quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

Ichiro is a Yankee

This is other problem of leaving across the ocean: different time zones.
I only knew, from reading on facebook, that Ichiro became a Yankee the next day to his first game in pinstripes! (To be precise on gray uniforme because it was a away game)
And the game was just at Seattle? How weird can it get?
Well, I got thinking about his next card, that will be on Topps Update Series. And it took no more than a few hours to see on Topps twitter the card picture. I was afraid it would be one of those photoshoped cards Topps love to do but it seems the photo is real and it's from his first at bat.
Good photo.
About the transfer...well I'd prefere Yankees would make a move and signe a pitcher. It's the weakest sector in the team, in my opinion. We have already terrific fielders but pitchers to be honest we only have CC and Nova. Andy is an 'outsider'. Hope he could play more years.
Would love to see Cole Hamels in pinstripes ;-)


Note: image are not mine.

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