Monday, 24 December 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Quick post.

I was expecting to get the A&G box past Friday but I'm having some issues with my karma...that or Santa thought I wasn't a good girl and made the mail go for a bigger round.

So I will not have any pack to open on Christmas Eve.

But I do still have the last cards I bought inside the packs. I might go and make it soud like I'm oppening new packs and discovering all new cards.

I just hope the mail won't get lost in so much rain.

Here we don't have snow, but you bet we do have rain!

So I'm picturing to open the A&G box by new year. That would make it like a New Years gift.

Not bad thou.

I'm trully worried about the gap between the end of NFL season and the start of the new MLB season.

Those months were dedicated to NHL.

Hope the new year bring some light to all those involved in this madness.

Now, for you lot, I wish a Happy Christmas and a great 2013 with all good coming your way.

Collect and be happy.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas present

I know Christmas Eve is only on Monday but I was expecting to get my Christmas present this week.

I order a value box of 2011 Allen & Ginter's.

I opened a couple of packs from one of those repack boxes and got pretty excited about the set.

And the insert sets.

Those with nothing to do with baseball.

I have the info in may eBay that it was shipped from France on Monday.

It should be here by now...

It's karma. Isn't it?

I know it's Christmas time and all the services tend to hibernate.

But please!!!!!!!!!

I was not planning to open the box this week!

I was planning to open it only on Christmas!

So pretty puesyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Santa make my A&G box arrive today.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dragon Ball cards - Extra Inning post

One of my favourite animes/mangas is Dragon Ball.

It was a historical moment in Portugal.

Everyone would stop what they were doing, from students to workers, to see what was up with the Son Goku and friends.

It was a mark in history because it was with Dragon Ball that the merchandising related to some 'cartoon' surpassed the barriers and we got a lot of different kind of merchandising.

There were t-shirts, toys, posters, etc etc etc...and cards.

Panini had some cards from the many sagas presented in the manga/anime.

Here are a couple of packs of them.

And here an example of one of the series cards.

It's hard to find examples on the web.

I'll go and have some work getting pictures from my album.

Well...I don't have the exact album of them. There were an album for each serie.

I don't have of them because I have them all in binders in a huge dossier.

But this Panini cards were not the jewel of the crown to me.

They had anime/OVAs pictures and some description on the back.

It was ok. But the design and *feeling* (card material) to it was truly amateur.

But I collected others. They were pricier than this Paninni ones. Like Panini use to sell the packs around 1€ and these ones I'm talking about were around 2€.

At the time I was a mere student so I had little money.

But ohhhh they were worth it so much!

I could only find an example of them in the web.

Can anyone help me find which collection is this?

They are awesome!

A couple of years ago I tried buying some trading game cards.

They sure are pretty cool too!

But the prob with the trading game cards is there is less space for the picture.

I like the collecting kind over the gaming style.

I'll be gathering info about my Dragon Ball cards just like I do with my Baseball collection.

Dragon Ball deserve it.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


We all are familiar with error cards, misprints that got pretty good attention from collectors. And they even get to value a lot.

I can live with errors like those from this year Topps Series 1 cards with all the 2B/3B and other errors.

But I cannot understand why Topps change some sets attributes from Series 1 to Series 2.

I got some packs from those repack boxes. I posted about having 3 a few posts ago.

In one of those boxes I got a pack of 2010 Topps Series 1 and other for Series 2.

In both packs I got 1 card of the "The Cards Your Mother Threw Out" insert set.

I like the set a lot. Since it's they way of getting to know many vintage cards that are hard for me to get to my collection.

I even like the trivia on the back about the original card.

Since the majority of cards from 2010 Topps sets I have are from the Update Series set I never paid much attention to this.

Look at the back of this CMT card from Series 1:

You have the card number as 'CMT-18'.

You have the info about the original card: # and year.

Now look at this Series 2 card back:

This card ID is now 'CMT104'. Where did the '-' go? Do Topps have something against the hyphen?

Then you have the original card info: year. Where did the original card # go? Do Topps lost their records?

The Update Series cards are just like the Series 2:

Why did Topps change this?

Was there a hidden motive for that?

Was because the parallel cards of this set with the card back reprint would give the original card # info?

I just know I like the Series 1 card back with the original card info consisting in both original card # and set year.

