Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How to damage a card

Putting Fuji's idea in action I'm posting today about a damage card I have.

The thing is that it got damaged on the top left corner because of me.

It's Sam LeCure Rookie Card.

I even hide his face to prevent you all seeing him cry for what I did to his card.

Even the protection sleeve got turned a bit.

I tried my best to get it straight and flat as possible but I cannot get ride of the wrinkles.

And how did it end that way...?

It was the moment I put the deck box near the cards that the box opening got caught on the card corner.

The thing is that I only saw it a few weeks later.

The damage was strongly done.

I have a few doubles from the 2010 Topps US set but none of them were of Sam LeCure RC.

I think I really have something against Reds cards...


  1. What a tragedy! I hate when I'm the guy who bent my precious card.
    But it also caused a great post and story. :)

    1. Thanks for appreciating.
      Every time I get one of those repack boxes I hope to find a 2010 Topps US pack so I can get an other Sam LeCure card. No lucky 'til now.

  2. I have a 1967 Brooks Robinson that my kid brothers cut up into it's component pieces (Picture, replica signature, team name, player name/position) and glued into a notebook binder. They did this with a couple of packs of '67 high numbers. I have the Brooks 'page' someplace.

    1. Oh! You have a card scattered all over a page!? That's awesome. A new level of damaging a card with love.
      Hope you find it and post it on your blog, because I got curious =)