Tuesday, 31 March 2015

50 Cities of the World #17 Naples

Look who's ready to travel a bit more!?

Today we're going to Naples.

It's funny the details in this card. The see, the bay, the houses, the people, the volcano...

Just to try to sum it up to you, of the beautifulness of Naples look at this colours:

I think I've already said before but I'm all for by the river/sea cities.

Napoli  is an Italian city in the Campania region.

If the card was printed today I bet that in the back this would be stated (from wiki): "Naples has appeared in episodes of TV serials like The Sopranos"

But when this was printed what matters were not XX/XXI century stuff but what really matters (joking).

We are told that Naples has a great museum with archaeological treasures form Pompeii.

Pompeii is well known for being completely destroyed by a volcano eruption like never seen before. They found 'people' in the same position they were at the time. Some in their routine tasks.

Quite the story! Just check Pompeii history at its wiki page.

Of course that the best I know from Naples is its football team. Especially mister Fabio Cannavaro. What a player!

Naples is not Venice but has lots of water too. So if you like it just book it at go there.

More info on Naples wiki page.

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