Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cards Database - Extra Inning post

I started last week a new project concerning my collecting sports cards hobby.

I decided to put my knowledge and skills of programming into action besides my job and create a small program to keep track of my collection.

A simple database to store my cards.

It's an other way of getting fun with this hobby. This way I connect what I like and do for living (programming) and a passion (collecting).

The good thing is that I can have it offline.

I use ZISTLE but I need to connect to the web to get to it. Besides that I have a text file which I check very often.

So I decided to make my text file more attractive in an application style.

After it is finished I'll put it available for all of you that are interested in it. So if you have any suggestion I'd be glad to take it!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hunter Pence - Woman Perspective Post

I saved one Giants player from my last post because I were preparing already his Woman Perspective post.

2009 Topps Update & Highlights #TTT70

Here comes the giant (pun intended) Hunter Pence!

I knew him from Astros. That's my second beloved team (Yankees is my true love of course!) right next to Arizona. Yep, they have similar uniform colours and are not that good but Houston strikes the pot more often than D-Backs.

Houston is moving to AL. Don't know if it will help anything or even the seemed change in teams logo/symbol.

Probably because Astros being too small for Pence (an other pun intended oh no!) and he jumped to a more prominent wagon team.

2011 Topps Update Series #92

And that would have make it for me if I didn't like Hunter that much! Phillies can make me dislike a player but not Pence.

Why? I don't know.
2011 Topps Update Series #92 Cognac

I don't know if it's because of Pence being so tall, or that smile that makes me all jelly bean, or that vigorous swing that would rip off my heart, or the socks pulled to the knee...or for the past postseason the BEARD!

That's my kind of beard!

All blond and fluffy...not that I tried to rub it on my HD TV!


The above cards are the only ones I have of Hunter as a Phillie. And I got both in the same pack! Those represent his vigorous swing and that makes me forget what's written in the uniform shirt.

But I'm missing any of his Giants card! Not that I like SF but I'll take any Pence card I can manage to get.

To go with the top card I have one Attax card of him as an Astro as well (which came in one of those repack boxes' packs that I intend to post here as soon as I can).

2010 Topps Update Series Attax #51

And he even look nicer with the flying necklace! Not all men can make it wearing necklaces but he does.

It looks like the kids after summer vacations with those beach necklaces. Some of them homemade.

Yes. Hunter Pence still look like a kiddo.

He looks like a little boy that is all tall and all but still a boy.

Love that boyish look of him.

The socks pulled up help a bit.

And that's what I mainly like about Pence. The boyish love for playing ball. He plays with joy. And let it flow to the fans.

2011 Topps Update Series #304

Hunter Pence surely made his way to my All-Star Team.

Monday, 29 October 2012

2012 World Series

I've been working on Saturday as well for the past weeks, so I have so little of time to look at my cards it's starting to tickles me.

And if I cannot even look at them I cannot post. That's starting to piss me off.

And the little time goes with the missing this year's WS.

Not that I truly cared about it, but since it would be the last games of baseball I could watch for the next 5 months or so, I wished I could have watched a bit.

Just to mourn a bit more over my Yankees season finale.

This to say I knew that SF took the sweep for the first 2 home games. And I was thinking they would feel more difficulty to pass the Tigers at Detroit.

2011 Topps Update Series #136 Brandon Crawford

I even taped Game 3 but couldn't watch it. I think I even might have taped Game 4 as well.

But I've never thought I would have taped the final two games sweep for the Giants.

They did to Detroit what they have done to Yankees!


Many people in blogosphere don't like SF. Probably hate them.

I must agree that their choice of uniform colours are quite questionable.

But I would be lying if I say that I don't like them at all. Why? Because I do like a few of their players.

Shall I dodge some pumpkins thrown my way!?

If I tell you the Giants players I like you'll see a trend.

Matt Cain
2012 Topps Series 1 #155 2012 Topps Archives #181

2009 Topps Update Series #TTT73 2011 Topps Opening Day #150

Ryan Vogelsong

2012 Topps Heritage #235 2012 Topps Archives #123

2011 Topps Update Series #94

Madison Bumgarner

2011 Topps Opening Day #201 2012 Topps Archives #15
2012 Topps Series 1 #103

Buster Posey

2011 Topps Opening Day #174 2011 Topps Series 1 #43
2012 Topps Series 1 mini #TM-28

Yep. I like some of Giants defense. Above are all cards I have of the 3 pitchers I like and Posey the Catcher. As a bonus I got some interest in Brandon Crawford. Rookie last season and starting with a good pace.

