Thursday, 25 December 2014

When some cards might become up to date again

And by that I mean I don't care if they play for one of the rival teams of my favourite team, that I still like them.

Lester, on top, were my favourite Red Sox. Even when he pitched against my Yankees I was hoping he at least had a good game. Let the batters do poorly and make them lose the game.

But keep Lester doing a great job.

I've read he might return to Boston. Lets see if that happens or not. And so this card is deprecated no more.

And then it seems there are still some players that manage to keep their cards always up to date.

Jordan Zimmermann is still with the Nationals!

Let see if he'll be one-team-man.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

It's almost 3:30pm around here so it's getting close to Christmas Eve and the opportunity to finally open my Christmas gift to myself.

A bunch of 24 Panini Cooperstwon packs!

I have them here since last month and I did a great effort to not open at least one before Christmas.

I will also have these Hockey packs to open that Edgar sent me and which I've been keeping too to open this evening.

I just want to wish you all a great Christmas and that 2015 brings all the good in the world.

Simple piece of wood

This piece of wood may have come from one of the chairs in Topps HQ.

But sure it looks good on the card.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Such a great player in such a mini card

This has to be my favourite Mariano Rivera card I possess.

(I don't have that much cards of him but I can think of at least two..)

Monday, 22 December 2014

'87 Diamond Kings

I've started a binder just for my Diamond Kings cards.

I confess that at first I looked at these insert cards with not that good appreciation. But thank goodness we sometimes get to some cards and start seeing them in a complete new light!

I like black borders and in '87 Donruss did a fair good job with it. And the DK cards are looking great! Even more than the base cards.

I know that they are not that centered (Just look at the Joyner one...) but wax era is that. And much more!

Other think that made me start liking these cards is the card back with so much trivia! I'm more into trivia info than stats.

Hobby Videogames Europe

Since I have this love for videogames as big as for my baseball cards I decided to start a blog about it too.

I'll be posting about games I have, for a variaty of consoles. I have quite a collection.

I'll be talking about games I'm playing right now and others I've already finished and even others I have but still have to play a level of them.

Hope you enjoy it.

Hobby Videogames Europe

World Series card

I was hopping for them to win the WS because of this.

Since I got this card I paid a bit more attention to Royals.

That's the magic of collecting cards. You got to notice teams and players that makes you change the perception of the game and their players.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kind of a super hero

Clark Kent!

Super Man!

Clark Kent!

Super Man!

(I'm into a loop right now..)

Saturday, 20 December 2014

History Channel

I remember watching a documentary about Poe's life and they talked about this fact.

I was glad to get this card because of that.

But I think that the toaster ended the tradition a couple of years ago or that they finally found out who did it.

I simply love A&G for these sub-sets.

Friday, 19 December 2014

I love bugs

I mean those that appears in software.

I usually don't like them if they appear in software that I make and I have to lose my head to find the way to solve them. But if they are like the following ones I simply smile and print screen it!

I love videogames!

Especially RPGs (Role Playing Games).

I got this Risen in a budget promotion and it's quite fun to play.

But like all games there are some little problems that happen. If they don't interfere with the gameplay it's ok.

The above picture didn't interfere and I think it was just a problem with the camera.

But it's fun because my avatar looks like a giant (on the left) against the NPC (on the right).

The eyes are looking to where...?

An other example is this one.

I'm flying!!!!!!

This interfere with my gameplay because evertime I went that way of the map I fell down and this happened. I was flying between the graphics!

Jesus Christ came to my mind...

All in all is a good game ;)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Royal baby

I was thinking...

Is this how the new royal baby will look like!?

Topps making predictions since 1938.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Old Benfica players

They are not quite old. But they no longer play for Benfica for a good couple of years or more.

But they did pretty well.

The top on the post is Javi Garcia. Was a terrific defense middlefielder. Just after two years and a Championship win he went off to Man City and is now playing for Russian Zenit (don't know what they see in that championship besides the money they make...)

He was my favourite player at the time...and he would make it with high marks to my Woman Perspective collection!

'Pabito' Aimar was like a Mage as a playmaker.

When he came to Benfica he was not that young but even so he played with us after he's 30s. And always made a difference. Of course that comparing with Rui Costa I prefer Rui Costa ;)

Saviola, also known as, 'El conejo'!

He was a smart striker appearing in the right place at the right time making many important goals! It seems he's stil playing for Verona.

