Monday, 18 September 2017

Topps 2016 - cards I like because yes - part V

I've been posting this series of posts without thinking 'ohhhh I got to keep the best for the last post!'. But after uploading the pictures I was like...damn! These are my favourite cards!

It's not that Trout is one of the players that I like or even pay that attention. I know he's like the Golden Boy or something like that.

But one can only say this. Yep, he's a very good player. Still young and with many years to play and give us moments like this one in the card.

Talking about stilling a Home Run!? Climb the fence!

 Craig Kimbrel is one of the Pitchers I collect. He looks like he took a photoshop shower but that's TOPPS fault. And he looks great in all colours.

Horizontal cards are my favourite cards. You can get so much more in a landscape...

Like this Kipnis great card. Did he make the play?

I cannot quite read the other player's name but he looks like a Mariners player with that uniform.

Can I give Castro a nickname?


Look at those teeth.

And is that a Giant or an Oriole down there? Sliding to the 2B!?

And this is my third play at 2B of the post!

I sympathize with Hardy. Maybe because he goes as J.J.

And look how his movement is like ballet soft... The Blue Jay sliding is going for the knee but J.J. is effortlessly dodging him.

Ballet, I tell you!

And how not to end in such a perfect way that getting two more players I collect.

The handsome Catcher Lucroy who I only now discover is my age

And the cute pretty thing that is Sale who's now a Red Sox (blarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).

And if there is something about Lucroy card (besides himself) because of the blue patterns all around that makes it even a more gorgeous card, Chris Sale card has such a pretty colour mix on the background that perfectly contrasts with his white and black strip uniform.

I truly think I was lucky with the cards I got.

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