quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2014

Funny in the ice

I don't have much hockey cards as I stated before. But I've noticed already that  most of them have the player alone.

Well I like crowded cards.

And in an ice hockey game it's more difficult to get a player alone than surrounded by team mates or other teams' players.

And in hockey we like to see them fight for the puck like there is no tomorrow.

The top card shows the 'fight' in front of the goalie which tend to be always great to watch.

Other situation fun to watch is when the throw themselves from the bench to the ice when changing lines.

There are true amusing moments.

And other great moments are those close ups when they get cornered and face to the wall.

In this cards you can even see the puck and imagine the crash that followed in the next frame of this situation.

That's why I like Ice Hockey cards too.

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