Friday, 25 April 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 16)

I didn't know about this Angels uniform but I like it!

Tim Salmon managed to win the AL Rookie award and the AL comeback award.

I've seen players going with the hands to front and with feet to the front when 'sliding' to the base.

But with the 'back-end' it's the first time (even if this card is a dup...)

Silver time with Gary Sheffield.

It's cool to have cards with players during warm up.

Usually the jackets are a thing to forget but that's ok.

A new meaning to 'I have your back!'.

A card can be a great for lots of meanings and this one is great because of both double plays in the photos.

And now what is this?...

It's my first Evolution Revolution insert!

Johnny Damon was important to the Yankees back in '09 when we won the WS so I like it it was my first 'shirt'!

Now lets try and open it without damaging it...I usually have bad luck in these cases...

Wow! I managed to open it without great damage!

And I was thinking it was not that cool that the card had the away jersey but opening it and turning it around it's the home jersey!

Still I'd prefer to have the home jersey to the outside.

And inside has some player trivia without states.

Could have a different photo but that's ok.

So, only by this pack would be the best so far. Adding a couple of base cards with great photos and the silver Sheffield and yes. This is the best pack so far!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Benfica Campeão Nacional 2013-2014

This past week was a week to remember.

My beloved Benfica, on last Wednesday,  won the semi-final against FC Porto and won the pass to the Portuguese Cup final (second most  important competition after the Championship).

We played almost all game with 10 against 11 but in the end we won with a rage goal!

But if it was not enough to our hearts on Sunday we played for the Championship, and with two more games to go, we won and could already celebrate the new title of Champions!

We had a rough end of season  last year, because we could win 3 or 4 competitions but in the end...we ended up with no title.

But this year we are back to being able to win 4 competitions but we have one already! And I don't care what others may say but winning the Championship and wearing the 'quinas' in the shirt as the regnant champ is the best!

They say we, Benfica fans are around 6 millions and by the photos and videos from Portugal and around the globe we could see we are even more than that!

As usual, the fans went to Marques de Pombal square to party all night long.

The team took almost 4 hours to make a few kilometers from the Stadium to the square.

Here they talked about 100 thousands in the streets but then I saw ESPN reporting around 500 thousands!

Sure we are a lot of happy fans.

We are now the team with most National Championships victories (more than Real Madrid, for example).

O Campeão Voltou! (The Champion is back)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 15)

I'm only getting common SQ cards...And this one is a dup from a couple of packs ago.

Count 3 people and a great 2B play!

And you can even see some dust!

Plus the CC All-Star and if I'd be playing the Gint-A-Cuffs and this card would get a high score...

...even more high with an other 3 count in the photo back with a diving-put-out at 2B with the umpire on the side.

A Derrek Lee Debut card!

Castilla is the first Silver card boy I don't know...

But looking at a base Vladimir Guerrero card and knowing the 'future' makes me want and go painting Guerrero's card border in silver.

Marrero in a Diamond Debut card.

Still no Mask Marauder but looking good in catchers gear.

I've seen some cards just like this Willie Adams card with a player taking photos in Nick's dimebox blog but never got one.

Now my time just arrived!

And Nick is right. They are great looking cards!


Hold on a bit!

I don't mind Marrero didn't make that much of a MLB career but ohhhh he *is* cute!

What a funny smile and even looking more good than in the front photo...

...I'm sorry. Got carried away ;)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 14)

You cannot go without mentioning Pedro Martinez.

I was able to see his 'last tribute' time and understood how such a good pitcher he was.

So it's always cool to get a card from his early years (kind of but only because he played for almost 20 years!).

I had a card from the '90 UD set with a player with a football but it was a bit hidden by the design.

But here...oh boy! You have the football as main character as mister Bottalico!

You are not seeing triple even if they almost have the same stance but sure are seeing double for Kevin Foster card.

But that vintage/retro/old school Cubs uniform makes me forget (once more) how bad enough is getting dups even more if they are in the same pack!

But the better part of these cards are not the front...look at these backs!

Prieto is catching a ball just hit to the mound. It's one of those situations that sometimes goes the wrong way and the pitcher gets hit, but when the ball goes bouncing back at them just to flip it to 1B. Cool!

And Foster is hitting. But with a swing! No bunting no sir!

A silver card is always welcome but I like Smoltz so it's like a hit to me!

But Smoltz has to share his spotlight with some dust.

Coomer card for a vertical card is terrific but if it was horizontal we could see more of that little 'mound' on top of the base.

And I end the pack with two Top of the Charts.

A very nice pack!

Monday, 14 April 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 13)

That effect that the shirt creates like the pitcher has a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge chest.

The problem is if it's all wind and the it's a ball and not a strike...

And now I'm doubting if this card belongs to the previous pack or this one. None the same one of the packs had again 10 cards.

No complaining.

Jose Cruz played for 9 teams!

At least he has a Gold Glove Award winner (2003).

Mister Mike Piazza in the Masked Marauders.

Those cards sure do look awesome.

Griffey Jr. bats standing up.

When I see players batting like that I always think they are so good that they don't even need much effort to swing and blast the ball past the defense.

That's the great players 'disdain'.

They make it always look so easy.

I simply cannot get tired of looking at this card.

And the colouring in the background stands out concerning the teams colours.

And after all it's a Top of the Charts rookie avg edition.

I think I've seen these cards before...But again, final tributes and pitchers at plate is always good to see.