sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017

Star Wars - keeping warm for December

Now that Rogue One is on Blue Ray and DVD for everyone to enjoy and we already have the first Eps8 trailer let see the last cards I got for Rogue One.

I got short by around 10 cards for completing the collection...ohhhhh well

Cannot wait, not only to see the new film but also to know what Topps will do about the cards. Hope they follow the great looking style they developed for Rogue One. Really liked the style and look of the cards.

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    1. When I thought we would never get the sequel we are not only getting the last 3 episodes but also spin-offs and more. It's almost here the eps8..

  2. You're right. I love the look of these cards.
    Also right about...can't wait for the next film!!!

    1. The first trailer got us some cool space-ships scenes. Let see if we also get some cool lightsaber fights too!

      The merchandising for the next film will be out around December..long wait 'til then =P