Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Some more fantasy

And this is how I got 60 points yesterday.

It's a pain that McCann just scored a few points last 2 weeks and this week that I benched him he got 8 points on Monday and 7 last night.

Still...until now the Force is strong with me.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Panini Adrenalyn 2014/15 Portuguese League

I've been buying the Adrenalyn cards for weeks. Still have to get them all...

But meanwhile I got the collector's pack that includes lots of things. Lets see them...

I got the gameplay board. It seems each player get to make their lineup and put the cards on the board. It plays out similar to a Magic: The Gathering thing.

You can also see in the picture the checklist book and 2 rare cards. One can only get these rare cards by buy some featured products. I saw other rare cards in a football magazine but they were not from my club and it was too expensive just buying the magazine to get the card...

And of course the archiver to put the cards. It's a normal one like Panini always do. It has nothing more than 9 pockets binders inside. More than needed.

I don't know if Panini does the same for cards as they do for stickers which is letting collectors pay them to send the remaining missing stickers. Usually they have this fantastic feature to allow us to finish the collections. Feature that I usually don't use and when I go to their site to check how much it cost...Well...they get the prices quite up if you let the collections get older than just a year...

Lets see if I finish this or not.

The game of Wallet Card - April

I know we are almost in the end of April and that I've been quite away from the blog.

But JT is still around!

50 Cities of the World #19 Lisbon - Revisited

I started this thread of posts long ago with #19.

You see, some keep the best to the end I simply start with it.

So. Since I already posted about Lisbon I only revisiting it.

The card shows one of the main places in the city, the square in downtown know as Terreiro do Paço, where people would gather, many centuries ago, to watch the sailors depart to discover new worlds.

Unfortunately the only way we discover new worlds nowadays is by emigrating to other countries...and we are emigrating a lot again...

By train, airplane, boat...all roads come to Lisbon (I know the saying it's about Rome but let it be people).

You got to visit one of the best places in the capital which is Parque das Nações (Nations Park). Every day I stop there and see so many tourists! It's quite enjoyable to get to see all those cultures around there.
The '98 World Expo was there and we did a terrific job transforming the area into one of the most busy and lively areas in Lisbon.

Just a few pictures...

If they would make a new set of these cards maybe one of these pictures would make it into the card.

Ahhhhhh And don't forget to visit Benfica stadium too ;)

Friday, 17 April 2015

2012 Panini Cooperstown - lets visit the HoF 9

And this is the last tour to my HoF.

I have this fan girl love for Harmon if I was still a teen I'd have all my room walls covered with his posters and cards!

And then there is the top model style of Arky Vaughan. Like he doesn't care about what is happening in the field but in only looking coooooooooooooool.

And if it was not enough we also have mister Brooks. Shame the front image is not that must be one of the worst cards in the set because of the picture they managed to put in the card.

Thanks the card back is better! And we get Brooks awesome smile...

And finally, last 3 cards including the only SP I got.

Tris Speaker in Technic Colour. That's one bloody great card!

Just don't understand why the card back doesn't also have a coloured photo. It would make sense, in my opinion.

So that's all folks! If you wanna trade some of the cards and help me out completing the main set, just check the tab on top and if you have some of the cards I'm missing contact me and I'll see if I have some that you might also need.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fantasy Friday

And this is how I managed to get 57 points last Friday!

Just hope they keep going like this for the entire season.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

2012 Panini Cooperstown - lets visit the HoF 8

Well, I've been quite out of the game lately and have not being posting that much. That's why I'm that bad and I'm still posting about the HoF cards I got on Christmas.

I'm ashamed of myself!

Lets see if now that MLB season finally started I find more time to update more often. But I haven't gotten any new card to display, so it will be only old treasures of mine.

But almost finishing the trip to the HoF we are now in hall number 8 with some big names, but being the bigger, even if only for the mustache, Mister Goose!

Shame his photo on the back is the same as in the front.

And I have to say that Jim Palmer was quite the good looking people!

I'll think the next post will be the last in this series.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

50 Cities of the World #18 Madrid

Today we are checking-in a city quite near me.

Today we're going to Madrid!

You might not know but we used to be a bunch of kingdoms in Iberia and one of them settled first and back in 1143 Portugal was born.

The rest of the kingdoms kept fighting each other until they were united under the name of Spain.

That's how we got to be two countries in this peninsula.

But! Spain never stopped wanting us and for that dream they've built the city of Madrid quite in the middle of the peninsula.

They thought it would be the capital for us all. You've missed it!

We had some issues and we got under Spain domain once again (family problems as usual...) and then back in 1640 we put them to run and we were independent again!

So...I just told that to explain why Madrid is in the center of the peninsula, like stated in the card back, the equi-distant thing.

Not going under any more likings/dislinkings ;)

Madrid has great monuments including the palaces that are the home to their royal family.

During the Franco era they did not have a king but after his fall Juan Carlos took the throne again and a couple of years ago he's son got to be the new king.

It is a foreign and quite medieval thing to still have a king/queen for some outer Europe people. But I must say that I still like it. It has all to do with our history.

They don't rule like before. But they are a figure to look up and unite people. That's why Monarchy got popular again in this last past 10 years or so.

 Like I said in many other posts I prefer cities by the sea or river. So, if you are like me Madrid will seem too hot and dry. If you go there in the middle of the Summer you will have very high temperatures.

But you'll have lots to see!

And don't forget to try some paella and tapas.

I won't talk about football here because I'm all Barcelona fan so I don't have nothing to do with Madrid teams ;)

Check Madrid's wiki page for more info.