Thursday, 2 November 2017

Houston! We have a World Series Title!

I know this pun might have been done already but mind you that there are like 8 timezones between us...

...The thing is that it doesn't matter because the Astros finally won a World Series! OMFG! I thought I'd never live enough to see that happening!

And because of that I'm posting scans of some of the Astros cards some fellow blog friends sent me. Because I go from being a Yankee to like underdogs like Astros (and D'Backs. I also like Reds but they have some history to talk about).

They might have eaten dirt and dust. But after all these years they finally got it!

They had more colourful and more unobtrusive uniforms. They dresses as blue and grey or dark red but it was in bright orange they won it!

A terrific team in pitching and fielding and batting and so much more. Congratulations my Houston Astos, for the first World Series title. You all deserved it.

(and that's why I didn't mind my Yankees losing to them...even if it hurts a bit...)


  1. I was so stoked to see the Astros win it all and the way they did it over the course of those 7 games was pretty awesome. Even as a Padres and A's fan, I was at the edge of my sofa, muscles clinched for a lot of the series.

    1. I truly hope to see this team get keeping good results in the future seasons because they've shown how a *team* can conquer many things.