Was I rooting for them to win? Not quite.

Was I rooting for this players to have a good game? Sure yes.

Now you all can throw me some trick or treats.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Beckett Baseball magazine

I've decided I'd try and see what Beckett has to say about cards and their value.

Yes, we all love our hobby truly, madly, deeply just for the love of the cardboard with pictures/photos and stats, but we all also, in the back of our mind, wonder how much does our collection worth.

I mainly have base cards. So I'm not that collector filled with famous hits that, by the guide, worth hundreds sometimes.

But I go curious about some SPs I have and the inserts and, of course, the vintage cards price.

We see a lot of sellers on eBay with graded cards. By Becket and others. For what I understand asking for grading a card we need to pay, is that so? So it's only fair that the seller will cover that 'lost' of money with profit.

But until where can the price climb? Yes, I'm picturing the climber from the 'Price is Right' show.

I did a 'First Look' throughout the telephone list...errrrrrr...sorry, the price guide and I think I need to study it because there are a lot of initials and some coding letters I need to check their 'how to'.

I confess that I only bought the magazine because I found a European seller on eBay that are the new Euro-Front-End for the Beckett's magazines.

Will I buy an other? I reckon I might but only one year from now. And besides, in the future will be only Topps price-guide-info so I don't think I'll be that interested...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Card Chase Box - 1988 Donruss pack 3 and 4

And here I am back to the Card Chase box packs.

And by the title you can see that I'm going with the '88 Donruss packs again.

After posting about the 2 see-through-packs I'm going with the 2 wax packs I got.

I'm just posting the cards. Mainly because I forgot the puzzle pieces  somewhere in my room and cannot find them right now. That's how mess it is.

Danny Tartabull (Diamond King) - An other famous Donruss DK sketch. But at least this one didn't scare me. Danny here is with KC and was probably the best time of his career, and that's why he got the only ASG selection. After KC he was with Yankees but didn't make it that good. But he is one of my trending former/will-be Yankee player card.

Roberto Alomar SS@SD RC - "regarded by many as one of the best second basemen in MLB history." - I confess I didn't know that! And this is his RC! He is a HOF with a lot of awards and I will certainly make a post dedicated solo to him.

Vicente Palacios P@PIT RC - He was with Pirate division champions for three straight seasons. After that he didn't make it in the MLB and ended returning to México.

Nolan Ryan P@HOU - The great Nolan Ryan has his number retired by 3 of the 4 teams he represented. Only his rookie team didn't retired his number (Mets).

Robbie Wine C@HOU - He has a career BA of .146. Enough said...

Dwight Gooden P@NYM - Playing for Mets Dwight got a W-L record of 157-85. I don't know about you but I simple think that is awesome! And he also played for Yankees a couple of years right after leaving Mets and in his final career year.

Sid Fernandez P@NYM - "Fernandez had an unorthodox pitching motion with a hesitation at the end followed by a sudden slingshot sidearm delivery." - This reminds me of the Panenka penalty.

Jeff Musselman P@TOR - I own a few Jeff cards I'm noticing now. He didn't have one career to remember but he sure had cards.

Juan Nieves P@MIL - Nieves doesn't seem that happy. Or is he trying to scare off the collectors? Maybe he's trying to make scary face to the injury but got no lucky there. But he got a no-hitter to be remember of.

Jay Aldrich P@MIL - Weren't there an astronaut with a similar name?

Don August P@MIL - One-team-man.

Jack Morris P@DET - Have many awards and highlights throughout his career but not one single of them were in '88 season. None the same he almost was a one-team-man for Detroit.

Dave Bergman IF@DET - I said before and say again: I don't like seeing 'IF' in players position. I'm ok with 'OF' but not 'IF'. I'm that strange. Here Bergman was in his last career years which he started with my Yankees. But those '70s cards I think are quite difficult for me to get...

Mike Henneman P@DET - "[Mike] led Tiger relief pitchers in Wins and Earned Run Average in both 1987 and 1988"

Bruce Ruffin P@PHI - Bruce was promoted to Majors to replace Steve Carlton. That's some weight put on a young P shoulders.

