jonathan Lucroy

- Mark Teixeira

- Dee Gordon
- Todd Frazier
- J. J. Hardy

- Kole Calhoun
- Dustin Ackley
- B. J. Upton

- David Freese

- Miguel Montero

- Brett Gardner

- Pedro Alvarez
- Buster Posey

- Austin Jackson

- Jarrod Saltalamacchia
- Ian Kennedy

- Matt Cain

- Alex Wood
- David Robertson

- A. J. Burnett
- Brad Ziegler

- John Axford
- Tanner Roark

Since I did my rank with some thought I got players I like.
But only last month I started having some victories...

MLB Fantasy Team:

- Wilson Ramos

- Allen Craig

- Ian Kinsler

- Adrien Beltre

- Andrelton Simmons
- Alfonso Soriano

- Justin Upton

- Brett Gardner

- Anthony Rendon
- Jarrod Saltalamacchia
- Carlos Gomez
- Starlin Castro

- Avisail Garcia
- Kyle Seager

Here I didn't pick any players, so these were assigned to me randomly, but I got couple of players I also got in Yahoo league and others I like too.

Meanwhile the random league I was put in misses yet some teams so I didn't started playing yet.

I'm trying to trade Avisail Garcia for Steve Pearce, Wilson Ramos for Kurt Suzuki and
 Allan Craig for C. J. Cron.

Lets see what I can do in this league.

Diamond Kings - Eric Davis

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Late take on NHL final

I still have two games of NYRangers vs Montreal Canadians taped to watch.

So you can see how I've been out of the game lately.

I don't have any Stanley Cup game taped but since Rangers lost to the Kings I don't think I lost that much...

But the Rangers, even if beating my Penguins, are still my second favourite team so I was happy with their season.

One man that helped a lot with Rangers success was mister Rick Nash.

I already liked him while playing with the Blue Jackets and since I heard he signed with NY I was quite happy.

And he did great!

For next year I hope that my Pens, with a new coach, manage to win the playoff ghost that have been hunting the team since the Stanley Cup win back in '09.

By the way... I love this Upper Deck Victory cards!