I like consistent things.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Late bluckbuster doens't count

I got this card the other day from some 2012 Topps Update Series. (I'll show the rest of the packs results in future posts.)


I don't like Beckett.

I don't like the way he plays the game.

So getting this card, the only Blockbusters insert card from the pack, was a quite blahhhhhhh.


After the first blahhhhhhh impact I had an other.

The Update Series is for the collectors to get the first cards of traded and new signing players.

Beckett was part of the famous trade between Red Sox and Dodgers.

Beckett should be on the set as a Dodger.

Oh, wait...

US3 Josh Beckett - Los Angeles Dodgers
There is a SP card picturing a (photoshopped ?) Beckett as a Dodger.

If the set purpose were present past famous trades and signings, I'm ok with it.

But after the trade from Red Sox to the Dodgers I feel a bit disappointed that the incarnation of the Beckett card is the trade to Boston and not to Los Angels.

Perhaps the best time to sell the Update Series should be around the playoffs.

It would be more accurate for the end of the past season and yet keeping save from all the offseason madness.


I don't trade cards unless I have dups. But this time I open an exception.

If you need this card say. I'll trade for any other from the same insert set or other.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Good news

I won't lose my job!

Besides the main things that the fact brings to my life, it also means I'll be able to keep this hobby of mine: collecting cards.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

eBay my heart

Quick post to show you what arrived in mail today.

5 '88 Fleer packs and 8 packs from a Topps T206 value box.

I pay less if the seller just send me the packs without the box.

And when I say less is around 5/6 € less.

Those € will help me get my Christmas present for myself: A value box of 2011 Allen and Ginter's.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

1991 Fleer Ultra - packs 7 and 8

I got exhausted after last post which probably had the most views I got ever in this blog.

Maybe people got here by mistake when searching for Paul Molitor cards and ups...ended up here.

But to get a rest today's post is about more '91 Fleer Ultra packs.

I must say that I'm beginning to like this set more and more.

Perhaps is because of all the dusty photos.

Nowadays the dust used is quite still. There is no longer those dusty clouds like we use to see in the '90s.

I want the dust back!

Oh well...on to the packs.

First, only now I noticed the packs had different pictures. Here is one representing the pitcher and other the at-bat.

I've thrown the other packs to the bin I think but these ones I kept.

The Blue Jays sticker I didn't have so that's cool.

#304 Greg W. Harris P@SD - One pitcher...

#338 Brian Holman P@SEA - Two pitchers...

#316 Jeff Brantley P@SF - Three pitchers...

#278 Carlos Garcia IF@PIT - Ahhhhhh and infield!

#328 Andres Santana IF@SF - Love bunt photos. They should be presented in cards more often. Here Santana practicing in the only year he played in the MLB.

#115 Doug Jones P@CLE - Ranks #21 in the 300 saves list with 303 saves.

#217 John Franco P@NYM - All I have to say about Franco is this (thanks to wiki):
  • Pitching record: 90-87
  • Saves: 424, 4th most in major league history behind Trevor Hoffman, Mariano Rivera and Lee Smith and the most for any left-handed pitcher.
  • Strikeouts: 975
  • ERA: 2.89
  • Innings pitched: 1245⅔
  • Games pitched: 1119
  • 4-time All-Star (1986, 1987, 1989, 1990)
  • 3-time NL Save Leader (1988, 1990, 1993)
  • Postseason record: 2-0, one save, 1.88 ERA in 15 postseason appearances

The first pack half was all for pitchers with 5 pitchers against 2 infielders.
But the last two pitchers got me pretty happy.

#271 Randy Ready IF@PHI - The name it's funny.And I think it was a pop up.

#243 Todd Burns P@OAK

#314 Dave Anderson IF@SF

#190 Gene Larkin IF@MIN - Add to swing-all-the-way collection. And he would win WS this year with the Twins. So pretty nice card!

#56 Damon Berryhill C@CHC - Catchers photos are always good to have.

#374 Steve Carter OF@PIT RC (Prospects) - One of those prospects that were never more than that.

#353 Kenny Rogers P@TEX - He would be with Yankees for two years so that's ok.

The best of the second half of the pack was getting a catchers card.

Now on to the second pack.

The Royals sticker. An other one I didn't have.

#17 Chris Hoiles C@BAL - Already had this card. But nice photo where we can see the ball almost touching the bat.

