quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2017

Topps 2016 - cards I like because yes - part II

When Topps can pack an action play into a portrait card. We usually get plays like this in horizontal cards, which I prefer, but I can see it working this way, in this specific case.

I happen to enjoy too having cameos cards like this one. If you are a OCD kinda collector, and you collect and organize your collection by player how do you sort this card?

Tough one...

Will you get two of this to keep one for Norris and other for Reed?

Not talking about the thing that both Padres and Brewers colour uniforms are quite the same here.

Fielder is one of those players that fills the card. Almost no space left for the smoking white corners.

A RC where you cannot see the players face. Nice touch Topps...Is not that I don't like because I do really like catchers cards with them wearing the mask. But poor Severino here...I cannot recognize him if I get other card of him.

Ahhhhhhh those fantastic catches over the outfield fence!

And I end with one of my favourite Pitchers. I never cared that much about Giants but then I started realizing how many of them players I like and it was like an epiphany...Still don't care about them as a team but I like their roster ehehehe

Even more Bumgarner because he does that bunny-teeth-pitches.

4 comentários:

  1. Bunny-teeth :) I had to look twice at the Norris card before I could tell the difference in the uniforms.

    1. Be aware of those teeth..eheheh
      Yeah! Those have the same colour patterns, you have to double-take the card to distinguish both teams. Tricky card

  2. I prefer an action shot over the standard portrait shot any day of the week. But I wish Topps keep more legs, arms, gloves, hats, and bats intact. I can live with the zoomed in Mad Bum and Severino. But I wish they would have kept Fielder's bat and Derek Norris' leg/plate in the picture.

    1. Yep. I agree with you. Back when they only featured the players face is one thing. But then when they went for more action-cards the crop got to be made carefully. And I don't know what is the idea nowadays but the cropping tactic is quite the wrong one. Like you stated, there are parts of the player and bats and gloves that get cut out.
      One example are the pitches cards. They can get so many different angles and chose the best to put on a vertical card, and others for horizontal cards, without the need to crop it all wrong. Sometimes a great card is not only the player, the team, the play itself, or not only the photo, but the crop. Chosing to include the public too? Include other players? Those are what make a memorable card.