sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

Relic hits

I'm new to this sports trading cards thing and all this relic and super-hyper-mega cards, like the numbered auto plus relic cards is a bit lunatic.

Panini stickers are all the same. So when I get a base card, the most common one I'm that happy!

But then I see all these special cards people get all the time and show on Twitter that makes me think I really live too far away from this world.
I like relic cards and I do have a couple of them and for sure I look for them in every pack I buy but I never get sooooooo lucky like those collectors. But probably is just because I cannot buy boxes and packs like them.

All these Bowman madness  of super cards I don't get it. If people only care about relic super 1/1 cards why produce other kinds?
The exclusiveness Topps got from MLB is a sign of this. More inflation cards. People only caring about super relic cards and the other base products loosing their quality because Topps only care about the premium products where they can get more $$$.

None the less here is one of my relic cards, a Bobby Abreu 2004 All-Star game used jersey. (I believe in them saying is an authentic one ;))

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