Tuesday, 12 November 2013

RAC pack from Commishbob - Can you say it's Christmas time!?

By the first image you can see the quality goodies Commishbob sent my way.

I've already learned about trades, about PWEs (I didn't send any yet because mail overseas is a bit hardcore for PWEs...) but now I know what a simple 'Random Acts of Cardness Card" is.

And what it is?

It is a Rollie Fingers' mustache and a Greg Maddux mini.

(I know some people don't like the 2011 Topps Kimball minis but I love them so much!)

It is also lots of players I collect, like these two gorgeous Nick Markakis cards.

(Can you find the baseball in the Heritage card?)

It is a beautiful Cole Hamels relic card.

(It makes me want to 'pat' the patch to feel a bit closer to the game.)

It is a ... Hunter Pence.

(I'm struggling with myself after seeing this card because I'm almost losing it and giving up the blog rate at PG-13 and speed up to R!)

It is an other Pence all chrome and a Joey Votto all shiny!

And it is a vintage beauty, mister Will Clark.

And speaking about vintage...

It is all these 1959 Topps cards!

Until now I only saw these beauties on blogs and thought I'd never put my hands on one of those...

...even more 15 of those!

Commishbob even sent me these three Rookies.

Now I'm reading this to know a bit more of the set. I've read a bit here and there on many blogs and tried to understand the bigger picture.
Understanding baseball from the decades I've lived in it is easier than understanding those decades 'long ago'.

(Not calling anyone old!)

Canseco from the '88 All Star is not so vintage but it will soon become *that* vintage.

If it wasn't enough also got a '75 Topps Gaylord Perry (saw it back at Night Owl '75 Topps blog long ago), a '69 Topps Don Drysdale and a '59 Hank Aaron.

Bazooka is really the champ!

But if I thought those cards became the oldest I possess I was wrong.

Then I put my eyes on this 'Color TV' 1955 Bowman Gil Coan card.

I've commented on one Commishbob post saying that I have some of these cards in my Want List at comc and that one day I'd be proudly displaying one of those.

Never I thought it would be this soon!

And look how cute Coan looks.

I could make a super-vintage Woman Perspective post...

Now, the RAC is also current cards.

I don't have more recent Donruss cards, only those from the wax era but I'm getting curious to know more of the last sets.

This 3D Super Stars is bigger than those I got.

Being a Baltimore fan Commishbob was kind enough to deliver many Orioles to me including this '87 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr.

After all I don't mind getting Alex Rodriguez cards.

And this one is quite what he was/is...a promotional sample.

More wax era cards to join the ones I got from those wax era packs.

Jesse Orosco '83 Donruss card is a first to me since I don't have any card form that set. Until now.

RAC is also Houston Astros to my team collection...

...including oddballs!

Ellsbury making dust happen.

Looking at this Petralli card I thought of something...

..I knew I've seen it before! Now I have 2 Petralli cards almost falling into the stands.

On the back, care to notice that Geno didn't want to get the pants dirty, and sat on a towel.

Escobar sliding dust and a Morrow front row!

Terry Kennedy is the first catcher's card I see with the catcher shadowing the eyes to see the ball. Usually I see this in outfielders cards.

Fowler is trying to slide home and you can see dirt there. I'll have to update the Dust page very soon!

I miss this Astros uniform. And really loved the Star...

Great duo with the Orioles Wall on th back.

If you don't know I'll teach you something...tongue is love! So Mets fans give lots of love to one of your current symbols catching a ball barehand ready to throw to 1B.

Gary Lucas is trying hard to get a mustache like Fingers.

Keith Hernandez is my first '89 Upper Deck. Now I can complete the diamond on the Upper Deck design.

So all of these cards represent what a 'Random Acts of Cardness Card" is.

Thanks to CaptKirk42 for the great idea and to Commishbob for honouring me with all these goodies.


  1. Wow, that's some great stuff to just randomly show up for you! Very nice.

  2. That was nice of Commishbob to send all that awesome cardboard your way! That '59 Aaron All-Star is fantastic. And I'm drooling over that Kellogg's Bill Madlock oddball as well.

  3. Wow, what a haul !! Even with no Indians those are some great cards

  4. Wow what a batch of beautiful cardboard. Great variety too, lots of vintage lots of modern. Super cool of Bob.

  5. Wow. I need random like that lying around.

  6. Thanks for the comments.
    I'm still recovering from Bob's surprise and I have yet to put the cards on binders because I enjoy so much looking at them on my desk.

  7. First things first... I need to apologize to Kirk for holding the RAC card for so long. He sent me a very nice assortment of cards some time ago and I let time get away before I was able to ship cards and the RAC card to Ana. Ironically one reason I was holding off was because I had one card in mind that I knew she was looking for and I was able to locate it.... and then I forgot to include it.

    Ana is pretty easy to 'shop' for given that she doesn't have the kind of access most of us have here on this side of the pond. That, and she has an appreciation for pretty much everything in the hobby. That's kind of refreshing. And her blog never fails to amuse me. Where else in the card collecting blogosphere can you find a phrase like 'tongue is love'.

    Ana. I'm glad you liked the cards. I am trying to share the stuff I've accumulated that I either have dupes of or just doesn't fit into my specific collections. Those '59s are cards I have upgraded along the way or my blog and having them around wasn't doing anyone any good. Might as well share them. Especially with a fellow Portuguese. Aproveite este presente em boa saúde

    1. I think 'woman' and 'shop' are what many call 'BFF' ;)

      You said it right, I don't have open access to the hobby like you all do. And since I'm just a rookie I don't have much cards yet so it's easy to get dazzled about wax era cards, for example. And it's quite easy getting cards in trades/RACs like those you sent me and still get awed because some of them I've never seen before.

      I enjoy the hobby from a different pov I think. That's why I get to write sentences like that about David Wright :P

      Thanks again Bob.