Tuesday, 31 July 2012

An other trade line Yankee

I've just posted the Casey McGehee card I got from 2012 Topps Series One hobby pack a few days ago and now I just read on twitter that he's a Yankee in a last-minute-trade with the Brewers! Now we have a replacement for Alex Rodriguez 3B vacant.

Got much more happy with this sign than Ichiro if I must say. And here is his 2010 Topps Series Two card. Hope to get his Update Series card in pinstrips but without photoshop.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Relic hits

I'm new to this sports trading cards thing and all this relic and super-hyper-mega cards, like the numbered auto plus relic cards is a bit lunatic.

Panini stickers are all the same. So when I get a base card, the most common one I'm that happy!

But then I see all these special cards people get all the time and show on Twitter that makes me think I really live too far away from this world.
I like relic cards and I do have a couple of them and for sure I look for them in every pack I buy but I never get sooooooo lucky like those collectors. But probably is just because I cannot buy boxes and packs like them.

All these Bowman madness  of super cards I don't get it. If people only care about relic super 1/1 cards why produce other kinds?
The exclusiveness Topps got from MLB is a sign of this. More inflation cards. People only caring about super relic cards and the other base products loosing their quality because Topps only care about the premium products where they can get more $$$.

None the less here is one of my relic cards, a Bobby Abreu 2004 All-Star game used jersey. (I believe in them saying is an authentic one ;))

Friday, 27 July 2012

Extra base hit

I have this seller on eBay that's like my local hobby shop seller. And as a good and very attentive seller he is, after I got a 2009 Topps Heritage box where some cards had black printing lines across the photo, he sent me some replacements for that.

And knowing I'm a Yankees' fan look at some of the cards he sent me:

 2004 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes - Derek Jeter

 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection - Mark Teixeira (numbered)

2001 Topps reprint card - Gil McDougald

1978 Topps - Jim Hunter

Love the adds to my collection.

Note: none of the images are mine.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

2012 Topps series one hobby packs

Bought 4 2012 Topps hobby packs and if I thought I woud get any relic or auto I got a kinf of redemption card to get something from my local hobby shop. Well, it's validation ended 3 months ago and besides that my local hobby shop is eBay.

But if no big hit at least one card that made me smile.

Great photo of Casey McGehee. That's real dirty in-action play!

2010 Topps Allen and Ginter's

I only got a pack of 2010 AG series. But I was impressed with the cards layout. Meanwhile I got to see more of it on the internet but couldn't buy because leaving in Europe is really not an easy thing if we are baseball cards collectors.

The pack I got only contained base set cards and none big hit. Well if I consider a big hit being a relic card or so.

But got these two beauties:

 TDH65 Zack Greinke

#39 Josh Johnson - great pitcher! Promises a lot lets see if he can accomplish it all

Note: none of the images are mine.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ichiro is a Yankee

This is other problem of leaving across the ocean: different time zones.
I only knew, from reading on facebook, that Ichiro became a Yankee the next day to his first game in pinstripes! (To be precise on gray uniforme because it was a away game)
And the game was just at Seattle? How weird can it get?
Well, I got thinking about his next card, that will be on Topps Update Series. And it took no more than a few hours to see on Topps twitter the card picture. I was afraid it would be one of those photoshoped cards Topps love to do but it seems the photo is real and it's from his first at bat.
Good photo.
About the transfer...well I'd prefere Yankees would make a move and signe a pitcher. It's the weakest sector in the team, in my opinion. We have already terrific fielders but pitchers to be honest we only have CC and Nova. Andy is an 'outsider'. Hope he could play more years.
Would love to see Cole Hamels in pinstripes ;-)


Note: image are not mine.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

2012 Topps Opening Day Favourites

After getting some packs for 2012 Opening Day I realized that they are, most of the cards, just a reprint from the series one cards and Topps just add the Opening Day badge and that's it! Same photo and same card back. What a waist of money no? Well..the inserts are quite fun but the base set is soooo..so. Maybe it's the normal thing and it's just me that didn't know that because I'm a newbie. But I got some 2011 OD packs too and at least they had that simple trivia on every base set card that made some difference. Know it was the 60th Topps anniversary but well, you cannot downgrade your products no? Or people won't believe in your products quality.
Well, after talking bad lets talk good. I got some pretty cards that are like an add on to the series one base set. Got some players on OD packs that I didn't got in the series one packs.

Next are a list of my favourits cards from 2012 Topps Opening Day base set, based on following reasons:

#61 C.J. Wilson - only numbered card I got. And I was lucky because it's a really nice photo.

#16 Torii Hunter - always funny photos and contagious smile with the catcher behind him to prove that.

#21 Matt Moore RC - got Moore's rookie card! One of my fav rookies pitchers in the game. And really nice photo.

#46 Chris Sale - one of my favourite pitchers, since his RC.

#129 Alex Rios - team photos are always great!

#67 Billy Butler - a walk-off hit!

#153 Aramis Ramirez - a hitter photo.

#197 Elvis Andrus - love in action photos! Should be more of those.

#183 Cliff Lee - look at that grip on the ball!

#196 Cole Hamels - one of my aces so I like any Hamels card. And he always get great photos.

#195 Ike Davis - an other team photo for a player.

Note: none of the images are mine.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hey photographer! That's not my best side!

I don't now why but Roy Halladey must be the player that photographers never get a 'good looking' photo. I know pitchers do a lot of funny faces when throwing the ball but Roy...poor Roy, the person selecting his photo to put on the cards (mostly times on Topps cards) they seem to choose the photo with him making the most esquisite face!

I'm not a Halladay fan by the game, but if didn't know him and just by looking to his card photo I'd never say his one of my favourits.

Note: none of the images are mine.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Panini would do something different no?

Panini is super in Europe but after all this years they really got stuck with evolving any of their products. Well at least here in Europe..

Why not make the next 2014 World Cup stickers different? Like having instead of the portrait photos on the stickers having 'in action' photos? If they are football players I want to see them playing football ok? But why not have the players autograph some lot of stickers so we can have some relic stickers? Like they do on the other side of the ocean with the sports cards?

Refractors stickers we do already have, but is always more of the same..want some innovation Panini!

Note: none of the images are mine.


I've always liked to collect stickers and trading cards. Specially sport stickers and sports cards.
What's your favorite product? Sports or non-sports collectibles?