Friday, 15 December 2017

Star Wars - The Last Jedi (attax is back!)

As I said in previous post, I get cards for my shopping. I get milk, fruit, water and cards of Star Wars. That's the galaxy I like to live in.

There are 3 cards per pack. I got some dups already. But also got some pretty gorgeous ones.

The Rey card on top is a photo from Eps 7 so I hope I get a card for the Eps 8 Rey.

We get old characters and other ones that are famous even if secondary.

Some of the cards are all shinny like the Finn one. The scanner cannot get it right but you get the idea. It's a Topps normal chrome card.

Old friends never die..

I know is not BB-8 but is like the dark counterpart of it.

Who makes the best 'I have a stomachache' face!?

The most famous brothers in the galaxy.

Poe is the best pilot in the house! He's ready to shot some TIEs. (And I don't know why my scanner decided to scan the fighter card in black-and-white but ok..)

Ohhhhhhh I don't know if the value of Defence should be so high..It has a single point of failure!

Biiiiiip Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip Bip Bip Bippppppp

And I end with these two beauties.

May the Force be with you.


  1. Very cool. Love me some R2-D2! Beep. Bloop. Bleep.

    1. If I find someone that don't like R2 I might hit their head with a baseball!
      R2 deserved a spin-off with BB8 along-side

  2. Nice cards, and I have to admit that a movie franchise I started watching 40 years ago sounds much more exotic in Portuguese... Cavaleiro Jedi, Contrabandista, Estrela da Morte all make it sound fresh again. :-)

    1. Lol Do you know how we say Star Wars!? 'Guerra das Estrelas' ;)

      At least this time around the cards seem to have better translated names. Because the previous cards where like a mix between Portuguese and Spanish..some weird stuff came out of that Topps try..