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2012 Topps Opening Day Favourites

After getting some packs for 2012 Opening Day I realized that they are, most of the cards, just a reprint from the series one cards and Topps just add the Opening Day badge and that's it! Same photo and same card back. What a waist of money no? Well..the inserts are quite fun but the base set is soooo..so. Maybe it's the normal thing and it's just me that didn't know that because I'm a newbie. But I got some 2011 OD packs too and at least they had that simple trivia on every base set card that made some difference. Know it was the 60th Topps anniversary but well, you cannot downgrade your products no? Or people won't believe in your products quality.
Well, after talking bad lets talk good. I got some pretty cards that are like an add on to the series one base set. Got some players on OD packs that I didn't got in the series one packs.

Next are a list of my favourits cards from 2012 Topps Opening Day base set, based on following reasons:

#61 C.J. Wilson - only numbered card I got. And I was lucky because it's a really nice photo.

#16 Torii Hunter - always funny photos and contagious smile with the catcher behind him to prove that.

#21 Matt Moore RC - got Moore's rookie card! One of my fav rookies pitchers in the game. And really nice photo.

#46 Chris Sale - one of my favourite pitchers, since his RC.

#129 Alex Rios - team photos are always great!

#67 Billy Butler - a walk-off hit!

#153 Aramis Ramirez - a hitter photo.

#197 Elvis Andrus - love in action photos! Should be more of those.

#183 Cliff Lee - look at that grip on the ball!

#196 Cole Hamels - one of my aces so I like any Hamels card. And he always get great photos.

#195 Ike Davis - an other team photo for a player.

Note: none of the images are mine.

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