Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Fantasy Riders

You know when they place strategically some stuff for you to buy at the check-out of some store? Yep...and we all fall for it. Well, at least I fall for it if it is cards or stickers.

That's how I ended up buying some Panini Fantasy Riders packs to see what it was.

They are in Portuguese. And it seems that's *true* Portuguese and not some 'Brazilian' adaptation. Which is the majority of the cases nowadays.

And if this is for kids, it's better they read their language correctly written... (and I tell you, this is not a popular opinion lol)

Like every card set you have variations and so we get bronze, silver (prata), gold (ouro), platinum (platina), titanium (titânio) and steel (aço).

Yep, they are all shinny and stuff. Even the base cards have some shine going on.

They are cute but nothing to scream about. Just some more Magic reproduction for the kids to play...and me to spend more money at the end of the groceries shopping...


  1. The artwork on some of these cards are pretty cool... but it looks like they suffer from the same issue I have with a lot of baseball cards. They're zoomed in too much. I want to see the whole flippin' dragon! :)

    1. I must say that some of them are just awful scanners my scan do..(it likes to chop off some cards I don't know why!)
      But I get what you're saying..And that's why MtG cards were so famous and such an item to collect. Because they were really good in design! They were carefully though out to look more than good. They were well designed and framed. And these and some baseball cards, like you say, are a bit messy..