Friday, 28 April 2017

Topps 2016 - cards I like because yes - part III

 Nope. Haven't forgotten the blog nor you my friends. But having a house to take care is a pain!

And leaves me with no many to order cards...big pain!

But lets put a smile on our faces and see pretty cards. Even if I think you already seen all of these before and even own them lol

Jay and Blanco because...I don't know. Jay seems like he totally missed the ball - "ohhhhhhh shoot! I'm here swinging and the ball is already gone..." - and Blanco is showing the tip of the bat. I'm that weird.

Here a great fly for the ball for Reddick. So beautiful...

When I saw this card I remembered I've seen Reddick getting a similar card from a previous year...and I've found it!

See!? Back in 2013 Topps also gave a great Reddick card. Do you know more of Reddick cards that are like these two!?

Now onto some Pitchers cards to make one of those jokes about freshman year vs senior year.

Because...poor Scott...what a face to have on their rookie card...

Norris au contraire is looking quite nice. (like the beard...ehehehe)

An now because I also collect D'backs cards, a RC of Peter O'Brien. What to highlight!? The dimple!

I love Catchers cards where they have the mask on and right into action.

And I end with Gonzalez going into sliding. There is no dust or dirt in the air but I can imagine.


  1. Based on Reddick's cardboard presence, he must be a super hero in his spare time!

    1. If he changes the hair for a more spiky hairstyle I'd say he's a saiyan ;)

  2. Just pretend that CarGo is kicking up the smoke design.