#24 Cal Ripken Jr. SS@BAL - Already had this card too...don't tell me this pack is all full with duplicates!? But nice to see you again Mister Ripken Jr.

#27 Wade Boggs 3B@BOS - Wow...I'm afraid I'm right...

#31 Roger Clemens P@BOS - 4 duplicates until now. All great players thou.

#48 Wally Joyner 1B@CA - Can I count this as an Incaviglia card since is an other duplicate?

#51 Lance Parrish C@CA - I only forgive this duplicate card because it's more dust in the air.

#75 Greg Hibbard P@CWS - And a duplicate! Who would tell!

First half of the pack and only got duplicates...Lets see if the second half is better.

#98 Hal Morris 1B@CIN - And we start this second half with an other dup! Feel the trend.

#114 Chris James OF@CLE - A dup of those UER cards.

#129 Alan Trammell SS@DET - Dup.

#149 Bo Jackson OF@KC - Dup again.

#167 Jose Offerman SS@LAD - Can you guess it? Yes! Dup!

#178 Paul Molitor 1B@MIL - Ok now STOP! I can have all Paul Molitor dups you can throw at me!

#259 Pat Combs P@PHI - Duuuuuuuuup.

Yep. This pack was a shame with all cards being duplicates. Well at least the sticker was good.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Paul Molitor - Woman Perspective Post (Vintage Edition)

I said and I'm here to carry out my Woman Perspective post about Paul Molitor.

This is also my first vintage edition of WP post because is about a player no longer playing.

I searched my list of cards and I found only two Paul Molitor cards.


But since one of the cards have not 1, not 2 but 4 pictures of Paul(!) I'm happy.

But before I show that card, I'll show the first Paul Molitor card I got ever.

2012 Topps GS-3

Not that spectacular or anything else.

And it's a photo from he's last years as a player and he's not even looking at me...

I confess I didn't pay much attention to him by looking at this card.

Not in the way to make a WP post. But I did notice he is a HOFer with merit.

But then all this was surpassed by this next card.

1991 Fleer Ultra #178

Oh my dear...

He is ready to eat that Fleer Ultra logo!

And talk about tight trousers...

And he has something that the majority of sport players don't have: hair.

Look at those hairy arms!

If he gets to DL and needs a massage it wouldn't be easy with all that hair.

But if it wasn't enough I turned the card and...


I even put the image bigger so you can see it better.

He's sticking out he's tongue to me!

Yep Paul. You got me there.

If Paul wanted he could be a NHL player. Those have some fetish with sticking out tongues. Or the people who takes their photos to put on cards.

The other 2 smaller photos show me he looks athletic.

And I must confess...He reminds me of an old love I had back in college.

I wish I could have this card of him:

2005 Topps Rookie Cup #40 (don't care about the colour)

Or this one...

2009 Topps Tribute #48
Or even this...

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out #CMT86
But specially this:

If I could get this card, the '81 Topps Paul Molitor card, my Christmas would be perfect!

And to end this post, just one more photo.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fleer Ultra 1991 - pack 5 and 6

Here I am again showing more '91 Fleer Ultra packs.

I'm adding this collection to Zistle and I noticed I have yet to post all the packs I got.

Here are more 2 of them.

The Oakland A's sticker to start. I like the A's logo just because it's the first letter of my name.

#106 Carlos Baerga IF@CLE - This is one of the error cards in the set. On the card back it says the card is #103 but is in fact #106. The real #103 card is Chris Sabo card.

The correct #103 card featuring the Specs Man
#71 Mitch Williams P@CHC - I always like to have cards picturing the famous Cubs leaves wall.

#24 Cal Ripken Jr. SS@BAL - What else to say when getting a Mister Ripken Jr. card? Yes, thank you very much *bows*. And in this one he's fielding! It's refreshing from all the batting photos.

#48 Wally Joyner 1B@CA - And there is Pete Incaviglia going to be out.

#167 Jose Offerman SS@LAD - Best known for this in more recent times. And in this photo we don't know if he wasn't thinking in doing the same to the photographer...

#27 Wade Boggs 3B@BOS - I love that look in a batters eyes. Like they are pushing the ball over the fence.

#98 Hal Morris 1B@CIN - An other example of the pushing-the-ball look. But this time I think Morris is just pushing the ball over the infielders head.