Ken Griffey PF@ATL - WoW! My first Griffey father card! And I think the only one. Didn't know he played for Yankees! The '86 Griffey Yankee card would be an awesome Christmas present to myself.

Charles Hudson  P@NYY - '88 was second and last year for Hudson with NY and then he went to Tigers.

Gary Gaetti 3B@MIN - A photo from his WS champs year with the Twins. In '88 he would win one of the for Gold Glove Awards he got for 4 consecutive years ['86 to '89]

Ryne Sandberg 2B@CHC - HOF! And Cubs retired number. Looking good.

Bob Dernier OF@CHC - In '88 he should be with Phillies but here he's still with Cubs uniform and the card puts him in Cubs team too. Is there a '88 Dernier card with Phillies?

Mike Stanley C@TEX - He was one of those players ping-ponguing (just invented the word right now) between Yankees and Red Sox. Besides that he got a great photo to the '88 Donruss set. Not a C position but ok.

Paul Kilgus P@TEX - I think they took the photo after Paul has lunched. That redness...Perhaps was the Sun! Don't know but he would threw 3 shutouts that year.

Carlton Fisk C@CWS - A C in a C photo and even more is Fisk!? BINGO! I know he started in Boston. But then he saw the light.

Bob James P@CWS - So...The last James career year was '87 but still he got a card in (at least) one card set. If there are Rookie Cards should exist too Retirement Cards. This would be one of those.

Dave LaPoint P@CWS - I'm going to start a new collecting category: P photos in which they are with the throwing arm down starting the pitch.

Jeffrey Leonard OF@SF - He wore the double-0 number!

Dave Valle C@SEA - Valle ended his career with a .992 fielding percentage and a BA of .237. Better catching than hitting. Which should be better for a C?

Jamie Quirk C@KC - Quirk is making a surprised look like he wasn't expecting to have his photo taken. Or is it just disgusting for the photographer? None the same he fits my Yankees-trend. for just 1 year but he fits.

Nick Esasky 1B@CIN - Unlike Quirk Esasky look pretty happy to take the photo. '88 was his last year with the Reds.

Tommy Hinzo 2B@CLE - He played in '87 for Cleveland and again in '89. '88 is a hiatus in his only 2 MLB career years. Couldn't find any info about his '88 year. Did he played in Minors?

I liked to 'meet' the '88 Donruss set. I liked the design colours. And I confess that I played a bit trying to put cards together in order to get the red 'pipes' to connect. Lots of fun ehehe.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Barry Jones - 1987 Topps

I got this 1987 Topps see-through-pack from the Card Chase box I already talked about here in the blog. I know I'm missing the rest of packs (inlcuding this one!) I got in that box, but before that, I have to talk about a specific card.

This beauty.

It's not because it's Barry Jones.

It's not because it's a Pirate card.

It's not because it's a card from one of the most beloved sets by many collectors.

It's not because anything else but the fact that Jones seems like a Policeman passing a ticket to someone.

Really. Look at the cap. I don't know what went through the mind of the illuminated one that design those Pittsburgh caps but he/she really had a bad day. Or just wanted to make fun of the players (and fans who ever dared to buy one!).

I don't want to insult anyone. But please...

And Jones even have the mustache to make it more realistic.

"Sorry Mr. Fan but you just spilled your drink on Miss Fan seated next to you, so I'll have to fine you for being so mean!"

Friday, 19 October 2012

Gone with the Tigers

So my Yankees went all the way down with a brute force.

I know Detroit has a Cy Young and a Triple Crown.

But I think even if the Yankees had 9 Triple Crowns and 5 Starting Cy Young Pitchers the result would have been the same.

That's how sad it is.

I'm used to enter the season with the promise and expectation and the obligation of winning.

That's part of being a Yankee.

I posted this card not long ago, but was the first one that came to my mind after seeing the result for last night game.

Because what made the real difference was the lack of assertive swings by the New York offense.

That's a Yankees and Tigers extravaganza.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Yankees playoffs setback - Extra Inning post

It's been difficult to read any blog and even more check any card or pack to post about here, in this last days.