All these cards I got in some Benfica promotional products, alongside scarfs and posters and other stuff.

I don't know if there are more cards and if I can get them on the store. But I do have other more old collectables like postcards with other players. I'll check for them to post here.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Lets see if the scanner looks good...

And what better way of testing the scanner than scanning this gorgeous promo Star Wars card I have for so long!

I got this card in one of those Star Wars magazines that I don't know anymore if they are released or not.

The Force is strong with me!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I just shiver whenever I look at these cards

Stop everything! I got a scanner!

I just need to get it working.

It's 90% done so I hope to start scanning cards sooner as possible instead of having to take a photo of them.

Santa came earlier this year.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Friday, 5 December 2014

50 Cities of the World #9 Berlin

 Today we travel to a city that is the center of so much history in Europe.

We arrive in Berlin.

There is much to say about Germany and Berlin but History Channel, NatGeo and others have done a terrific job with all the documentaries.

They wanted all and in the end they always ended up with destruction and dead.

This is what you get of your city when you go after a mad man and let him and his minions devastate all Europe.

Berlin was not the only city to get this treatment. But it was the final round.

My grandparents lived the end of WWI and during the WWII.

There were Portuguese troops sent to fight against the German Empire in WWI but in WWII we kept neutral (because we lived in a dictatorship we sold services to both sides...).

But thankfully the war never came too nearly.

I've always learned how Berlin was one of the greatest cities in Europe.

But since I lived the final moments of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall I saw a tumultuous city struggling to get to its feet and be great again.

They are no Empire (but they keep trying...) but Berlin is for sure one of the most important cities in Europe.

Because I lived during the Berlin Wall that's why it is the first thought that comes to my mind whenever I think of the city.

It might have lots of museums and universities but I always picture the Wall.

What a mess mankind can make.

More Berlin info in its wiki page.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

50 Cities of the World #8 Marseilles

Still in France we now travel to Marseilles (I thought it was me but it seems that in English Marseille is written with an S in the end. Sometimes you are weird people!).

By the card we can see it's a port city. Which then and now is quite important. And since the capital is in the middle of land it's always good to have the second or third most important city of the country to be standing with the feet on the water.

La Marseillaise, France national anthem,  it's the first thing that comes to mind when I see Marseille.

More info on Marseille wiki page.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Trades are like Christmas

I was contacted last month by Edgar and he told me he was willing to send me some cards from my Zistle list.

I confess that I'm so far back from updating it that I don't know what to do about it.

But since I don't buy cards so often my want list there might be up to date non the same.

Soooooooo last week I got this pretty big pack from Edgar and it pretty made my Christmas before December.

He spoiled me with the complete Astros set from 2011.

Not only I get the complete team but also some mini-collections which is like 2 in 1.

And then I got ultra spoiled with so much Yankees that I'm still recovering!

Willie Randolph seems to be playing basketball. Doing that trick by passing the ball under the legs.

There are some 'intruders' like the Daisuke Matsuzaka Rookie RC SP in Japanese and my cute Paul Molitor.

And some colour parallel to make this even a greater pack.

Hunter! Hunter! Hunter!

I simply miss Posada. He was fun to watch, especially for batting without gloves.

I also miss A.J and Swisher.

More cards for mini collections like the Dust Is In the Air and Front Row. +1 because Edgar also sent me the chrome versions of both.

And if one Molitor wasn't enough here's the 2011 SP.

I simply love this year base set. This and 2009.

Now back to more Yankees.

More vintage ones but I put Derek Jeter too because is now a vintage one.

I like this set a lot. I like the simple design from back then and the cap with the team's name and player position is sooooooo baseball. That alone makes the set for me.

And since I don't mind having other teams cards and players I enjoy the 'shared-cards' for league leaders.

The current league leaders cards are boring. These were just a completely different feeling.

And if baseball wasn't enough Edgar also sent my way some Penguins cards!

Look! I got my second Mario Lemieux card ever!

And I probably might get more when I open these packs.

Completely spoiled I assure you!

I just haven't opened the packs already because I'm keeping them to open only on Christmas evening. To feel like a true Christmas present!

And to complete the "spoilment" (just made that up) Edgar sent a note wrote in Portuguese.

Português perfeito ;)

I'm preparing a pack too to send to Edgar. Hope you enjoy the cards as much I enjoyed the ones you sent my way.

And thanks once more for the great Christmas before December.