Friday, 25 October 2013

Want some Fleer!?

Some of the items from my last purchase from my euro eBay seller were these 4 packs of the all mighty '81 Fleer.

Since I discovered that those were the best bubble gums I decided I needed to get more packs.

Best gums because they were all so dry that they didn't left the 'gumark' on the cards.

Buying old packs with gums is always somehow a shoot in the dark if they bring gum.

So lets see what I got this time around.

I've already shouted to all Earth corners my love for this set so no need to say that again...I love this set!

On to the cards.

I love the site not only because of the design but because I love all those mustache-players.

Yes, some have mustaches going on beard so bigs that I think the mustache is playing instead of them.

Willis look more of a teddy bear while Landreaux is all style. But with a french-sounding name the mustache had to be quite fashion too.

Tiant and Slaton mustaches are more between the normal parameters we can expect.

In the middle Martinez and Nettles abstain from facial hairiness.

I think that wall behind Hoffman is the Green monster no? What makes me think if the wall behind Slaton is also the Green Monster.

Reggie Cleveland pitched with help of the tummy. I imagine the devastating curve ball effect he could imprint with the motion of the tummy.

Is that Hatcher for sure? Ohhhh

Looking at first to Pryor card I thought he was with Cubs but he was with White Sox. Those vintage uniforms are still confusing to me.

Miller seems disappointed. Did he even hit?

Lentine seems like he's doing no good. Is he hiding something?

Torrez and Frost are two great examples to make us all praise the heavens for upgrading the uniforms since the '80s.

I almost got a perfect match here.

The bottom line I have 3 pitchers all looking to the camera and showing the gloves.

The top line were for the close up portraits if it wasn't for Edwards deciding to throw the ball to the photographer.


Got to love Krukow card.

A pitcher on bases is always cool but a pitcher doing catch is great. The first look I gave to the card I thought he was a catcher doing warm-up. That's why is so important to have the players position on the front of the card...Are you listening Topps!?

Hurdle photo has a woman on the stands showing her legs. For the '80s wasn't it too much? Where's the red circle on the top right corner?

The photographer took Simmons photo right after he fall of the bed no? Those sleepy eyes cannot fool anyone.

Candelaria mustache is ok but those sidebars! Had he let the sidebars grow that much to keep the Pirates cap stuck on the head without flying?

Collins suffers from the same problem of Simmons. Sleepy eyes.

Those Seattle uniforms look too much like pajamas. Which is scary.

Kennedy card even if from the '80s has so much vintage going on. I think it's probably the position he chose to appear on the photo and also the colours.

I think I'm seeing the Green Monster everywhere! Behind Spencer too!

Erickson is doing the motion that we no longer see pitchers doing. At least 99.9% of them.

One of the 4 packs instead of having the presented 17 cards only had 16.

But Gaylord Perry card values 2 or 3 cards so I don't mind.

Again I see GM all the time!

The Brewers and Mariners had uniforms so similar. Was it chipper to get them all looking the same?

Those rainbow Astros are a true '80s thing.

Is Ramirez card presented in those tops for the worst baseball cards ever?

I hope so, because we have to praise his effort to rank #1.

U.L. Washington is trying for the runner-up.

Look at the symmetry I got with Jackson and Brohamer photos.

And I cannot understand it that is Martin's hair or sidebars!?

Those San Diego uniforms make me always think of the Germain team.

Lezcano card is the third I get where the player seems to be playing cricket instead of baseball.

This time around is not the GM but the Cubs Ivy Wall.

Frias is alone in the middle of all those Padres players. Be careful!

And here's the best mustache in town!

Mister Fingers showing off those curly mustache ends. I bet he would be the last one to get on the field because he was turning those mustache ends wayyyyyyyyy up and get them all curly.

So yep, these cards with the previous '81 Fleer post are all the cards of the set I have. Saved from the bloody gum.


  1. Love '81 Fleer! I have maybe 350 cards from the set. I was surprised by how many of these I had, until you got to the Ramirez scan -- what a great card!

    1. In person is even...better!
      The photographer must had something against the poor guy. No one deserves a card like that.
      Here a great post about the card:

  2. 1st set I ever owned. Love seeing the retro uniform... especially the Pirates' hats and the Padres jerseys.

  3. Lots of memories there for sure. I love the Jim Lentine card. It's as if the photographer just saw him sitting there so he called his name and the dude halfway turned to see who it was that was annoying him.

  4. Somehow it's such a colourful set that you never get tired of it.