Tuesday, 17 March 2015

LEGO - minifigures Series 13

Look look! It seems Series 14 is coming out soon but only now I got my hands on some Seres 13 packs!

I know there is the possibility of buying the entire Series on LEGO shop but not only it is quite expensive and I don't have enough space to put all the figures and besides...opening packs and not knowing what is inside is one of the great sensations of collecting.

At least for me.

And so...instead of going to LEGO shop I went to other shop that sells lots of fun stuff including LEGOs to get the packs.

When I asked the seller for 2 packs she asked me in return 'Which minifigures do you want?'

Soooooooooooo I don't know how, probably by the pack item number, they know what is inside each pack and they have them numbered.

Soooooooooooo against all odds I bought the packs already knowing what was inside...

I'm sorry...not sorry.

Maybe I'm starting to change my mind...

 And so I choose the Egyptian Warrior which reminds me of The Mummy, film I loved.

And of course, I could not go without choosing The Sheriff.

The worst part of this is that each pack costs 3.5€ which I think is around 4$. That's too much! After buying these I wanted more but don't know if I managed my budget to accommodate it. That is almost the price of one of the smallest LEGO set box.