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1994 Upper Deck Central Region - more 3 packs to enjoy

So here I am with the ohhh so talked last cards from the '94 Upper Deck packs I got.

This time around I got the inserts and base cards all together on a post.

The first card is a great looking Shawn Green Star Rookies insert card with the plus of being a Electric Diamond parallel.

I know that in these SR inserts the only difference is the label on the front but never mind.

Green looks like an High School kid with a helmet too large for him.

Since there is one ED parallel in each pack here are the remaining two.

The base cards have the front letters all 'electric' and the back letters are on silver against the normal base cards which are in gold.

I  like so much more the silver version...

Roberto Meijia is trying to catch a pop-up on the front and bunting on the back.

Danny Darwin card should be seen from back-to-front since in the back he's preparing to throw and in the front he already released the ball. Which is nicely catch in the photo with the ball captured flying to 'us'.

I also got one Fantasy Team insert but this time around the player on the card is featured in one of the lists on the back.

And John Wetteland is precisely the #1 in NL Fantasy Team. Even if they put starters and relief pitchers all together.

Three more Home Field Advantage cards and none of them are one of those with the player on the spotlight.

Gary Sheffield for Florida Marlins.

Larry Walker for Montreal Expos and their symmetrical field.

And Barry Bonds popping-up for San Francisco Giants. That would not make the water.

Also got 3 more The Future Is Now cards.

Aaron Sele pitcher for Boston whom I already this card parallel from one of previous 3 packs.

Carlos Baerga 2B for Indians with 200 hits in '93 season. WooooW

And also a card I already had its parallel...mister Ken Griffey Jr.

And again 3 more insert cards. Trendy or one per pack? I cannot remember because I already had them all together.

Carlos Delgado catcher for Toronto.

Jeff Granger is a pitcher for the Royals and it's the winner just because of the name. Granger makes me always remember of Hermione Granger. (Start geek moment - HMS Pumpkin Pie *snif* - exit geek moment.)

Carl Everett an outfielder in Florida. And style he has.

Now on the base cards.

First three White Sox.

Julio Franco with a terrific front photo and a back photo that seems like he's a cartoon character.

Ron Karkovice doesn't like the ball on the front and is getting a bit blind by the Sun on the back.

Alex Fernandez unlike Danny Darwin has the perfect 'motion picture' card.

And now we get more intimate...

Kevin Mitchell is throwing the look like no other.

While Reggie Sanders is all smiles. And behind him is quite the blue sky!

On the back they are both batting even if Sanders is more baseball style and Mitchell cricket style.

It's like he's sweeping the ball instead of hitting it.

Brady Anderson card can apply for the Tatooine collection.

And the Aaron Sele base card to complement the TFIN cards I already had of him.

Look closely and you'll see that Aaron's front photo was taken at Baltimore. The score board doesn't let anyone says the opposite.

And I left Chili Davis card to the end...Because it's one of my favourites.

Look how the front photo was taken and tell me that the bat is not bending!

It looks like it's really bending! That's one hell of a motion swing photo!

And not only for that Davis card is on my tops list.

He's stated as a DH for the Angels but the back photo is of him with some catcher's gear!

What is there not to love this card!?

I have to add too that Anderson's bunt photo on the back grants him access to the bunt binder. Even if he managed to pop-up on a bunt. Can we say it like bunt-up?

Now a pair of Blue Jays and Marlins.

Dave Stewart yelling at someone.

Todd Stottlemyre with a headset. One of those dugout interviews.

And Nigel Wilson whom takes the 'extend your arm' thing to heart.

Bret Barberie is trying to get the ball without having to you think he did it?

And on the back he makes some dust so that's a good one.

Wally Whitehurst pitcher for Padres.

Steve Cooke also a pitcher but for the mighty Bucks. He's one of those pitchers that goes with his throwing hand to the opposite foot.

And I get a Yankee! I have some dificulty to get Yankees. And there are lots of anti-Yankees collectors that get lots of them.

Oh well...

So is Sterling Hitchcock that at least uses the high socks.

Mark Whiten is trying to state something posing with multi bats, but then gets a bit lost with so much sky to search for the fly ball.

Jeff Kent in a great double play example of...almost getting hit and the ball just goes passing by.

I didn't see the ball at first but then I saw it right passing Kent's glove.

And I think at UD they like those looking-up-for-the-ball photos. Lots of players get those on cards.

And now give some love to Expos and Cubs!

Jeff Fassero has an ERA under 3.00.

Mike Lansing looks like playing at 3B and throwing to first. I don't think the angle is right for a play from the 2B.

Jose Guzman had me confused but it's the beard's fault.

And a very confident Kevin Roberson.

Dave Fleming was side-by-side the next card but since I wanted to give the spotlight to the next card Fleming got it somehow too.

So yep. I wanted to walk all this road to get here.

Having a Ivan Rodriguez card is always great since he played so well the game.

But this card wins all other Ivan cards!

I'm starting to think the person who chose the photos were a woman...

The front photo is a great night shoot. Under Night Owl standards I think this is a quite nice night card. Even if he's posing for the photo.

But then I turned the card and got a surprise.

Is that photo from the Rodriguez vacations photo album? If it was a card from a 2010's set I'd think they might have stolen it from his facebook page!

This has to be the supreme Macho Latino card!

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