Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Donruss '91 - A pitching saga

I know I have more pitching cards, I just have to find them...somewhere.

Pitchers always look like rubber men!

Eichhorn seems like will eventually fall because...physics.

Of course I would have to end with Mark Portugal.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Star Wars - more cards in a tin

I tried and I could get my hands on one of those Collector Tins for the Star Wars cards!

Since I have the album, I will use the tin for other things...I'll think of something!

But I think I must ask first if Kylo Ren agrees...

Inside I got 48 cards plus one 'shaped card'. Yep...until I saw it I didn't know what they meant but you'll see. (That's the problem with translation...if they used the English term I'd knew what that was lol)

I confess I truly can't remember this scene from A New Hope of Yavin 4...

I got a couple of cards I've already had. But hey! It's Star Wars!

'Use the Force Luke!'

This card...oh my!

This was a Empire Strikes Back tin. I got a lot of Episode V cards. But since it's my favourite film it's a plus!

And he thought it was a nightmare...

'I love you'
'I know'

I must re-watch the films! This scene is soooooooooooo good, it always feels like the first time I'm watching it. Even after I've watched it...sorry...I lost count.

'I am your Father!'

I truly thought he would fall.

But it all ended well. Not so for Han...

WoW! Big ugly monster in the house!

Imagining them doing this kind of scene back in the '70s/'80s...It was magic!

Don't know why my scanner cuts some of the images...

Snowtrooper. I told you. It's all about Episode V.

 Look! They are always together!

I was wrong in the other post. The other Chewie card was a base card. This one yep, is a metal card!

But if it wasn't enough I got a metal Darth Vader too!

And wait! I also got a metal Millennium Falcon!


The only TFA cards I got were these three.

A great metal Poe Dameron card! What a beauty! I'm speechless...if you could just see it in person, the scanner doesn't pay tribute enough!

And the other two are rainbow metal cards!

Now I know. The metal ones have red borders while the rainbow metal ones have that blue border.

Now lets see what the 'shapped card' is...




It's kind of a Die-Cut card!



The back is in that purple colour.

I really don't know why my scanner cuts some images, but from the picture above you can see it's all round and stuff.

It's beautiful!

This was the card I wasn't expecting for all I could think of! So that's it! I'm that happy!

And to all of you...May the Force be with you and a great and happy 2016!