segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2014

LEGO Train - 3 in 1

Once I bought one of these 3 in 1 boxes with an airplane.

Usually I see these boxes with a solo build toy but then I found these boxes offering the possibility to buy 3 boxes and make a train out of it.

Just the front machine was a good indication to buy the box, but then why not buying two more and have the whole train!?

Lets see the inside...

Each box brings two packs of peaces.

And of course the guide to build the train.

First the machine.

It's simply beautiful in its simplicity.

Then the carriage.

And finally the...nuclear motor?

Lets start joining the parts.

How cute is it all finish and put together!?

You can see from the front. Just missing the smoke coming from the chimney top.

And from the top you can see that even the parts being small the train all together has some size to it.

And from behind.

I still can't picture what the 'nuclear' thing is doing on the back. But someone might tell me.

It's one of my favourite LEGOs.

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