Wednesday, 24 October 2018

2018 Topps Big League - Blue

I'm feeling blue. But in a good way! Loved my last 2 blue packs. So lets see if I keep getting blue love from two more blue packs.

Pack 3.

I think I had Santana at fantasy once. That or I'm mistaking him for other Santana. Which is quite possible.

But besides that, do you think this was a fly ball or did he just hit a home run?

No matter what, he's a +3 boy for the outside the frame hand.

I like this card. It's a 'good feeling' card. And it's a Hunter card. Not the Pence one. But I think I'll start liking this Hunter too. It seems he just cleared the bases with a home run.

And what a happy celebration in landscape mode. Add me some +4 love.

By the you know who the other player is?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh a Yankee! I'm probably the top Yankees fan that almost don't get any card of them...

Miguel Andujar RC and the uniform looks like the Spring training one. Or is that one shirt for the 'nickname/name' thing?

But for me it's +10 for getting a NYY card plus +3 for the bat outside the frame and even one more +3 for being a RC.

Nice touch of the dugout in the background.

And keeping on the RC trend. Kingery might be a future King, who knows? But meanwhile he not only gives me +3 for the RC but also presents me with a very nice card with a jumping throw! Nice nice nice!

Always liked Greinke. Maybe it's that baby face he has. But he looks so much better in an Arizona uniform! And again, D-Backs, right now, have probably my favourite uniforms ever! Adding +7 to the count.

What a beauty...and not forgetting the +4 for the landscape. All pitchers cards should be like this.

My third horizontal card in the pack! What a good thing! +4 for the lady!

And this one...really awesome!

Ichiro Sensei giving out autos to the fans. Please...just notice that sea of people trying to get to him. He deserves. Such a good and correct player.

Poor little kid on the bottom right thou...

Ohhhhhhhh no points for this one, but an other jumping throw! If the other was pretty this is beautiful! You still can see the ball right out of the hand..

Great DJ card.

WoW Not many points in this pack, but such great cards!

Crawford, the J.P. one, still give me +3 for his RC, but it doesn't matter. What matters is the great photo. Running to be safe? To get to the home plate to score a run? The helmet flying behind him is the priceless touch of the scene.

Love this card.

Did I say I didn't get much points this pack but great cards!? Lets change that and get lots of points besides the great cards!

I present you my first Star Caricature Reproductions!

This is such a CUTE card I'm all *.*

My scanner did it again and cut the card, because the ball stitches go all around the card to give a nice touch to the card besides the funny caricature!

Correa being an Astro already give me +5 and I'll count +7 for being the reproduction caricature and not the original.

Loving this!

And end the pack with Cron. Not much to say, but I count +1 for the gold bling and +3 for the outside the frame bat.

Result: 59 (and I thought I did so little points!)

Pack 4.

Ahhhhhh Second Yankee in back-to-back packs. I'm enjoying this.

Tanaka has a nice card and gives me +10 points.

 Giolito is, like other pitchers, elastic. Those two arm positions are quite not normal...

I love yellow. But those caps...

I thought the previous pack were giving me just a few points, but turned out to be quite a pack. This time around is a mehhhhhhhh pack. But Chapman gives me +3 for the bat outside of the frame.


I cannot see anything besides THE HAIR!

I already got the Hoskins RC variation so it's nice to also get the base card. RC means +3 and that bat wants to get outside the frame but not quite...

But Hoskins seems like he's looking at the bat like he doesn't know what to do with he doesn't know what it is lol

Mr Bat I present you to Mr Hoskins. Mr Hoskins this is Mr Bat.

Ohhhhhhhh look! A numbered card! Number 92 out of 100 of a Reddick purpled chrome card.

I think this is a Rainbow Foil – /100 (1:30 hobby packs). Since this is a pack from a retail box I don't know if the odds are the same, but none the same, it shines! I like rainbows so I get +9 for Reddick Rainbow card.

(ETA: forgot to add +5 for being an Astro.)

Already had the Gomes base card, and now the gold one. Finishing with +1.

Result: 31

Saturday, 20 October 2018

2018 Topps Big League - Blue

And here we start discovering what the blue packs brought me. Were they better than the green ones!? Lets find out.

Pack 1.

