Sunday, 17 September 2017

Topps 2016 - cards I like because yes - part IV

Besides proving I know how to write Roman numbers, I'm still not done with this blog!

But because the world is a mess right now, and the shipping from USA to Portugal costs more than the cards themself I'm still here showing cards from last here like they are my newest addiction.

Besides that, moving out and living by myself is also a mess. I can sort my cards better than I can figure out which cloths go with others cloths to the machine...

But lets get to the cards. You know. Those that I like just because HELL YEAH!

It has Paul in the middle and you cannot see the bat, but then the Arenado and Rizzo sandwiching him and you can see their bats. I don't know. There is some symmetry thing going on that makes me like the card.

I like Catchers. Even without the mask. And here Garneau looks like he's going for the play!

The only thing missing from this card is the dust. Because a slide like this deserved to have lots of dust going on...

But it seems Semien is going for the double play!

I like to use '!' a lot. Because I live like there is no tomorrow. Specially when I know I have to get up so early next day.

That and I also like Chase Utley. He always seemed to me like one of those players that had everything to go huge! But he didn't quite get there... But his cards are...cute.

And I present you, probably my favourite card.

Because this looks just like they got a picture of each player and photoshopped it to seem like they are in the same game.

The card looks such a mess it is that cute.

There's the ball flying.

There's the Catcher whom I don't know it is, but looks pretty good with the mask and is trying to guide the ball just with his eyes.

And then there is Upton Jr. ready to slide but I can only think that he gets his foot stuck on the dirt and goes BUM on the home plate, face on the dirt and arms and legs to some place else.

You see...I also like to imagine plays just looking at the cards. Since I can no longer watch ball games on TV (stupid ESPN America...!) it's like I'm crossing a desert and I'm hallucinating, so I tend to imagine and project games and plays just looking at my cards.

Jay Bruce going for the ball. Those outfield plays are a thing I always bring close to my heart. They tend to be spectacular!

I liked this card, like the one on top. Even if you cannot see this time Goordon bat but you can see Harper's to make it some symmetric like the other, there is the feeling that both Goordon and Paul are batting and Harper not. So I can feel the Force...sorry...the symmetry none the same.

And those who say that catches on the fence are not one of the greatest plays in the game shall get cards in the packs of all the teams you hate.

Because there is beauty in this card like there is beauty in getting your bus right on time like the schedule said.

And I end with Cuddyer partying, in what I think is a walk off hit, because he's also happy that I posted again.

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