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50 Cities of the World #27 Calcutta

For this one I had to search Google for sure. I don't know that much about India.

That's why I didn't know that Calcutta (which is the name we still use here too) has changed to Kolkata.

It used to be, like others, part of the English Empire. But like stated here in the card back, it was and still is a commercial centre.

It is located on the east bank of the Hooghly river. And we all know how a river is a great mean-to-an-end when we're talking about commerce.

When I picture Calcutta I picture roads where you can't put an other car. But looking at the card it seems so peaceful, with the river and the little boats.

For more info, here the wiki page.

ETA: I must have been sleepwalking when I did this post because this card is #27 and not #24 lol So I'm moving this post to it's place and will be posting the one and true #24 card!

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