Monday, 16 September 2013

홍진영 & 아웃사이더 - 안녕하세요 (원곡: 장미화) - K-Pop post

After losing ESPNAmerica I had to find an other channel I'd call 'home'.

And I found it in a zapping light.

My 242 cable channel is the KBSWorld channel.

I already loved J-Pop, but after watching a few times KBS music programs I got so stuck to the channel and to K-Pop that I cannot stop my new K-Pop playlist in my mp3 device.

Here the two that sealed the deal for me.

DJ Oustsider and Hong Jinyoung for you all.


  1. Ana, I can handle Portuguese, it's easy to figure out, but Korean? LOL

    BTW...did I see Kim Jong-un in the audience that video?

    1. I know more or less what they are saying because I saw the Eng sub broadcast.
      I can handle Japanese better and it's easier to get the romanji lyrics but they say music is international and this proves it right. No matter what they say it's the feeling you get by listening to it ;)

      I doubt it was him because this is from the South Korea lol But maybe is someone that likes his haircut ;)

  2.'s Japanese. OK, there is my foreign language ignorance showing.

    1. No. This is Korean. I was trying to say that between Korean and Japanese I find it easier to understand Japanese (thanks to all the anime I watched) ;)