Too much work to do and so little time. I really wish I could have had access to this sports cards world when I was younger.

Now I have to coupe between spending so much time at work and with almost 101% attention to it without any break so I can open a pack, or organize my collection, or simple come to the web and check my Yankees playoffs results.

And what I saw it's bloody tearing me apart.

How can they be so careless on taking the games against Detroit in the most unprofessional way!

Are they tired that much that they are trying to lose as soon as possible!?

If you're a Yankee you have to honor the uniform. Outside and inside the diamond.

So play like a Yankee and win it for the fans!

Monday, 15 October 2012

1991-92 NHL Pro Set

I got so many packages the past 2 months that I cannot process all of it. Usually the US seller I get cards from send me a bonus pack. I understand the incentive to buy more but I like it none the same.

Well, one of the bonus packs was this 1991-92 NHL Pro Set French Edition!

French was like the second language here in Portugal back when the people emigrated mainly to France (and we are near, we only have Spain between us). With all this crisis we are living now many people are emigrating again but nowadays is English that works as a second language.

So I'm in the team English-as-second-language and truly cannot speak French for living. I can read and understand but please don't ask me to talk because it all comes out with a strange English accent.

But I still appreciate the sellers gesture.

And here are the cards I got.

Gary Roberts @CGY - This must be my favourite card from the pack and probably from all NHL cards I have. Roberts is pushing some (I think!) Flyers' player and it seems he is doing on purpose so he can have all the card only or him. 'Get out of my card!'

Mike Vernon @CGY - "He is a two-time Stanley Cup champion, with the Flames in 1989 and the Red Wings in 1997"

Jari Kurri @LA - No photoshop (un)happiness so Jari has his Kings card with a photo wearing Oilers uniform. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2001.

Curt Giles @MIN - North Stars has similar colours to Wilds so it seems is a Minnesota thing. Curt "had a portion of his left ring finger amputated on March 24, 1986 in order to compete in the 1986 Stanley Cup playoffs. The finger had a tumor in the bone and forced him to miss the end of the 1985-86 regular-season". That's a bigggggg ouch!!!

Stéphane Lebeau @MTL -  He won a Stanley Cup in 1993 with the Canadiens. So this is his card from previous-winner-year.

Denis Savard @MTL - Denis was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2000. That makes this my second HOF player card in the pack.

Gary Nylund @NYI - He was the first NHL player to change teams via free agency.

Bernie Nicholls @NYR - He is on the team 1'000-points-player.

Ron Hextall @PHI - One of his records is having the most career goals by a goaltender, including playoffs – 2. I wish I could see goaltenders going for penalties more often. We see sometimes that happening also in football. And Portugal had one happy example of that back in UEFA Euro2004 against England.

Alexei Gusarov @QBC - I love Nordics' logo. I confess I didn't know nothing about this team before collecting cards. So I like getting all Quebec cards as possible. And Alexei has a good career resumé: he "is a member of the Triple Gold Club, having won the 1989 IIHF World Championship, the 1996 Stanley Cup, and the Olympic gold medal in 1988."

Paul MacDermid @WIN - The Jets returned last season so I know them.

Tomas Sandstrom ASG - Tomas was named to the 1985 NHL All-Rookie Team. And to the All-Star team in 1991-92 season.

Andy Moog ASG - Moog is No.14 in the NHL goaltenders with 300 wins list.

Rick Tocchet ASG - In '92 Rick scored 19 points in 14 playoff games, helping the Penguins win Stanley Cup champions again.

The last card is from a convention. I'm not sure if it's from the draft or not. It's a checklist card.

And speaking of Penguins the card I save for the last is the only Pittsburgh player I got.

Kevin Stevens @PIT - At this time this uniform was the regular, nowadays is the retro one alongside the blue one. Kevin was the LW in the Lemieux line and won two Stanley Cup championships in 1991 and 1992.

Now I'll go a try to get some help from my fellow dictionary.

Note: all additional info via wikipedia

Friday, 12 October 2012

Card Chase - 2008 Tristar Projections

Lets get one more pack from the Card Chase box. To be precise this time is not 1, not 2 but 3 packs.

The most modern packs I got from the box are precisely these 3.

I got two 'normal' packs and a 'High # Series' pack. Lets see what I got from the first two 'normal' packs.

