sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2015

Tommy and the Rule of the Thirds

This set is already designed to look like a photo in an album. Which, for me, is a good looking design.

It seems like I was the one taking the photo. That's some cool sensation.

And, like everybody knows, sometimes we take better photos and sometimes we get it all wrong. least for the mortal ones and not for the photo gods out there.

So that's why this picture talks to me. The weird angle and composition and the Rule of the Thirds makes me trully feel like I was, a mere mortal, taking the photo.

It might look decentered and not that right. But for me it's the best from the few '91 Leaf cards I have.

3 comentários:

  1. Oh man. If you were in the Bay Area 15 years ago, you could have picked up a 5000ct. box filled with 1991 Leaf out of my garage. I probably had 10 to 20 copies of this Gregg. This product left a sour taste in my mouth. Back in the early 90's... I busted a ton of this product... both series... searching for those Gold Leaf Rookies. I was so determined to build that set... and ended up spending way too much money trying to complete it.

    1. lol Really!? That's some awesome story!
      I only got a pack of this. I think it was a bonus from the seller I used to get cards. I got one of those rookie cards I think. They sure look good. I understand your desire to build that set.

  2. Yeah... that set sort of kicked off the whole "insert" obsession I had during that decade.