And we start off with two outside the frame cards. Turner with the arm, Almora Jr with with the bat.

So as a starting point +3 * 2.

I told you. I got more All-Time Greats cards than I was expecting. Here I present you to Mister Brett. It's a nice card because it looks like he's shooting the ball. You playing football...but the real one. The one where you play with the foot on the ball. (soccer reminds me about socks don't know why...)

So add +7 to my table.

And don't stop me because I get +5 for an other Stat Kings card. Main player is the almighty Altuve. Even in that orange uniform...he gives me +5 for being an Astro.

Odorizzi got more RED after passing by my scanner than live on the card.

By the way...Odorizzi reminds me of 'desodorizante' which means deodorant.

I project that Berrios will look like a kid for a long time.


I love this VAR card of Goldschmidt. It's Goldy, it's Arizona, it's a beautiful uniform, and I can see his name and number on the shirt.

Count me some more +5 for the VAR and +5 for collecting D-Backs.

And take me -5 for the Red Sox Rick Porcello. I like him. And I truly don't know why all my favourite pitchers played for Boston are playing for Boston or are going to play for Boston!

Ending this pack the gold card. DeJong high-five-ing a team mate and surrounded by all his team mates in the dugout. That's a nice card to have. Did I tell you it's also an horizontal one?

That's why this great card adds to the count +4 for the landscape and +1 for such a gold moment.

Result: 33

Pack 2.

Bridwell RC to start the pack and already adding +3 and because landscape pitchers cards are a must I had +4.

WoW When I looked at this card, Kinsler in red looked so much like Trout I thought he was him.

But I confess...I prefer Kinsler.

Perdomo has one of those names that reminds me Portuguese words. Perdomo reminds me of 'perdoa-me' which means forgive me.

Sorry Kole I prefer Cole, but I'm ok with +3 for the bat outside the frame.

Ohhhhhhhh Look! Got my second Ballpark Landmarks card! Mascot and Ballpark cards is something I like. Go figure. But everything is part of the game. So I like it all.

Have anyone thought of trying a Home Run derby at Twins Target Field where they have to target that target with the ball!?

Counting +7

It seems I'll be collecting all the Stat Kings cards in no time by this pace.

Home Run Kings and The Judge is the front man, so add +5 plus +10 for the table at the corner!

I lost count to the times I've said 'I don't collect him but I like him'. Because Cozart is one of those. It's like, I really don't mind getting their cards.

Mister Cozart is a sweet and so gives me +4 for landscape love.

Detail. The bat at the BL logo up there is cool.

Double Stat Kings cards in the same pack! And it's Votto the king! And Carpenter second! Got to love this card!!!

Kings add +5 and +7 because this goes to my Votto collection.

And now a VAR!? Even more a RC VAR!? Bloody hell! I feel fine! Quite fine!

I don't like Phillies. But this old school uniform is cool.

It seems Hoskins just landed into a watering hole.

Hoskins is a +5 plus +3 boy.


Doesn't matter the points I've done until now, maybe not the ones I'll make in the next packs!



And with him ready to kick ground and hit the ball!

Well...I'd take anything Hunter Pence.

Have I already told you all how much I love Pence!? Yep! That much!

Pence is a +1 for being gold, +3 for the bat outside frame, and +7 for being himself.

Result: 67

This second blue pack got to be the best so far! I just know that I'm loving this set and it's inserts and variations. I don't remember having so much fun opening packs like this for a long time...

Friday, 19 October 2018

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game - FF VII Starter Set

Welcome to my final (!) Final Fantasy Starter Set for the ultra famous FF VII.

But if you were, like me, expecting to see the characters design from the original game...bad luck! The cards picture the remake version of it =(

These two cards are quite weird...they could have chose other pictures for Tifa and Red...

Still my favourite cards, the doodles one.

Probably the best card of the main characters, is this one. Vincent in da housssssss

They looked so much better with all those polygons going everywhere in the old PS1...

Vincent might be the best card, but second place goes directly to Barret. He looked good, he still looks good.

And he's cute.

Biggs reminds me of someone...

This set has lots of close-ups of the characters. Is nice in a way but I could do with the all body.

And that's all. Nice cards, but the Harry Potter cards, for instance, were better, in my opinion.