#129 Alan Trammell SS@DET

#75 Greg Hibbard P@CWS

#114 Chris James OF@CLE - One more of those error cards. This time is the real #114 but states in the back the #111 which is the John Farrel card.

The real #111 card featuring the Stretch Guy
#178 Paul Molitor 1B@MIL - Weeeeeee love Molitor! Will be doing a Woman Perspective post soon...

#31 Roger Clemens P@BOS

#149 Bo Jackson OF@KC - Look at that arm!? You can almost count the muscles!

#51 Lance Parrish C@CA - STOP EVERYTHING! There is dust in the air people!

After this last card this pack can be marked as great!

Now onto the second pack.

Cleveland sticker. That's a smile!

#105 Sandy Alomar Jr. C@CLE - And the first card is an Indian. I think Junior will always be the Roberto Alomar brother. But worse than that is being bench coach under Terry Francona.

#65 Derrick May OF@CHC - Great shot! The bat is perfectly in vertical!

#26 Craig Worthington 3B@BAL

#46 Donnie Hill IF@CA

#163 Jay Howell P@LAD - Just because he once was a Yankee. And I like the photo.

#33 Greg Harris P@BOS - Yankee after being with the Red Sox. This always make me grit my teeth.

#91 Eric Davis OF@CIN - I'm torn between counting this to my dust-is-in-the-air collection or not...What do you think? Does this qualify?

#120 Dave Bergman 1B@DET - A Yankee rookie.

#86 Robin Ventura 3B@CWS - Swinging all the way! A future Yankee.

#109 Tom Candiotti P@CLE

#38 Phil Plantier OF@BOS

#143 Kevin Appier P@KC - Started his MLB career with the Royals and ended with the Royals. Appier ranks #69 in the 100 MLB Ks list with 1'994 career Ks.

#47 Jack Howell 3B@CA - One more swing-all-the-way photo. I think I already said I'm thinking in starting this collection too.

Since I have yet to decide if I add the Eric Davis card to the dusty collection or not, I think I liked the first pack better than the second one. And the first also had the Paul Molitor card.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Updating collection

I'm back to Zistle to update my collections.

I'm looking through my collection and seeing what I have yet to list. I found I had cards I forgot. That's normal.

When I open a pack I usually take photos of it and the cards I get and upload them do Google Drive. That's my archive for photos prior to writing a post about those cards.

After that the packs will be probably remain in my desk at office waiting to bring them home.

I keep them in my drawer so no one but me will access them. Yep, they are locked.

When I get some space in my bag I bring them home and the next step or processing them will take place.

I usually keep my cards in individual sleeves. I have this habit since I collect Magic cards.

So the next step is slipping the cards into some sleeves and the into Deck Boxes.

After this many days may go by before I look at them again. After having them secure I like to 'forget' them and when I see them again to list them is like opening the packs again.

So when I finally get to list them I get my cards notebook. In this notebook I only take note of cards and some blog notes of what to post about.

It's pages and pages with cards info.

After that I will probably take the notebook with ne in my bag for a few days to work and take some time off at my lunch hour to copy from the notebook to word.

That file is precious!

I keep the file in Google Drive too so I can access my list everywhere I go.

At this point I'm almost finish with processing the cards.

I'm missing 2 points.

After having the cards listed in the word file I go search around eBay how much people are selling the cards. Then I add that info to my word file.

I know the eBay prices are sometimes the price is high other times is low from what grading companies say it's the book value of the card.

It's just to have an idea of how some people can go crazy about a card!

And finally, the last step is adding the cards to my Zistle account.

And I take care fo my Zistle cards and that's why every card I add to my collection or even to their library I try to add photos of front and back of the card to all of those which don't have. That and some extra info that it lacks.

If everyone of us do that we might get all sets with all the info need.

So, after all this I'll show you 3 value boxes I got in the last past months.

Here's the first box. 16 random packs but you can see some of them. I was truly interested in the Upper Deck X pack over there.

The second box. Again I saw the Upper Deck X pack and decided to go for it. The bonus was that this time around for the same amount of cash I got 20 random packs.

The third and final box I got caught my attention for having again 20 random packs and because I saw that 2011 Topps Heritage pack.

I have here plenty of packs to post about.

Stay tuned.