 1st pack:

#78 Sean Doolittle - Drafted by Oakland and "He served as a relief pitcher for the A's, earning his first career save on July 21, 2012 against the New York Yankees" (info from wikipedia)
#97 Glenn Austin Gallagher - Drafted by Dodgers and still playing in Minors. He has a good BA but LAD are full of stars so I don't know if can be called to ML next year.
#132 Andrew McCutchen - Drafted by Pittsburgh and we all know the rest. Here is a teen Andrew photo quite nice. Shorter hair looks better.

As you can see there is a shift mistake on the stats. I was in doubt to which they forgot to shift, if it was the stats name or the values. As you can see ahead on the high numbered cards it was corrected and the stats name are correctly position and the values were the shift-missing-error.

#131 Jeff Marquez - Picked by Yankees and was involved in the Nick Swisher trade with White Sox. Right now has a Minor contract with Colorado.
#141 Luis Castillo - Drafted by the Nationals and plays in Minors. Don't think he will make it to the ML.
#47 Jason Place - Drafted by Boston and have played for 5 years in the Minors.
#199 Brad Bergesen - Drafted by the Orioles is a Pitcher in the ML since 2009. Injuries made his life hard and now he's with D-Backs.
#167 Hank Conger (refractor) - Drafted by Angels and was between the Minors and Majors. I think I have his Topps RC somewhere. I like this refractor a lot! Look at that rainbow glow.

 Now on the 2nd pack:

#184 Collin Balester - Drafted by the Expos and played up/down for the Nationals until be traded to Detroit where he found himself again playing in the Minors.
#43 Jarrod Parker - Drafted by Arizona right from the High School but was traded last year to Oakland in the Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow traded.
#51 Matt Wieters - Drafted by Orioles and is now giving some trouble to my Yankees as Baltimore Catcher.
#89 Wilmer Font - Signed by Texas and plays in the Minors.
#105 Brandon Hicks (refractor) - Drafted by the Braves but now plays for the A's. Other nice refractor.
#134 David Pauley - Drafted by Padres but started his ML career with Boston. Since then played for Mariners, Tigers, Angels and Blue Jays. Is back to Seattle system but with a Minors contract.
#71 Jhoulys Chacin - Signed by Colorado and I have his Topps RC too. and yes, I can say his name right.

#13 David Robertson - Drafted by my Yankees and is my favourite Pitcher in the team. I was hopping to see him become the future Closer for New York. But he still need to work a bit more. But I treasure each Robertson card because it's hard to find one. At least for me. I think I only have 1 or 2 cards of him besides this one.

And finally the high numbered pack:

#333 Jose Capellan - Signed by the Red Sox and I couldn't find much thing about him. I saw him in the ESPN webpage wearing a SF cap so he might be with Giants now.
#225 Jose Gil - Drafted by Yankees and only has Minor League experience.
#207 Van Pope - Drafted by Atlanta and in 2007 was rated by Baseball America as the No. 5 prospect in the Braves organization. None the same he was released.
#302 Josue Calzado - Drafted by Yankees and is still in the Minors with a 4year-BA of .252.
#366 Graham Taylor - Drafted by Florida (now Miami) and already played in ML. His wiki page says he's best known for his baserunning skills. He is a Pitcher.

The so called High # Series brought me only Minor leaguers. The first two packs were pretty cool thou with McCutchen and Robertson being the highlights.

About the cards design I might say I like it but I truly don't get why some players have full photo and others are limited to the half-top card leaving a lot of white on the bottom.

I saw the auto-cards and understand the white bottom space if the autograph is there. Otherwise it's a waste of blank space.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Panini 2012/2013 Liga Portuguêsa

I was a bit curious why Panini hadn't yet started selling the new stickers and album for the 2012/2013 season for Portuguese football league.

I was wishing it was because they were really improving the collection for this year.

I said 'wishing'.

But they really don't care about my wishes and so they have done the same all over again.

I like the cover main colour. It's my team's colour so I like it.

And if we count that Rúben Amorim is on loan from SLBenfica on Braga so we may say that we have two SLBenfica players on the cover! Even if I don't understand that away Braga uniform being green.

Love to see Salvio wearing the SLBenfica uniform again. Great player.

The stickers cases follow the colour.

And we have those packs with 10 stickers cases again.

From those 4 stickers examples I could see that there is no chrome sticker for the teams logo. I only see those chrome stickers on the UEFA Champions sticker collection. At least SLBenfica is there.

Then the players photo look always the same. And there is no states on the sticker it self. Only players' vital info.

Here is one page from my team. And even if the album and stickers were edited a bit later than usual they didn't updated the last transfers made on the deadline. That's why we still have Javi Garcia wearing the most beautiful uniform ever.

The only one thing that made me take a second look was the insert sticker of 'Top Stars'. I think I can call it that. It only appeared a couple of years ago in Panini football stickers.

This is how I wished all the album stickers were! I'm tired of all the ID photo kind. I want to see the players in action. Would love to see a flying goalkeeper sticker. Lovely.

So...Panini...I'm not making this year album again. And won't make UEFA Champions League too. From now on will only make FIFA World Cup albums. And that's only because we get stickers for the majority of countries around the globe.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Card Chase Box - 1994 Select

Keeping the dig of my Card Chase box here it is one more pack. This time is a 1994 Select 12 card pack.

I don't know why but the pack colours make me think of Hawaii so I imagined the cards picturing players playing ball on the beach and diving for the catch on the sand.

Why not? If there is the normal football which is played in grass, then there is the indoor too and also beach football. Lets try play baseball on the beach too.

This was just me rambling.

Now the cards!

I grouped the rookies cards. Select call them '1994 Rookie Prospects' so I'm not sure if this really may count as their truly rookie cards like it stands for us now.

Mark Kiefer - I didn't know that Brewers logo but I like it. Mark didn't get much ML time and only played 3 years in MLB. The card says he was a Brewers top Pitching prospect but it seems he didn't make it. He's brother with Steve Kiefer.

Tony Longmire - Seemed like an OF for the future but only played 3 years with Phillies and had few AB. Even if he batted .356 in the last year in 59 games. He suffered from injuries. Could have made it big but maybe bad luck can explain why he didn't.

Gerald Williams - WoW A Yankee prospect! Made ML debut in '94 but was on '96 that he had his highest moment: "On May 1, he set a Yankees team record with 6 hits against Baltimore in a 15 inning game." (info from wikipedia). Can we have something like this in the playoffs? We can use something like this to beat the Orioles!

Mark Acre - For what says in his card it seems he used to dance on the mound to pitch the ball. Those clumsy moves are still present in many pitchers. Chris Sale (love him!) is a great pitcher but he does look like he's disjointing while pitching.

For what I checked I didn't get that good prospects. But I like the card front design. The back makes me read on diagonal and makes my neck hurt.

Now with the veterans.

Barry Bonds - Do I really have to say anything? On '94 he was already with SF and perhaps that's the reason why he's multiplied in a vertigo moment on this card. What is that people!? If the card was to be an holo-card please make it right! Not that...

Graeme Lloyd - I was missing *the* trend already. Here is an other future-Yankee.

Chili Davis - Hummm But the player that stands out in the photo is Hudler. Won 2 WS with Yankees in his last 2 years as a ML player. But I have to deal with the fact I have him in an Angles uniform.

Pete Harnisch - Had his best years with Astros but then an injure might have degraded his career from then on.

Rene Arocha - Playing for STL and SF makes me don't care much about a player and really Arocha didn't have much lucky in both of the teams. He only played in MLB for 5 years.

Chris Sabo - Ohhh the goggles! Nowadays we don't see those anymore which is really a shame! And he really needed them from what I can see in the card back photo. I do the same when I cannot see the bus right in front of me.

Spike Owen - Blast! Got Spike right the year after being in pinstripes! But eventually he got a career high .310 in 82 games for the Angels in '94.

Manuel Lee - My favourite card in the pack thanks to the photo. Jump Lee, jump! I like to see 2B plays immortalized in cards.

Mostly I enjoyed the pack mainly because getting base cards with horizontal design is a first for me. We get some horizontal action but it's not the design in itself. Here is. And we get 3 different photos of each player in this design. The stats on the back are not the best of it because I find it a bit difficult to read.

Other thing I liked is seeing the 'RP' (and there would be a 'CP - Closing Pitchers' as well) as a position to distinguish between the starting Pitchers and bullpen Pitchers.